301 The Aftermath 314 The Cliffhanger
302 The Shape of Things to Come 315 The Heavy Lifting
303 The End of Innocence 316 The Road Warrior
304 The Last Waltz 317 The Journey
305 The Perfect Storm 318 The Undertow
306 The Swells 319 The Secrets and Lies
307 The Anger Management 320 The Day After Tomorrow
308 The Game Plan 321 The Dawn Patrol
309 The Disconnect 322 The College Try
310 The Chrismukkah Bar Mitzvahkkah 323 The Party Favor
311 The Safe Harbor 324 The Man of The Year 
312 The Sister Act 325 The Graduates 
313 The Pot Stirrer ~ About The Show


"Before he moved to Newport our lives were a lot more normal, stable."
"Uh-huh so itís his fault that I went bankrupt and nearly went to jail, and you married Caleb Nichol only to watch him drown in a pool and Trey got shot?"
"Jimmy, not everything I say is meant literally, Iím *venting*."
        - Julie and Jimmy

"I still support the recent decision in the wake of all the violence we've experienced to ban any games with ninjas or guns... itís just I donít understand any of the rules to this...'baseball' they call it."
        - Seth, playing virtual baseball badly

"They're with the dark lord Sauron or whatever the DA's name is. Did that guy blink once during your deposition? He didnít even have eyelids..."
        - Seth

"Iím a grieving widow."
        - Julie

"Thanks for almost getting my bathing suit wet Cohen!"
        - Summer, at the beach

"I know Teen Wolf is not a realistic movie... I mean how does bein a werewolf make you a better basketball player?"
        - Seth

"Hoodie, wife-beater, leather jacket...thatís the Ryan Atwood escapist ensemble."
        - Seth, as Ryan packs a bag

"You have a hell of a girlfriend, and if you two get married you'll have a hell of a mother in-law."
        - Sandy to Ryan


"Her presence kept us neat Ryan, itís that Protestant evil eye. Itís a powerful thing."
        - Seth, explaining how Kirtsen kept the house tidy without doing any cleaning

"So I misunderstood, you didnít try to frame Ryan for the shooting?"
"Sandy, I only did what any parent would do, I was trying to keep my family afloat."
"Yeah by using my kid as a raft!"
        - Sandy and Julie

"Yeah it is sad, everything we do this year is for the last time. Itís like a farewell tour."
        - Summer, on senior year

"One Montague. One Capulet."
        - Sandy, as he waits with Julie for the Dean

"Dr Kim, you know my daughter, right? Tall, pretty, wears Chanel. Not exactly what you'd call gangsta."
       - Julie to Dr. Kim

"Psycho Barbie."
        - Summer, describing Taylor

"Taylor Townsend's like the Karl Rove of our school."
"You know who Karl Rove is?"
"Yeah my step-mom sometimes naps in front of CNN. I hear things as Iím dragging her off to bed."
        - Summer and Seth


"Without Ryan it'll be like freshmen year for Cohen, slammed into lockers... ridiculed as death-breath-Seth."
        - Summer

"Apparently the more elite the institution the more accepting they are of criminals."
        - Julie, trying to place Marissa in boarding school

"The soon to be Mrs. Cooper-Nichol-Cooper."
        - Sandy, about Julie

"I thought we might be able to start with something that didnít involve me getting arrested?"
        - Ryan, hoping Seth comes up with a better plan

"Seth no judgment but its not like you got any cooler over the last two years. I mean everyone just acted that way cause they were afraid of Ryan Atwood."
        - Taylor

"I'll hook you up with a little webcam action, you can start your own blog keep her updated daily on the innermost workings of Ryan Atwood."
        - Seth, as Ryan ponders a long-distance relationship

"Wait stop! Iím sorry but I canít do this. I have to go... You werenít even gonna try and stop me?"
        - Marissa, messing with Ryan's head

"Go ahead and expel me, at the rate you're going the school's gonna be empty by Thanksgiving."
        - Seth, to the Dean


"And that was the last they ever saw of her..."
        - Seth, as Marissa gets lost in the crowd at Newport Union

"You're the first nice person I've actually met."
"And Iím not even that nice..."
        - Marissa and Casey

