Warren Lawless : Warren is my cousin and his site offers information on my family history.
For examples in the latest webpage designs, check out the homepages of two of my colleagues, MarkWrafter & LewisBoadle.


The latest breaking world news can be found at Ananova, and for in depth analysis, you can't go far wrong with The London Times. For similar information on ireland, there's and the Irish Independent respectively. provides insights into the people and ideologies behind the news.
Sometimes a picture can convey a thousands words - check out the art of the political cartoonist :
Peter Brooks of The Times & The Slate's worldwide archive. & offer an antidote to the risk frenzies that infect other media outlets - is bad news the only news worth airing? examines the idea that there are too many people in the world.


Whilst some scientists at SETI follow the example of the late Carl Sagan  and search the skies for evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence, the STI search for examples of terrestrial intelligence. Two of the finest such examples are Professors Richard Dawkins & Jared Diamond, best-selling authors of books on evolution and human prehistory.
The Edge is a discussion group featuring some of the world's most renowned scientists.

New Scientist magazines covers the latest breakthroughs in scientific understanding.

TalkOrigins is an extensive information archive on evolution, combatting some of the prevalent myths about the subject. The Skeptic's Dictionary explains the scientific truths behind everything from crop circles to Roswell. Become a CSICOP and investigate paranormal claims.

My former DCU lecturer Mark Humphrys has a wealth of freethought information available through his personal website, protected by the US First Amendment.


The Open Republic : An Irish think-tank dedicted to promoting freedom and individual liberty.
The Freedom Institute : Read the blog of the free market Irish think-tank.
Vision Consulting : The company that I work for. It's an IT company, not an opticians!
DCUNS Redbrick : The computer networking society in Dublin City University that formerly hosted this website.
Dublin City University : Where I went to college.


TAKE the Keirsey temperament sorter - this is a personality sorter which is pretty accurate, you can read mine here


The Dilbert Zone is the official Dilbert site, with a 4-week archive.
The Official Calvin & Hobbes site.
For an irreverent and hilarious look at the week's news, try TheOnion.Com.
Which TV character do you hate the most? Tell the world at


Football365 is a free daily web-based football newspaper. Very funny, and informative.
The RSSSF Archive stores just about every football result ever, aswell as info on rules, seedings, trivia etc


The All Music Guide : A very good general music site with tons of info on loads of bands, reviews, FAQS, histories etc


For TV links please click here.