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Moytura's site has nine divisions - 3 business, 3 journeys, 3 affiliates with Amazon and 2 reflective:
Web Design, Internet Marketing, Irish Shop,
Irish Journeys, Canadian Journeys, Pilgrimage to Medugorje,
Irish Books, Irish Music and Irish Videos
Celtic Christian Reflections and Reflections for Lent.
Trace Your Ancestry
 There is a brief outline of most of the pages within each of the nine sections. The links below will
bring you the section of most interest to you. Each page has its own link directly to the page itself.


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Web DesignMoytura Graphic Design - an Irish based web design company
Web Design - creating an Internet presence for any business.
E-commerce - a complete e-commerce solution allowing companies to sell goods or services on-line.
Training - a training service to computer users who are new to the Internet or who need to improve their computer skills.
Web Site Promotion -  a marketing service offering advise on all forms of promotion
Frequently Asked Questions - some of the more frequently asked questions with simple and straight forward answers.
Contact Us - contact form for queries

Internet MarketingInternet Marketing by Motura - information site on all aspects of marketing on the Internet with a newsletter covering all topics.
Affiliate Marketing - affiliate marketing for the business owner and for the reseller as a business of their own.
Banner Advertising - the why, where, when and how of advertising with banners.
Education - training for computers and news about Internet Marketing Seminars and their locations.
Email Promotion - Harnessing the power of email to promote the business - group mailing and setting up opt-in lists.
Ezines to promote - using ezines and writing articles to promote as an advertising medium.
Free For All Sites - the true value of FFAs
Marketing the Business - marketing the Internet business based on traditional marketing concepts.
Multi Level Marketing - the value and effectiveness of MLM in the marketing tradition.
Motivation - success comes from an inner desire to succeed - hints and tips.
Newsletters as a Marketing Tool - producing a business or promotional newsletter.
Privacy Policy - reassurance of confidentiality and safe email address subscriptions.
Promoting Methods - learning the many different promotional methods for the business.
Search Engine Tactics - the facts needed to know what each search engine and directory requires for successful listings.
Web Site Design - designing effective web sites that will sell.
Writing Killer Copy - words sell - how to write powerful and hypnotising words.
Neat Ideas!! - A page set aside for cost-effective promotional ideas.
Marketing Book Shelf - a selection of marketing books on all areas covered.
Archives - An archive of all our articles

The books can be found in the following categories:

Affiliates  .  Building an Online Business  .  Developing Online Consumer Relations  . E-commerce  .  Electronic Books
Email Marketing  .  Online Education & Training  . The Law & The Internet  .  Marketing  .  MLM & Network Marketing  . Newsletters & Ezines  .  Promoting Your Online Business  .  Search Engine Techniques  .  Designing a Good Website
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Irish JourneysStart of the Journey  -  Here's where we start our journey through the west of Ireland
'My Place Amongst the Stones'  - the roots of my company name - Moytura - steeped in Irish celtic history & mythology.
Lackagh - this is my place, my village, my parish, my heart's domain.
Lackagh - my parish is a small rural area but it has a mighty bloody history!
Galway City -a quick jaunt through Galway City.
Connemara - a wild and wonderful wilderness of such severe yet tranquil beauty.
Clonfert - my favourite heritage spot in all of Ireland - Saint Brendan's Cathedral with its unique historical 12th century doorway.
Clonfert - the 17th c. Bishop's palace and 1000 yr. old Yew Walk within which sits the cathedral in a rural village in Sth. Galway
Clonfert - potted history of Saint Brendan the Navigator, ('first real discoverer of America in the 6th c.) He is buried here.
Clonfert - the historic day Clonfert Cathedral joined the Valley of the Kings and 98 others as one of the world's most endangered heritage buildings - World Monuments Watch 2000 listing - we celebrated in style.
Clonmacnoise - located in County Offaly, this is Ireland's most famous 6th. century monastic settlement founded by Saint Ciaran.
The Burren  - an area in North County Clare of ecological, botanical and archaeological importance, unspoiled since the ice-age.
Westport  - my 'famine journey' started here as I pondered our National Famine Memorial at the foot of Crough Patrick and drove through the magnificent and breath-taking Doolough Valley - known as the 'Famine Walk' where 200 men, women and children walked miles for food, were refused and died on the return journey.
Sligo  - my Dad's county and one of true, unheralded beauty. Yeat's County and his burial place, Rosses Point and much more.
Sligo - the second part of my 'Famine Journey' - the departure port of 26 of the coffin ships bound for North America. Working on this page was to bring me to Grosse-Île in Quebec Province, Canada to find my buried ancestors, if there were any. This tiny island was the last resting place of over 6000 Irish within sight of the first freedom they had known in over 300 years.
Trace Your Ancestry - I am often asked about Irish ancestors by those of Irish descent, this page offers suggestions about how to start a family history search.
Discover The Basics of Family History Research - Offers complete access to all 600 million records and to be able to search 2,500 databases.
Place Links - Links to other sites of interest related to all of our journeys.
Leisure Links - A selection of a variety of leisure activities for the visitor to Ireland - sport, arts, festivals, history and heritage.
Friends Links - some of the fine freinds I've made on my cyber journeys.
Guestbook - pop you're name in if yer passing!!!!
Contact Form - same as before - queries and the likes.
Awards for the Site - only thing to say about this page is - sorry for the slow download!
About Me - this sez it all - meet my gang.
View the Guestbook - take your pick there's over 40 pages so far
(Forgive this looking like vanity, these are my ready-made keyword optimised doorway pages for the search engines - I hope.)
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Canadian Journeys

