Walks around Loch Gowna

Siadhan Hill Walk: Beside Dernaferst Bridge, this secluded 1.5km stroll through a canopy of trees and along the lakeshore, takes you to the hilltop where once the fairies lived. Restful with spectacular overview of the lake. Picnic table at walk entrance.

Aghavains Walk: The ideal 4km walk takes you along the Swan Lake and through the "Flow Bog" where the soothing scent of furze, heather and stretches of raised bog flora can be savored.

Cornamuckla Walk: Like the Aghavains and Portanure Walks this 2.5km walk is accessible from the Granard Road. Walking through farmland one reaches the bog 'cut-away' area where a stand of lovely silver birch trees can be admired.

Portanure Walk: This 7km walk is the longest of the group of walks. A country laneway which skirts the edge of the "Flow Bog" with tantalizing glimpses of various stretches of Loch Gowna. The scents of native flora and wild fruits are in abundance here in summer/early autumn.

Derrycassan Wood: A stroll through scented woodlands. A tranquil haven of wildlife and birdsong to renew the spirit.

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