Coach Corner

Fun Games: Uses only 1 bat and 1 table with up to 6 players involved

Number of players: 4: 1 batter and 3 fielders.
Alt: 2 teams of 3 players
Player drops the ball on the table and hits it over the net towards target(s) on other side of table - fielders try to catch the ball after it bounces.

  • If ball hits target, score 4.
  • If ball misses target but hits table, score 1.
  • If ball hits table including the targets and is caught, score 0.
  • Each hitter has 5 attempts, then swaps over.

    Remember to leave enough room between tables
    Be careful when collecting balls. Try not to get in the way of others

    For each group of 4:
  • 1 racket
  • 1 table tennis ball
  • Targets (A4 paper, plastic cups etc.)
  • 1 table tennis table

    Easier: Have larger targets.

    Harder: Have smaller targets.
  • One fielder acts as a bowler bouncing the ball as for serving.
  • Place targets at corner of tables.
  • Have 3 lives - how man runs can you score?
  • No runs scored if fielders catch the ball after it hits the table.