The Angel Gang - In the radlands just outside Texas City Pa Angel raised to be the notorious criminal gang
The son of Pa were starting with the oldest...
Fink Angel, Art by Mike McMahon Fink Angel, "Real crazy" living in hole in the ground, from the age of seven poisoning unfortunate strangers.
Link Angel, "Too Dumb to how bad he was", but was real bad too".
Mean Angel, see below for full profile.

The Angel Index
2000AD progs - 160-161, 173, 176-177
The Fink, 4 episodes, progs 193-196 (art by Mike McMahon)
Fink Angel, estranged brother of the deceased Angel Gang, attempts to kill Dredd and Hershey. Destiny's Angels 8 episodes, progs 281-288 (art by Carlos Ezquerra)
The Judge Child frees Fink Angel and resurrects Mean Machine in a bid to kill Dredd. Fink was killed and Walter destroyed. Helter Skelter 12 episodes, progs 1250-1261 (art by Carlos Ezquerra)
A Fink from another Dimension makes another appearance along with Cal,Rice,Grampus,Murd..

Pa and Link Angel, made a return in 2000AD Prog #956-966 Awakening angels and The ballad of devil angel (by Alan Grant)

And finally the youngest...

Mean Machine meets an earlier version of himself PERSONAL DATA
REAL NAME: Mean Angel
ALSO KNOWN AS: Mean Machine
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Texas City Badlands, Cursed Earth
KNOWN RELATIONS: Pa, Junior, Link, Fink
CURRENT STATUS: Active, escaped from Mega-city One Psycho-Cube

Young Mean was the white sheep of the Angel family, because as a boy he was bad at all. Delighting in the wonders of nature, he loved flowers, birds and butterflies and even kept a pet bunny rabbit. While Mean was quite used to relentless bullying the worst moment of his childhood was when his bother Link butchered his rabbit for fun. Even this couldn't whip up any honest hate within the buy and Pa Angel decided enough was enough, so he kidnapped a Texas City surgeon to put things right. Poor Mean was horrified as he was prepared for an operation in which his right arm was replaced with a mechanical claw and a special numbered dial was fixed to his fore-head. This dial was linked directly to Mean's brain and kept hint in constant state of aggression, which could he varied, dependent on the number selected on his head. No. 1 was surly, 2 was mean, 3 was vicious and 4 was brutal - although Mean Machine, as he became to he known, was to prove most dangerous on those rare occasions when his dial setting got stuck on 4!
Mean quickly acquired a reputation as one of the most dangerous criminals in the Cursed Earth - as well as one of the most stupid! It was love at first sight, though, when he met Seven Pound Sadie Suggs - named after the 7Ib hammer she used when perpetrating her crimes. Mean Machine almost married Sadie, but she ran off with the wedding presents! Soon after, the Angels kidnapped the Judge Child and took him to the Planet Xanadu, where
Dredd caught up with them and killed Mean along with the rest of his family.
Mean Machine was resurrected by the Judge Child, however, and he was sent back to Earth to kill Dredd. Teaming up with his brother Fink, Mean almost succeeded, but he wound up doing time in a Psycho Cube instead. Since then, Mean has been held in captivity almost continuously, give or take the odd short-lived escape, and has defied all attempts to rehabilitate him, including hypnotism and extensive brain surgery. During a recent escape, he discovered that he had a son - the result of his brief encounter with Sadie Suggs - but the boy suffered from the same affliction as Mean before his operation, he wasn't bad at all!

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Mean Machine from cover of prog. 737