"We will get back on our feet, and we'll be wearing very expensive shoes when we do."
        - Julie, reassuring Marissa

"Thanks for letting me stay with you on such late notice."
"Oh, you know, I always wanted a sister. Cohen got Ryan as a brother so it makes sense that I get you."
        - Marissa and Summer

"You have to go! Harsh, I know but you;re at a new school and there is a dance. It's like social survival 101."
        - Summer, persuading Marissa to go to the Union dance

"So everyone have fun because this really is the 'end of summer'."
        - Taylor, addressing the crowd with heavy emphasis on 'end' and 'summer'

"This woman is the princess of Orange County! I am not gonna let Kirsten Cohen get away."
        - Charlotte

"My life just doesnít work without you."
"And it always goes so smooth when we're together..."
        - Marissa and Ryan


"I'm sorry, you must be so sick of me being in your way all the time."
"Are you kidding, I date Cohen. My patience is infinite."
        - Marissa and Summer

"Dude, where were you? We were about to sound an amber alert."
        - Seth, after Ryan finally shows up

"I got a room at the Mermaid motel."
"You mean the place where Ryan may or may not have conceived Theresaís baby and where Marissaís mom and Luke got it on?"
"Newportís very own den of sin."
        - Summer and Seth

"This could be the last time I see him for a while."
"...where he doesnít smell like pickled herring."
        - Marissa and Summer, preparing for Ryan's going away party

"We're your family now."
"I may not be an Atwood anymore but Iím not a Cohen either... I donít know what I am."
        - Sandy and Ryan

"Your doing what my dad did! You see he left and ran away on a boat, and now you are too so I guess thatís make you just as much of a coward as he is. And you know what running away never really helped him at all."
        - Marissa, venting at Ryan

"It's the return of the not-so-ancient mariner."
        - Seth greets Ryan


"Ryan and Marissa havenít broken up in weeks, its gotta be a new record."
"I know, but I feel a break up coming, I have a sixth sense about those two."
Well they break up they get back together, whatever, itís their natural cycle it has to do with the tide."
"Nooo itís different now, if they break up Marissa could disappear. She could get swallowed up at Newport Union, itís like the Bermuda Triangle."
        - Seth and Summer, setting the scene

"I did pretty much get you back into school."
        - Taylor, to Ryan, putting a whole new spin on her actions

"Ryan try not to punch Summer."
"Iím just the messenger!"
        - Seth and Summer, breaking some bad news to Ryan

"Abort mission, I repeat abort mission!"
        - Summer, trying in vain to warn Seth

"Iím not a criminal"
"You havenít had to be yet. Have you given any thought to how you're gonna support your family? I mean you donít have a man to bail you out this time."
        - Julie and Charlotte

"Iím trapped in the gym with everybody but my only two friends in the school..."
        - Seth, not enjoying the lock-in

"After twelve years Iím immune to mockery."
        - Seth to Taylor

"Hey man where'd you learn how to fight like that?"
"Chino's a pretty good training ground... actually I never won a fight till I got to Newport."
        - Johnny and Ryan


"Taylor Townsend? In the fourth grade she campaigned against making the school handicap accessible. She said it was reverse Darwinism. Besides who who wants Dean Hess' seconds?"
        - Seth, explaining his lack of interest in Taylor

"So Summer told me what happened yesterday with Volchak."
"Ah yes Seth kept a secret for a whole twelve hours ó must be a record."
        - Marissa and Ryan

"Iím with Summer though so..."
"I heard you were breaking up"
"What! Who said that?"
"I made it up. But what did you feel...when you heard it, relief?"
        - Seth and Taylor

"You think Summer's your friend?"
"Yes I know Iím crazy."
        - Seth and Taylor

"I think its time you left donít you? This town's only really big enough for one manipulative bitch."
        - Julie, sorting out Charlotte


"According to this brochure its supposed'ta be the high point of an otherwise miserable existence."
        - Seth, looking forward to college

"Dad Iím not applying to Berkeley... Where'd you get a gun? Why d'you have this gun?"
        - Seth, imagining one possible scenario

