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    Coaching Information & Links


    Assessing the Player
    An article by ITTA Tutor Owen Kelly on some quick and easy methods for early assessment of club players
    Download Here

    USA Table Tennis Club Handbook
    A very comprehensive source of information for anyone wanting to set up a club or looking to improve their current club structure, with tips on fundraising, equipment and procedure.

    ITTF Development: Tops Table Tennis Quite simply the best resource available for Introducing Table Tennis to your club or school.

    Choice of table tennis rackets and correct grip
    Article by Tihbar on Line
    The choice of racket and grip is fundamental to good technique. Here is some useful information from leading equipment specialists Tibhar. Tibhar equipment can be purcased in Ireland from Celtic Table Tennis

    Coaching Active Retirement Groups
    Article by Owen Kelly
    Table tennis can be played at any age and to illustrate this during my average coaching week, my youngest student is just 4 years old any my oldest is over 80. Somewhat surprisingly they have actually been playing the game the same amount of time and they are even learning the same skills, however I do approach their respective coaching sessions in a differing manner.

    Access and Inclusion in Irish Table Tennis
    Article by Owen Kelly Munster Special Olympics Head Coach
    "The ITTA is committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport of Table Tennis and to be able to reach their full potential." Is this really true?

    Promoting Table Tennis in Ireland
    Article by Owen Kelly
    Table Tennis has advantages over many sports on offer to schools and clubs. In order to promote participation within the sport we need to show these advantages and encourage more schools and clubs to take up the sport.

    Batskills - 'The Fun Way To Learn'
    Batskills - 'The Irish Experience'

    The company producing skills equipment for table tennis reviewed by Ken Muhr in The Fun Way to Learn and reviewed by Owen Kelly after the first demonstration in Ireland.

    ITTA 1 Star Award
    Download Word file for the award scheme run by the ITTA in order to encourage development in a safe non-competitive environment.

    Manual for Novice Coaches (WCTTA)
    by Owen Kelly
    The manual was originally published by the WCTTA to help teachers and club officials coach the rudements of the sport to beginners. This is a non-illustrated version of that publication. Please feel free to print and circulate.

    Table Cricket is a fun game played on one table that can also help practice skills


    Assessing the Player
    An article by ITTA Tutor Owen Kelly on some quick and easy methods for early assessment of club players
    Download Here

    Let's try and spin the ball the other way sometimes!
    An article by Owen Kelly on the current state of the defensive game in Irish Junior table tennis

    12 Session Training Programme
    by Owen Kelly
    A programme of training exercises for the allround development of the sport.

    Article by Peter Nilsson
    Notes for coaches on technique, training, physical and other points.

    Stretching Increasing Flexibility
    by Owen Kelly
    Pre-match stretching exercises, for hip, shoulders, ankles etc. Improve your flexibility.

    The Bio Machanics of Table Tennis
    by Owen Kelly
    See 3D Animations of backhand and forehand
    service techniques as well as backhand drive.
    Soon to be updated.
    Forehand Serve
    Backhand Serve


    Feeding the athlete
    An article for TTIreland on introducing the basics of sports nutrition to junior players, the use of Carbohydrates and Glycogen production

    Player Assessment
    A useful player analysis form, to help identify weaknesses in competition and training.

    Criteria For Selection
    The NTSC has published guidelines for the selection of both junior and senior table tennis squads.

    Player Profiles
    A new project to record all Irish International selections and player profiles. If you have represented Ireland and would like to be included please email me your details here


    Health Concerns over the use of speed glue
    An article from the ITTF in regards to the use of speed glue and its effect on health

    Over a third of secondary schoolgirls play no sport
    Over a third of girls in secondary schools are playing little or no sport outside scheduled PE classes, according to a study by the Economic and Social Research Institute

    Top players comment on new service - Most players see no difference

    Clarifications from the ITTF Rules Committee Chairman, Rudi Sporrer, on rule 2.6.4, decided at the AGM 2003 in Paris

    Changes to the Laws of Table tennis effective 1 September 2002, as approved at the ITTF's AGM on 5 April 2002 in Zagreb, Croatia

    Report by Owen Kelly (PRO)
    A review of the ILAM Seminar. This will be added to: 12/06/01

    A complete 32 player ranking tournament format as an XLS download. DOWNLOAD

    Supplied by Ulster Branch
    A complete 32 player tournament format as used at the New Year Challenge. This sheet can be adapted for fewer players.(15kb.gif)


    by Kiron Choudery Information for Umpires. Umpiring is an important part of table tennis and Umpiring is often an underestimated skill. Here is a list of just some of the things you need to remember.
    The Role of the Umpire an article submitted IN 2004 by Irish Umpire Kiron Choudhury.


    Sowing the Seeds A Profile of Coach Ivan Shorten
    interview by Owen Kelly Feb 2006
    One of the first qualified Level 1 Coaches, Munster Director of Participation and Coach of 12 All Ireland winning teams. TTIreland presents a profile of a dedicated and committed table tennis coach and an ambitious Kinneigh TT Club Chairman.

    Michael Cunningham - The Man in the Driving Seat
    interview by Owen Kelly Feb 2006
    8 times Irish Paralympian Michael Cunningham his reputation as a highly skilled proponent of the game has been long established. He talks to TTIreland about Wheelchair table tennis.

    An Interview with Helmut Hampl
    article from Butterfly News 2005
    One for the coaches. Helmut Hampl 52-years old was elected Coach of the Year in 1997 and 2002 by the German federation he is credited as discoverer and supporter of Jörg Roßkopf and Timo Boll

    An interview with Zhang Yining
    article from Butterfly News 2005

    A short interview with currently the most successful woman in table tennis World and Olympic Champion Zhang Yining from China

    An interview with Laurie PHAI PANG
    ITTF article by Ian Marshall Dec 2004

    Laurie PHAI PANG of France is one of those players who responds to the pressure of competition. Eighteen years old, just; she was seventeen when the ITTF World Junior Championships in Kobe started.

    An interview with Andrew Baggaley
    Article for Sunday Times

    Original publication Sept 2003: Take the chance to turn the tables on football.

    An interview with Tommy Caffrey
    Article for TTIreland

    Original publication July 2003: Tommy Caffrey a gentleman of the game.

    An Interview with Josh Boyd
    Article for TTIreland

    Original publication July 2003: Ulster youngster Josh Boyd who is off to Grantham College in the UK for the next two years: "My dream is to be a Professional table tennis player and this gives me the chance to see if I've got what it takes."

    "All about Bertie" (Levinge)
    Article for TTIreland

    First published in the Munster Newsletter 2003. An Irish Table Tennis European Champion.

    Peter Nilsson, Irish National Coach 1999-2000
    Article for TTIreland

    First published in the ITTA Newsletter. Peter has worked in a number of countries, How does Ireland compare?

    Brian Abroad
    Article for TTIreland
    Ever thought of playing abroad? Irish Ex No.1 Brian Fitzgerald spent sometime playing in Paris check out how he got on.

    "French Experience".
    Article by Andrea Glover

    First published in the Ulster Newsheet "News & Views," Andrea talks about her experiences in France.

    Ronan Rooney Interview
    Ronan talks about his trip to Sydney for the Paralympic Games. What was it really like and how did he feel about his performance.

    Full Catalogue Available

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