Creators of 2000AD

This is NOT a complete of Writers and Artists that have worked on 2000AD and related publications, and all the artists those is on this site an easy way to find some of their works ( either in gif or jpg formats ). Sources of information are varied some of it is from 'The Best of 2000AD Special Edition #2' or Comics International.
Links to interviews and dedicated sites included, but for most creators only their works, that I have heard of, are mentioned.
The editorial staff and creators are referred to as droids by Tharg.
Arranged alphabetically by creators surname.

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Nick Abadzis - Writer/Artist
Hugo Tato for Deadline, various Vector 13 stories and Darkness Visible ( #975-979 )..and as artist.. Luke Kirby:Sympathy for the Devil (#873-877.#884-888).. Image of Broz1, 33kB JPG

Dan Abnett - Writer
Currently a regular writer for 2000ad as well as many other titles. For 2000AD, creator of the popular series Sinister & Dexter ( for more see Matts Page ). He returned life to 'Rogue Trooper' and Venus ( with Steve White ) and the revamped 'Durham Red'. Steve White was co-writer on Rogue Troopers , Flesh: Chronocide ( #972-979 ) Black Light, Sinister Dexeter, Sancho Panzer, Badlands, Avatar (1281-1288) For Judge Dredd Megazine, Wardog

Charlie Adlard - Artist
Débuted on 'the hand of fate' JD Meg #18 Vol. I, also
'Armitage', Rogue Trooper and Nikolai Dante for 2000AD, although he is best known as the original artist on the X-files comics. White Death (written by Robbie Morrison) marks a new direction for his art style. Recent Work on Judge Dredd's Doomsday Scenario.

Ajibayo Akinsiku - Artist/Writer
The proper name of

Jim Alexander - Writer
Got his debut in Judge Dredd Megazine with 'Calhab Justice' and later 'Pandora'

Jeff Anderson - Artist
From 'The Devil you know' (Prog 753)
Dredd beats up Grice

Mick Austin - Artist
Worked on Judge Dredd and
Judge Anderson from 1989 to 1995. Also in 1995, the computer game based strip Ubran Strike. Much of his work is a in unique painted style.
Images Judge Anderson: Confessions of a she-devil, 2000AD annual 1990 (971x1384 237Kb), Indigo Prime:Loa in the machine

Jim Baikie - Artist/Writer
He was the artist on Alan Moore's first series for 2000AD, Skizz ( Prog. 308-330 ). Later he scripted and painted two follow-up series Skizz II: Aliens Cultures (767-775) and Skizz III. In the years between he worked on many projects including
Crisis's New Statesman and Clive Barker's Nightbreed.

Massimo Belardinelli -Artist
Based in Rome, he has drawn many of 2000ad stories involving weird collections of aliens - Dan Dare, Ace Trucking Co., Moonrunners, Blackhawk also The dead, Flesh, Inferno. As well as some early Sláine. Here is an example of his style from
Moonrunners (prog 600), 27kB GIF

David Bircham -Artist
Vetor 13, prog 1026 (Jan. 1997). JD (prog 1047-1048), Pulp Sci-fi (Prog. 1098) Sinister Dexter:Smoke & Mirrors (prog 1117-1122 ), Sláine

David Bishop - Editor/Writer
Back as editor of Judge Dredd Megazine. He also wrote 'The Straitjacket fits' ( #9-20 Vol I )and co-wrote Soul Sisters ( #1-9 Vol II ) both for the Judge Dredd Megazine. ( In the December 1992 issue of Comics International he promised never again write for Judge Dredd Megazine while editor of it. ) Writer of the Judge Dredd Novel : The Savage Amusement. Also has done some lettering.

