Mountmellick Community School
Drugs Awareness Project

DRUGS AWARENESS DAY 1999 took place in Mountmellick Community School on Thursday, 2nd November. It was set up by third year students and their CSPE teacher. There was many events during the day.  This was aimed to research drugs and the effects of them for their Junior Cert. CSPE projects.  During Drug awareness week they set up an information bureau, did plays for the classes and did surveys.

First, students filled out a questionnaire.  This was followed by four different groups going from class to class and performing plays written by the students themselves.  Around the school there was many beautiful posters - very  creative!  Finally, groups held a display on the corridor of drugs information and the survey results and help was available for many students to ask questions and the day was a success . We were happy with the results and hope that people are more aware and know that help is available.

Laura P.

Drugs research
Drugs talk