Mountmellick Community School

Volleyball is an entertaining and wonderful sport!  Mountmellick Community School has had many successes in previous years in the volleyball area.  97/98 made great strides in the junior front, with the girls reaching the All-Ireland semi-finals.  98/99 did not prove as well for the junior girls as they only reached the All-Ireland Quarterfinals.  The coach for girls volleyball is Ms Haniffy

The Senior Boys, this year 1999, reached the All-Ireland A Final in volleyball for the first time ever.  Their opposition was Dunmanway of Co. Cork.  This year the finals took place in the newly opened Mountmellick Sports Complex on Friday, 3rd December.  All the finals were held over two days with the main event of M.C.S. Vs Dunmanway.  The team was: James D., Dennis Q., Colin C., David O M., David D., James O L., Joe T., Michael F., Niall McE., Anthony Q. and Michael R., and the team coach and trainer was Ms Ryan.  This proved a tough and challenging game for Mountmellick with Dunmanway eventually coming out on top.  The new training facilities for M.C.S. will hopefully prove prosperous and successful for our top teams if the future.  There are two volleyball courts for training and a large area for audiences at the side of the courts.

Written by:
Caroline B. and Faith W.