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The Irish Naval Association attend the 60th Anniversary of the Loss of HMS Tetis

Shortly before 10 A.M. on June 1st 1939,Her Majesty's Submarine Thetis left Birkenhead under the command of Lieutenant Commander G.H.Bolus (RN). The principal purpose of the day was to make a diving trial. This was to be Thetis's first venture as a submarine proper. She had on board 103, fifty more than her normal crew. Of the extra fifty on board 8 were Naval Officers some commanding their own Submarines anxious to see the performance of this new class of Submarine. The others were Electricians, Engine Fitters, and Ship Fitters employees of Cammell Laird and Vickers Armstrong. There were two employees of a catering firm on board for the reception that normally follows the sea trials,and finally the Mersey Pilot. Five hours later she was lying, sunk, 160 feet down, with her bows stuck in the mud. Although only 38 miles from land, 99 lost their lives, only 4 survived. Click ..Here.. For Her Story.