"Lately Julie seems not herself."
"Is that a bad thing?"
        - Kirsten and Sandy

"My entire life I have wanted to get as far away from Newport as possible and the only reason I didnít is because Ryan came and you started talking to me."
        - Seth, explaining his desire to 'go east' to Summer

"Could you imagine me on the east coast? I'd be like one'a those animals that they rip from their natural habitat and put in the zoo."
        - Summer

"You would think that we could deal with next year... next year but no ó its gotta screw up this year too."
        - Seth

"What if he goes to college and meets a bunch of really smart, and interesting girls and realises that thatís who heís spose'ta be with?"
"And that your just his High School girlfriend? Cute, fun to be with but doesnít want his kids to have your DNA?"
        - Summer and Taylor

"Alright so what'do you call a black guy who flyís a plane? A pilot you freakin racist."
        - Paul

"You and Seth are gonna have'ta do the long distance thing, you better not cheat on each other."
        - Summer, after Ryan and Seth pick different colleges


"If you make being poor too comfortable whatís the incentive ta get rich? Believe me if anyone should know..."
        - Julie, debating the free market economy

"If you cancelled on me I'd have a problem with it and you know if I cancelled on you and you didnít have a problem with it then I might have a problem with that."
        - Seth, discussing Ryan's problems

"Is that a pirate costume?"
"Summer and I are in a war."
        - Kirsten and Seth

"Why d'you have'ta be better than me at everything?"
"See thatís just it Summer, Iím not better than you at everything. There was one thing that I was better at..."
        - Summer and Seth

"I have an idea for a new business."
"Oh my god, high class call girl operation, I love it!"
"No, a high end dating service."
"Ooooh, that could work too."
        - Kirsten and Julie, coming up with a plan

"Where are you?"
"Uh Summers room... no one's here."
"You should'a told me you were coming over."
"Well, then it wouldnt'a been a suprise."
"Yeah but then I wouldnít be sitting here in the pool house..."
        - Marissa and Ryan, failing to surprise each other


"I'm living in a home that, if I wanted to, I could put in reverse, Iím beyond awful."
        - Julie

"It's an honorary Bar Mitzvah."
"It's a Chrismukkah... Bar-Mitz vahkkah!"
        - Ryan and Seth, coming up with a plan

"You got twenty four hours to learn Hebrew, to read the Old Testamentó"
"óand humiliate myself in front'a the whole town."
"It's better than humiliating yourself in front'a no one, trust me."
        - Seth and Ryan

"I thought we were gonna have dinner last night?"
"Eh, alot of Old Testament to cover."
"Well, I havenít heard you use that one before."
        - Marissa and Ryan

"I have a bad habit of showing up at the wrong time."
        - Ryan, figuring out the writer's favourite plot device


"I think I kinda hit a wall on the mocktails..."
        - Marissa has had her fill of non-alco cocktails

"With all your free time you can help out with 'Free Marissa'."
"What exactly are we freeing her from?"
"Exile to public school, year of solitude, ill fitting gym shorts, mediocre lunches..."
        - Summer and Seth

"Is that the good kind of speechless or the bad kind?"
        - Ryan, letting Marissa know about the campaign

Seth: "This was a valiant campaign."
Summer: "I bet Napoleon never talked like this!"
Ryan: "Well maybe he should have, right before he was defeated and exiled."
Seth: "Summer, my little empress, this is our Waterloo. We need'ta retreat."
        - The gang face defeat in the face


"So I show up at my house to suprise my mom...and this Persian dude answers the door. I figured he was the new butler...but then I saw his shoes ó Prada ó and I thought, maybe he was my new stepdad. And I was about'a like hug him and then his wife shows up, no matter how rich the guy is my mother would never join a haremó"
        - Kaitlin Cooper, making an entrance

"Weird neighour kid."
        - Kaitlin's description of Seth

"Lanky limbed jailbait."
        - Seth's description of Kaitlin

"Mini Cooper."
        - Summer's name for Kaitlin

"A self righteous princess."
        - Kaitlin's description of Marissa

"That girl's not my sister."
        - Marissa, realising a deeper truth about Kaitlin

