The weaving industry was introduced to Duleek by the Huguenots in the 17th century. They built their houses in rows of ten twenty five on each side of a narrow lane. The craftsmen made their own hand looms from local timber. About 250 families were engaged in the weaving industry in Duleek prior to the advent of steam looms. They worked late into the night by the light of rush tallow candles which in turn were made locally by the Stapleton family in the ruins of St Cianan's Church.

It took these weavers about two weeks to manufacture twenty-five yards of cloth which was subsequently sold in the Linen Hall in Drogheda. The weavers also dyed the wool and linen thread, the last of the dye-houses being Wherty's, the family which gave its name to Wherty's Lane. In 1904 James Kelly was the first and only weaver to introduce power looms in Duleek.

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