Simon Bisley - Artist
First professional comic work appeared in 2000AD in 1987 after
Pat Mills saw his art-work and was impressed enough to request as artist on ABC warrior series 'Black Hole' then painted the Sláine 'The Horned God' He also did judgment on Gotham ( the first and best Batman/Judge Dredd Crossover ) and the Heavy Metal Dredd series ( which first appeared in Rock Power magazine was translated into many languages and then reprinted in Judge Megazine Vol. I. Then he moved stateside and worked on Lobo, Bad boy. Now he works mainly on cover art.
Notes: Brilliant black & White pen drawing in ABC warriors as below, followed by an epic Sláine series where you saw his art develop.

Some of his works...
Deadlock :- Lord of the flies. Final episode of ABC warriors 'Black Hole' 1000x546x2, 141 KB.
Monad thinking... also from the final Black Hole episode. 1155x450x2 130 KB
Nemesis Cover Book 9 Deathbringer. 483x597, 69 KB.
Death, Deadlock 1172x1586xJPG

Chris Blythe - Colourist
Some good work on Pulp-Sci followed by outstanding computer enhanced work on Mercy Heights book II. and many other 2000AD series since. [IMAGE 42kB JPG, from Prog 1037, pens by Trevor Hairsine]

Brian Bolland - Artist
Began his professional career as an artist twenty-five yearsago, contributing to a variety of titles including the infamous magazine, OZ. His first work - a Dan Dare-related cover under the signature of Bollo - was published on the front of Prog 11, for which he was paid the princely sum of £35. Within a year he drew Mega-City 5000 and became one of the semi-regular group of artists drawing the future lawman's adventures, along with
Mike McMahon and Ian Gibson He worked on Dredd epics like Cursed Earth, Judge Caligula, Judge Child, as well as creating the look of the Dark Judges & Judge Anderson. among other His last Dredd in 2000AD was the last episode of Block Mania. "The Dredd End" was supposed to appear in the infamous Tharg's Head. In the early 80's he began working for DC, drawing Camelot 3000 and with Alan Moore the smash-hit batman one-shot, 'The Killing Joke'.
He wrote and illustrated a story for Vertigo's Hearthrobs. Now works mainly on creating cover artwork. (some for 2000AD, including THE 2000AD issue. )
Some of his works...
Judges Death and Anderson 408x539x16 65KB.
Brit-cit babes cover for the Judge Dredd megazine Vol. I.

Philip Bond - Artist/Creator
Started with ATOMTAN in 1987 (self-published), with Alan Martin, Jamie Hewlett. Creator of Deadline's Wired World,
Crooked mile for Crisis. And artist for Time Flies..Also done much for DC's Vertigo.
Images: crooked mile 1, 47Kb; crooked mile 2, 208Kb; Offical website, well worth of a visit.

Eric Bradbury - Artist
Alot of stuff in the early days of 2000AD. But continued to draw the occasional stories 'Tharg' up to the nineties

Jason Brashill -Artist
One of the artists to start with Judge Dredd Megazine, Many Covers and Holocaust 12, Space Girls... Then DC Comics signed him after seeing his work on the Judge Dredd/Batman : Die Laughing
Anderson cover - Red Durham Prog 1000, 63kB

John Brosnan - Writer/Critic (aka Broz-1)
He started in 2000ad as a film critic but scripted by the series based around a Taxi driver called Tanner and Zero City - Night Zero, Beyond Zero, Below Zero with Kev Hopgood

Mark Buckingham - Artist
Worked on
Tyranny Rex Prog 852. and Shade with Peter Milligan, Generation X

John M. Burns - Artist
After a career spanning 40 years, internationally renowned Freelance Artist and Illustrator, John was born in Wickford , Essex in 1938 and his successful career as a Freelance Artist covers the past 40 years, and still continues. With no formal art training he started as an apprentice in an Illustration Studio at the age of 16 and studied at evening classes and sketched in the local museums. In 1961, after serving 3 years in the Royal Air Force, John became a Freelance Artist and his career has developed since. John has been voted Adventure Artist/Newspaper Strip Artist of the year on 3 separate occasions by the Society of Strip Illustrators and also, in 1986, by the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain. He received the U.K Comic Art Award for Special Career Achievement in 1993. His work includes 'Dan Dare' from The Eagle, 'Modesty Blaise' from the London Evening Standard and books, 'Eartha' from the News Of The World colour magazine, 'Jane' from the Mirror, and 'Borderlines' from Epic Comics - U.S.A. to name but a few.
There is a John Burns exhibitions at the
Chase Art Centre, in Wadebridge from 14th July - 1 August
In '2000AD' he spend many doing Judge Dredd and covers then bordened to 'Witch World' and 'Nikolai Dante' saga Tzar War #1200-1207.
IMAGE : Judge Hershey - JPG 243x461