"We live in a trailer?"
"But not live live, we're more like refugees... think of it as a life experience ó this is exactly the kind of place Britney Spears is from."
        - Kaitlin and Julie

"I know Veronica Townsend, Sandy ó I know every former A cup in this town."
        - Neil Roberts, plastic surgeon

"She has abused puppy syndrome. If you show her the tiniest bit of affection sheís gonna follow you around for the rest'a your life."
        - Seth, describing Taylor

"Now we have a quorum."
        - Seth, as he, Summer, Sandy and Kirsten try to separate Neil and Veronica

"You know I use'ta always lie awake so jealous that you, mom and dad are at one'a these things ó a Newport party... but what I had in mind was way cooler than this."
        - Kaitlin, growing up way too fast

Ryanís got this bizarre superhero complex that theyíve injected into his character rather than furthering his development... whenever someone is down, Ryan zooms in to redeem them, act mature, and then go back to brooding.
        - Drew Timmons, reviewing the episode for "The OC Blog Spot"


"Hereís a picture with Kaitlin, but whatís wrong with this horse?"
"Thatís China, she has alopecia."
"Eww, she looks like a giant Chihuahua."
        - Summer and Marissa, with a running joke...

"Can you imagine growing up with Marissa Cooper as your older sister? My birthday was the one day I could count on people actually noticing me."
        - Kaitlin

"Tomorrows Kaitlinís birthday, I'd like to give her a small party ó I guess it'd have'ta be small, I live in a trailer."
        - Julie

"You go through your life and your probably only gonna be able to look back and pin point like two or three times where you were genuinely actually happy and then of course in those moments you wouldnít have even appreciated it anyways because who does right? ...And if somebody tries to take that from you what you should do is you should make sure that they pry it from your cold dead fingers."
        - Seth, philosophising

"Oh my little girl is growing up."
"Yeah and she wants everyone to see it too."
        - Julie and Marissa, watching Kaitlin


"Sheís still pretty much a kidó"
"Yeah, but with my moms DNA, sheís capable of more than you think."
        - Ryan and Marissa, talking about Kaitlin

"How about we find a strategy that doesnít involve liquor...or sexual favours?"
        - Sandy, imparting some ethics to Matt

"I think Marissa and I are on thin ice."
        - Ryan

"From now on if someone needs to be manipulated, we put me in charge... I tried taking your advice Kiki and quite frankly it sucked. From now on we do things the Julie Cooper way."
        - Julie to Kirsten

"Take a shot ó that way even if she rejects you at least you know you tried... the point is you owe it to yourself to at least know whether or not she likes you."
        - Dennis, with some good advice for Johnny

"Iím sorry I ever made you wonder."
        - Marissa, making up with Ryan

"Which Cooper are you here to see?"
        - Kaitlin, after Johnny shows up at the Cooper trailer


"Donít beat yourself up. Ryan Atwood versus himself's a very ugly cage match."
        - Seth, trying to cheer up Ryan

"Julie, last time you went on a stealth mission you toppled a desert tray."
"Yeah but it got his attention."
        - Kirsten and Julie

"I should get home, you know, shower ó I've been in these clothes since you donít wanna know when."
        - Marissa, after a long day

"You didnít make him climb that rock, and you didnít make him fall."
"Thatís right. That was you."
        - Ryan and Kaitlin

"Sheís a smart girl and now sheís an angry one too."
        - Matt, talking about Mya with Sandy

"What is it that you say about Valentines Day? That itís vacuous, a commercially driven hollow shell of a holiday?"
"Well sometimes we all need a little vacuous commercially driven diversion, and this would be one of those times."
        - Kirsten and Sandy

"Itís the first Valentines Day that you guys arenít fighting or kissing another girl. I mean it could be special."
"...All I'm saying is that Valentines Day might be cancelled this year."
        - Summer and Marissa, discussing Marissa and Ryan

"I donít think sheís lying to me... I think she might be lying to herself."
        - Ryan, discussing Marissa's feeling for Johnny with Kirsten

"If you want I could make the conversation a little more awkward."
        - Ryan, breaking the ice with Sadie