Canadian Journeys - The introduction page to a most memorable trip to Canada in 1998.
Grosse-Île - the last leg of my 'Famine Journey' - or is it - who knows? This tiny island, east of Quebec City in the Saint Lawrence River, was used from 1832 to 1937 to quarantine European travellers carrying typhus, cholera and other infectious diseases. In 1847 thousands of my country folk died within sight of a new free life. This place is now Canada's National Irish Famine Memorial
Quebec - one of the wettest days on that whole trip, but what a day. I rambled around the beautiful Vieux Quebec and enjoyed.
Saint Anne de Beaupré - my morning in one of Canada's famous Catholic Shrines on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River.
Cap-de-la-Madeleine - peace, glorious peace - beauty and joy - that's how I left the place I never intended to be!!!!
Ontario - the culmination of a most marvelous 2 week trip. Sharing friendship, spiritual renewal & God's most beautiful creations.


Medugorje in Bosnia-Herczegovina - Peace for pligrims in a war-torn country. Nine of the most wonderful days of physical, spiritual and inner renewal. Come and climb Mount Krizevac and the Apparition's Mountain with me - 4-30 am start though!!!!!!!.

Irish Book Shop

Moytura's Irish Book Shop - the start of, what I hope will be, a comprehensive collection of Irish books, from and about Ireland, and a collection of Irish authors or writers of Irish-related books. Can be accessed by author or by category (the numbers are the page numbers so far - all additions of nominated books or authors very welcome and gratefully accepted)

Irish Architecture  |  Irish Art 1. 2 . 3  | Irish Business  |  Celtic Christianity 1 . 2 . 3  | Irish Children's Books 1 . 2 . 3
Irish History of Christianity 1 . 2  |  Conflict in Ireland 1 . 2 . 3  |  Irish Cookery 1 . 2  |  Irish Crafts  |  Irish Culture 1 . 2
Irish Folklore  |  Irish Heritage 1 . 2  |  Irish History 1 . 2  |  Irish Houses & Gardens  |  Ireland  |  Irish Language
Irish Literature 1 . 2  |  Irish Music 1 . 2 . 3  | Irish Mythology 1 . 2  |  Irish Photography 1 . 2  |  Irish Places 1 . 2
Irish Poetry 1 . 2  |  Irish Politics  |  Irish Prayers 1 . 2  |  Irish Social History  |  The Irish in Britain  |  The Irish in Canada
The Irish in the US  |  The Irish in Australia & NZ  |  Irish Sport  |  Irish Theatre 1 . 2  |  Irish Traditions  |  Irish Travel Books 1 . 2

Irish Music Store

Moytura's Irish Music Store: Irish music arranged by recording artist or by category. (This shop is still being stocked and should be open within the month.)

