Coach Corner

An Interview with Zhang Yining World and Olympic ChampionFrom Butterfly News

Butterfly: You were in the final of the WCC for the third time in a row. Now you won the title for the first time. Is this a satisfaction for you?

Zhang Yining: The title has a great meaning to me and was longed for. To become World Champion is the goal for any sportsman. At the recent WCCs I only lost to Wang Nan. With this WCC I now won all major titles and that's pleasing. Even more important is that China dominated with all five titles.

Butterfly: Have you been surprised not to meet Wang Nan in the final?

Zhang Yining: Wang Nan is a great player and has dominated the World for years. I have learned a lot from her. I have not thought about who I would play in the final before the tournament. I have only focused to win the title if possible and it has worked out.

Butterfly: Your opponent Guo Yan demanded everything in the final...

Zhang Yining: Yes, she played very well. China has a balanced team and there's no guarantee for beating a team-mate. All players can win the title.

Butterfly: How have you felt during the WCC in your home country?

Zhang Yining: The WCC in Shanghai was a fantastic event. There was a great atmosphere in the hall and everything was organized very well. Of course it is something special to become World Champion in your home country.

Butterfly: You are Olympic- and now World-Champion as well. You have won everything one can win. What are the goals for you?

Zhang Yining: For me every tournament, at which I take part, is a challenge. I'm not yet tired at all. A great goal is of course the Olympic Games in my home town Beijing. To win the title there is a great task, on which I have to prepare in long terms. I want to improve further, this is one of my greatest aims. Ziele.