"Some might say as a teenage girl growing up in Orange County everything is ours for the taking but sooner or later we have'ta choose..."
"óOh my god youíre listening to your own voice!"
"You see all the TV shows I watch, all these women have voiceovers... they donít make much sense. They do make your life seem more dramatic and meaningful."
"So you think our lives need to be more dramatic?"
"No not yours."
        - Summer and Marrisa, listening to Summer's taped voiceover

"I was thinking of having a party, something small maybe you, me, Seth, Ryan..."
"Thatís not a party, thatís a double date."
"A double date ó Coop thatís a great idea."
        - Summer and Marissa

"We agreed we'd talk we just didnít pick a time or a place."
"Coop, usually a time an place are crucial aspects to any plan."
        - Marissa and Summer, discussing Ryan and Marissa

"If you wanna sleep in a bed, donít bluff with a pair."
        - Sadie to Ryan, after she beats him at poker

"Get outta here. I got authority to protect this property with lethal force. You know what that means?"
"Means we'll be out in the car."
        - A Goon and Ryan

"Hard to believe that after everything we've been through we've got nothing left to say."
        - Ryan to Marissa, at the end


"Coop you spend all of your time on that lifeguard stand staring out at the water like you're a Naval widow."
        - Summer, trying to snap Marissa out of it

"Well they need'a make a decision, either to get back together or to move on, 'cause right now they are frozen in that post-break-up holy-crap-what-did-I-do moment."
        - Seth, trying to snap Ryan and Marissa out of it

"What did Ryan say when you gave him Marissaís invitation?"
"Nothin, just got this sort of confused wounded look."
        - Summer and Seth

"I got nothing against you ó in theory."
        - Summer to Julie

"I wanted to commemorate the time we've spent together. I engraved the handle myself."
"For Ryan: Happy 18th. Iím so grateful for your friendship think of me every time you pound something."
        - Sadie bizarre present of a hammer to Ryan

"Turning eighteen's all about assuming your adult identity right so I thought I would show you all the different avenues available to you."
"Because I might wanna be cowboy?"
"Or my personal favourite ó but no less gay ó fireman Ryan."
        - Seth and Ryan, at Ryan's party

"Who are all these people anyway?"
"At a certain point I just needed to fill the room with bodies."
        - Ryan, wondering why Seth invited stranger to his party

"You do know this is a Foreigner song right?"
        - Sadie, after Seth deliberately doesn't book a 'Journey' tribute band

What writer sat down and decided to hint at a Matt and Marissa relationship? On what planet does it even remotely make sense? I know that many of us were basically statutory mind-rapists when Willa Holland appeared on screen, but no one actually acted on that.
        - Drew Timmons, from his review of "The Journey"


"I've got a new approach ta interviews its called donít think about it."
"Well I guess thatís better than your last approach."
        - Seth and Summer

"Itís good that you've found the opposite of Marissa."
"You really think Sadie is Marissaís opposite?"
        - Summer and Ryan

"I'll have you know Taylor that I am like five levels hotter than him."
"Summer, the libido does not listen to logic."
        - Summer and Taylor, discussing Seth's attraction for Summer

"As we speak your new, sometimes...kinda girlfriend is probably sitting by, cradling a hunk of plaster waiting for you to make a move..."
        - Seth, urging Ryan to go to Sadie

"So youíre trying to save this girl?"
"Is that something I do?"
        - Kirtsen and Ryan, discussing Jess

"You gotta cut the guy some slack because he just got out of a two year drama fest with Marissa an the one time that he tried to date someone normal, she turned out to be my dead grandfathers illegitimate daughter."
        - Seth, updating Sadie on Ryan's lovelife

"Lets just say Dean Hess hid a treasure trove of secrets underneath his pink shirts. Ok, position one."
"Ok I really donít wanna picture you doing that with the Nazi Dean."
        - Taylor, imparting her experience to Seth


"He practically skipped outta the kitchen."
"Atwood skipping? Now thereís a disturbing and odd visual."
"Picture this one, Ryan... dancing!"
        - Seth and Summer, observing Ryan's Sadie-inspired good mood

"We have a major problem. Marissa just bailed on our parents engagement party to skank out with the surf Nazi."
"Your dad an Julie got engaged, you kinda buried the lead there Summer."
        - Summer and Seth

