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This Site is Dedicated to Giving Information On All things Irish.From Links,News, Stories and History.
Ireland Has a rich History and its culture and people are celebrated the world over.
The Forums will be used to post Celtic Legends and Bealoideas Stories(Old Folklore Stories) ,but feel free to post anything.General discussions or absolutely anything ye want.
In Ireland lately the largest and most publicised news stories are The Treaty of Nice and the dismissal of Aer Lingus executive.

The people of Ireland have decided to vote no to the treaty of Nice this means that basically we are still commited to EU enlargement but disagree with key issues such as neutrality and voting powers.Bertie is in Gottenborg kissing EU ass as we speak

Also important is the arrival of "women on waves" an abortion ship that will try to perform abortions just outside Irish waters 12 miles from coast. It is seen by many as a PR stunt and is immoral and wrong to antagonize the public like this

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