Irish Video Store

Moytura's Irish Video Store: Irish videos and films, or Irish-made films, available by category:

Arts  |  Childrens Documentaries Drama 1 . | Irish History Nature & Heritage  |  Music & Dance  |  Religious  |  Tourism

Prayerful Thoughts & Thoughtful Prayers

Reflections: opening page to a collection of poems, prayers, reflections, celtic prayers, thoughts and nice URLs.
The Apple of His Eye - in God's eye we all are just the top dollar!
Be Special - An encouraging and positive attitude can save lives.
Satan's Busy Bees - Satan called a conference and told his 'angels' how to keep us busy!
Church Billboard Headliners - A play on words to open our eyes and minds.
Celtic Prayer - May the blessing of light be on you - an Irish blessing
Celtic Prayer - May the light of your soul guide you - an Irish blessing
Changing - Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift from God.
Cupcakes - Cupcakes in the presence of God
Dreams - We bring our broken dreams to God
The Fence - Angry words pierce like a sword.
Footprints - Footprints of the Lord
God Resloves - "I am God - Today I will be handling all your problems".
God's Time Frame - A lifetime for us is just a minute for God
Inner Peace - Begin and end the day with prayer, meditation and reflection.
Keep Your Fork - The best is yet to come
I've Learned - As we grow older we learn to value the special things in life
Little gems of inspiration - A selection of quotes which may make you take stock of life.
Learning - From childhood to old age we learn something new - from the day we are born until the day we die.
A lodger touches our hearts - The beauty within a shrivelled and broken body (My favourite one - always makes me cry)
An optimistic prayer - An Optimistic Creed - positive self-promises
Prayers - A selection of small prayers from Ireland
Albrecht Durer's Praying Hands - Here is the story behind the famous painting known as The Praying Hands
A selection of quotes to think upon - Some little quotes help us sit back and think - they help to put life into perspective for us.
Run Shay Run - The imperfect in one man's eyes is the perfectly brilliant in another's.
Slow Down - Take time to savour the beauty all around us
The Empty Chair - a welcome place for the ever present Lord
The Tree - Leave your hurts and anger outside the door and enter your home in peace
A thoughtful theme on childhood gone - Children grow up and leave us so fast as we look back and wish we had those days again
Thoughts to Ponder - A selection of meditative thoughts for the day
Today - Take the time today to give a hug, tomorrow might be too late
Where's God? - Two mischievous rascals - just like our two maggotts!!!!
The Wooden Bowl - Old age is before us all, treat our elderly with love and respect

Reflections for Lent

Reflections for Lent: opening page of a collection of daily prayers, psalms, scripture readings or reflections for the 40 days of Lent and the week of Easter. Background music may help to set the mood for some quiet meditation during this time of the Christian Church Year.

Ash Wednesday | 1st Thursday | 1st Friday | 1st Saturday | 1st Sunday | 1st Monday | 1st Tuesday | 2nd Wednesday
2nd Thursday | 2nd Friday | 2nd Saturday | 2nd Sunday | 2nd Monday | 2nd Tuesday | 3rd Wednesday | 3rd Thursday | 3rd Friday
3rd Saturday | 3rd Sunday | 3rd Monday | 3rd Tuesday | 4th Wednesday | 4th Thursday | 4th Friday | 4th Saturday | 4th Sunday
4th Monday | 4th Tuesday | 5th Wednesday | 5th Thursday | 5th Friday | 5th Saturday | 5th Sunday | 5th Monday | 5th Tuesday
6th Wednesday | 6th Thursday | 6th Friday | 6th Saturday | Palm Sunday | 6th Monday | 6th Tuesday | Last Wednesday
Holy Thursday | Good Friday | Holy Saturday | Easter Sunday

Trace Your Ancestry

Trace Your Ancestry details how to do a family search and the chance to do an on-line search from the page itself. Listed on the websiter are just some of the vast database lists available to anyone carrying out a family search.

For those of you who are interested in tracing you family ancestry these pages might help, just hit the banners to go directly to each site or check out our Trace Your Ancestry pages first where you can  see some of the vast numbers of data base lists and try out an on-line search for yourself.

Search Ancestry.com's 550 Million names today!       .


Could you DONATE just 10 minutes of your time a day?? If Yes then- GIVE IT TO GOD! Great rewards and long-term benefits! Invitation open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANY RELIGION & NONE!!
Check out the WHY, WHERE, WHEN & HOW here: Circle of Prayer  Then ask yourself the question - WHY NOT?!?!

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