"When did this door get a lock on it?"
        - Seth, arriving at an occupied pool house

"You make a really good hood ornament."
        - Summer to a horizontal Marissa

"Now Coop weíre sisters."
"Right which means you're not my mom."
        - Summer and Marissa

"I know about Volchok. I saw you mauling him at the Bait shop and now you're shacking up with him at the trailer park."
"Wow, well arenít you a regular Veronica Mars? Way to solve this weeks mystery."
        - Summer and Marissa

"Just so you know Iím not lookin after her anymore...itís on you now. Treat her right, she deserves it."
        - Ryan to Volchak

"I honestly didnít think that much about the future. I was just hoping to take you to dinner."
"You havenít thought about it because youíre not ready to think about it."
        - Ryan and Sadie

"So thatís it then. No more smiling; no more skipping; no more dancing."
        - Seth, fearing a Ryan-Sadie breakup

"I tried to activate his saviour complex, but it seems heís been cured."
        - Seth, about Ryan

"Whoís Luke?"
"Summer and Luke were engaged ó in the second grade. She doesnít like to talk about it."
        - Volchak and Marissa, catching up on history

"You deserve to be treated right."
"If I wanted to be treated right, I wouldnít be with you."
        - Volchak and Marissa, going off the rails


"Have you spoken to Marissa lately?"
"Well if you count pass the milk and donít be so skanky..."
        - Taylor and Summer

"A Cohen in the Ivy Leagues... you did the work but I think our genes deserve some'a the credit."
        - Sandy congratulates Seth

"So you wanna mention the elephant in the room or should I?"
"Iíve been thinking. I donít have'ta go up till August. We could have the summer?"
"Yeah, not so inta relationships with an egg timer on them."
        - Sadie and Ryan

"The only class that Iíve ever gotten less than an A in was gym. My essay on the loneliness of being Superman made Mrs. Rushfield cry! Oooh god how did I not get in?"
        - Seth

"A lotta people go to college to find themselves an maybe your one'a those people, you know I wouldnít wanna get in the way'a that."
"I feel more myself with you...than anyone."
"Those are some pretty big words mister."
        - Sadie and Ryan

"Getting a man is like capturing a wily silver back gorilla in the Ugandan highlands. You see nature is telling that gorilla to stay in the wild but both you and I know that that gorilla would be much happier back in the zoo, on a normal feeding schedule. But sometimes heís just gotta roar an beat his chest before he'll let you shoot him with a tranq dart."
        - Taylor, explaining her theory about men to Summer

"I had to help Taylor set up for the bonfire ó that girl can handle a chainsaw."
        - Summer

"Remember when the boys made us watch that movie about the gay guys on the mountain?"
"Lord Of The Rings."
        - Summer and Marissa, mixing their movies

"Donít you see this is what it'll be like next year? You'll have this other world and I'll constantly be pulling you away from it, you wont get to experience college the way you should, Iím not gonna do that to you."
        - Sadie to Ryan


"I'm literally going to be deserted on an island."
Well technically Rhode Island is only bordered on three sides by water soó"
        - Summer and Taylor

"Cohen broke up with me. Only he has the power to unbreak us up."
        - Summer

"The breakup is off. Thatís right I broke up with you an technically itís in my power to technically un-break us up."
"You can do that?"
"Technically I just did. So unless you can explain to my satisfaction what your deal is an why you suddenly donít wanna be together next year we're back on yeah ó technically, officially, completely."
        - Summer and Seth

"Just be a man, someone around here oughta."
"You still lying to everyone about everything?"
"Iím trying ta speak as little as possible, the less I say the fewer lies I have'ta track but Summer wants answers, if I tell her the truth she'll throw away her future over me."
        - Seth and Ryan

"I only broke up with you so that I could find out why you were breaking up with me in the first place."
        - Summer to Seth

