The Naval Association

Established in 1962 and termed An Cumann Chabhlaigh, The Naval Association and its Constitution was approved in May 1977 by the then Minister of Defence, Mr Oliver J. Flanagan, T.D.

Membership of the Association is restricted to serving Officers, NCOs and Ratings of the Naval Service and An Slua Muiri,and to ex-members of the Naval Service, An Slua Muiri, the Marine Service and the Maritime Inscription.

Interest in the Association decreased in the mid '80s and eventually all activities ceased. Interest was again rekindled in 1992. At a meeting on the 24th March,1992, held at the Stella Maris Seafarers Club, in Dublin, a new committee was formed.

Following a number of meetings, sub-committees were established to pursue the aims of the Association, which are:-

  • To promote Social, Cultural, Educative and Sporting Activities.
  • To establish a comprehensive listing of all ex members of the different sections
    of the Naval Services since 1939.
  • To render Aid and Assistance, when necessary.
  • To promote and further interests in matters appertaining to the sea
    and to maintain the sea faring traditions of the Irish Nation.
Branches of The Naval Association have been established in Waterford, Cork, and Limerick.

Since 1992 the Dublin Branch of The Naval Association have established excellent relations with other Naval Associations particularly in the UK. Several visits have been made to the Anglesey Branch of the Royal Naval Association and the Birkenhead Branch of the Royal Naval Association.

Since the revamping of the Naval Association many trips of top value have been organised by the social committee, As part of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Naval Service the Naval Association organised a Dublin Maritime Festival held over the June Bank holiday week-end in 1996. As part of the same celebrations the Naval association also organised a trip to Boston. 158 of its members marched in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade. For the first time in the history of the State 85 serving members of the Naval Service and The Naval Reserve marched in full Naval Uniform in the Boston Parade. Other major trips included a trip to San Diego to visit the largest Naval Base in the world 2.

During the commemorations ceremonies in Messines (Belgium) for the 80th anniversary of the ending of WW1, 50 members of the Naval Association attended the opening of the Peace Park and Tower to the 60,000 Irish (North and South) who fell during the Great War.

Other trips included overseas visits to the battle sites of both World Wars in 1998 and 1999. This year 48 members of our association completed a two weeks tour of Italy which included Rome, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Lake Garda, Milan and Verona. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Vatican City and front seats during the Papil Mass.

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