Neon Ireland have the solution.
An exclusive deal will guarantee the night skies over Ireland will be glowing the colours of the rainbow. Neon has always been available in Ireland, but we've always had to pay the price, due to the fact that neon is a labour intensive hand made item. Each neon is made to order, which adds another frustration of lead times and further costs, of installation by a qualified electrician. All of which has been resolved by Neon Ireland .

How? With the importation of pre-manufactured neons. We have signed an exclusive deal, with Asia, to cover the entire of Ireland's neon market. The Neon Ireland deal ensures that they over see every angle, from importing, quality checking to the appointed distributors. The signs come complete with hanging chain and ready fitted plug. You simply take it out of the box plug it in, and switch on! There are 32 different neons currently in the stock line, constantly being added to. (26 featured here) Backed by a full no questions asked guarantee and full CE certificates. Neon Ireland also offer a tailor made service to your specific design. Please contact us for further details.
Neon Ireland, 22 Thomas St, Clonmel, Co Tipperary.