"Gonna be a long night, Ryan. A lot of whining, a lot of pining, ah, maybe some brainstorming, you don't mind?"
"It's good to be home. Alright, how are we going to get your Summer back?"
"I fake my own death. You never wanna underestimate the power of the sympathy vote."
"Is there a plan B?"
"Yeah yeah. Uh, I could hack in through the Brown firewall into the Admission's office mainframe and reverse my acceptance."
"That's actually a good idea. You know how to do that?"
"I had an uncle that went to DeVry."
        - Seth and Ryan


"Youíre taking all that? You only own, like, a wifebeater and two hoodies."
        - Seth, watching Ryan pack

"How did he explain himself?"
"He didn't. Ok, well he tried to, but you know how I get Coop! Rage makes it hard to talk, let alone listen."
        - Marissa and Summer, discussing Seth


"Ah, there she is. Look at a true friend, Ryan. 2000 miles she flies."
"In a middle seat."
"All to make sure Summer and I go to the prom together. Tell me, would you do so much?"
"Let's not test it."
        - Seth, Anna and Ryan

"You probably think I'm an idiot, huh? Screw things up with Marissa. Steal money when everyone's gonna know I took it."
"I don't think about you. But yes, you're an idiot."
        - Volchok and Ryan


"I know the last few years have been a roller coaster. There's been tragedy and comedy. And first loves, broken hearts. Family members we've lost and found. It hasn't all been perfect, but we're all a family here. So cheers."
        - Sandy

"How about a hug?"
"I love you, kid."
"I can't say I love you to another man... but I have much affection for you as well."
        - Sandy and Seth

"I just want you to know, everything I ever did ó good, bad or otherwise ó I did it for you. So that you could have a better life than I had. And I know I wasn't perfect. I mean, the thing with Luke, and, trying to frame Ryan for attempted homicide, Ió"
"Mom, I love you. Just know that."
        - Julie and Marissa

Summer: "I can't believe that for a minute I was actually interested in Atwood. laughs Okay, no offense."
Ryan: "None taken, beeyotch."
Marissa: "It was only until you found out he was from Chino."
Summer: "Exactly."
Ryan: "You actually invited me to Holly's beach house."
Summer: "Oh my god!"
Seth: "You said she invited me. I'm not faring well, this trip down memory lane."
        - The gang remember the early days

"I'm sorry for all the craziness."
"I wouldn't have done it any differently. Except maybe Oliver."
        - Marissa and Ryan


"Tragedy was in her DNA."
        - Josh Schwartz, creator of the show, on the character of Marissa

The O.C: Few series have flashed brilliance then squandered it so fast, yet lived to tell another ridiculous tale.
        - Tim Goodman, "The San Francisco Chronicle"

The teen soap has been a staple of TV for a while now, as shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson's Creek proved that there was a big audience out there dying to see attractive actors in their 20's play out a version of high school life that has little relation to reality. The OC is the current incarnation of this type of show, and it's easily one of the most fun examples of the subgenre. There is just as much scheming, secret affairs, shocking revelations and flip flopping romantic entanglements as you'd expect. But creator Josh Schwartz has also infused the show with a well played self-aware aspect that slyly winks at the audience and reminds them everyone is on the joke. Not afraid to poke fun at itself or it's innately ridiculous world, The OC is a guilty pleasure that often lets you off the hook on the guilt, thanks to its sense of humor. And kudos to Schwartz and co for the portrayal of the adults on the show, especially parents Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, who are much more involving and interesting then Dawson or Brandon and Brenda's parents could ever hope to be.
        - IGN puts "The OC" on its Must Watch List for 2006

"I was set up. By the Brits. A group of British builders operating outside the O.C.ó"
"Donít call it that."
"ócontacted me for a partnership to build homes overseas. I did not know they meant Iraq."
        - George Snr and Michael, in "Arrested Development"

If you work the TV remote control quickly enough, you can actually splice a number of shows together. The other night on the 'OC', one of the girl's eating disorders went missing so I flicked to 'Home and Away' where Alf was organising yet another search party. So I flicked him into the 'Rovers Return' where he had three pints at lunchtime, and then onto the 'OC' where he found the eating disorder hiding behind one of the boy's angst. Finally I put him back to 'Home and Away' where he greeted himself with "Where the flaming 'eck were you?"
        - Pat Fitzpatrick, with a surreal quantum leap across three continents, "The Irish Independent"


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