March 2007 :  A&R contacts to site increase. Recent new friends come from Lombardi International ( Italy), Intercoord ( Germany) and Diamond Songs ( South Africa).
December 2006 :  Site won best Irish content award from US magazine, Webtunes. 
March 2006 :  Site reached the 50,000 hit mark. Interesting fact : Many visitors who viewed a songwriters page then went on to visit the songwriter's own site via the link from this site.
July 2005 : The site has had approaches from one Austrian and one French record label - both companies wanting to source tracks for compilation type albums of new European music / film music.
March 2005 : Site has 1500 hits so far this year....German label has asked us to talk to a couple of songwriters on the site about inclusion on a celtic compilation cd.
Feb 2005 : Aidan added. A&R interest in Neasa and her new operatic style.
January 2005 : New Year kicks off with the news that Maria Butterly has recorded a new album for her new American record label and will be touring shortly.
Oct 2004 : John Leo Carter from Cork added

Oct 2004 : Number of hits to the site still rising. August level was at 850 and  September was similar level. Newsletters going out at regularly monthly intervals to all writers on site.

March 2004 : Just added Tessa Perry, Fresno and Gardiner. 722visits to the site in February.
Nov 10th 2003 : Penny Arcade, Sanfran, Nassau and the Messiahs added. Just over 700 hits in October