Gary Caldwell - Colourist/Artist
Judge Dredd epics - IMAGE, pens by Alex Ronald

F Martin Candor
A pseudonym used by
John Wagner and Alan Grant when writing the terrible Hell Trekkers.

Simon Coleby - Artist
Universal Solider
Rogue Trooper, Venus Blues Genes

Eddie Campbell -
Offical Eddie Campbell website

Jim Campbell - Writer
Co-creater and co-writer of The Inspectre with
Kevin Walker

Mick Carey - Writer
Started in 2000AD with oneoffs such as Pulp SciFi #1145,1147 &
F/S #1230,1287. Then got full series Carver Hale and 13 (with art by andy clarke, 2000AD #1289-1299)

José Casasnovas - Artist
Actually there is father and son, Senior and Junior, who have worked on 2000AD both as a team and seperately on Max Normal, Judge Dredd and Mark Millar's Robo-hunter.

Andy Clarke - Artist
one-offs, Nikolai Dante -
IMAGE (from prog 1139, colours by D'Israeli ,124kB), Sinister Dexter [Misson to mangapore], 13 (2000AD #1289-1299)

Mike Collins - Artist

Michael Cook - Writer
The Real Robin Hood in
Crisis. Dead Meat (prog #742-748, #812-820) with Simon Jacob.. The comedy set in a future where the radical-greens have made meateating illegal.

Steve Cook - Designer (aka Robocook)
Designer of 2000AD for over a decade (prog #555 to #1273) ...2000AD seems to need a change in (cover design, nerve center, etc.) look regularly. also did some classic covers such as prog 600,
637, 649..and 3000AD. Offical website

Alan Craddock -Colourist
For 2000AD, and he's become a convert to the new and exciting world of using computers to colour comics. "The computer just enhances the painting skills that I already have. It's a Wonderful tool for giving an artist choice - it's so quick to change things, to try out new things and experiment. With acrylic or oil paint you have to keep your early strokes and you're limited with experimentation because you're working to a deadline. Alan uses Photoshop for most of his work, but he's also using Bryce 2 for creating backdrops and huge, detailed spaceships. He has worked on Mercy Heights.
IMAGE - This shows the stages of Craddock's work. Starting with the bare Kevin Walker Artwork. He also coloured the Dredd saga 'The Pit'. In the last year he has worked on many more strips, as colourists are used more extensively.

Carl Critchlow - Artist
Carl has worked on numerous comics projects. His acclaimed work includes full-color stories for
'Nemesis' Judge Dredd (Fleetway) and Batman/Judge Dredd: The Ultimate Riddle graphic novel. and recent 2000AD work just as Judge Dredd:Out of the undercity (prog 1313-1316) He also has several Lobo (DC) projects to his credit. The Big Book Of Conspiracies

Andrew Currie - Artist
Judge Dredd '
Grud's day out' (#48-49) and "Narcos Connection" (#52-#55) in Judge Dredd Megazine Vol 3., also the every last Dredd Daily Star newspaper strip, called Smashball written by Gordon Rennie. )

Dave D'Antiquis -Artist
worked on the Eagle. Silo then
Brigand Doom. Artist with a unique Black and white style.

D'Israeli - aka Matt Brooker - Aritst/Colourist
Worked on
Crisis. More recently co-created both Lazarus Chuchyard (with ) and Scarlet Traces (with Ian Edginton) both appeared Judge Dredd Megazine. 2000AD (F/S #1299)
Website: D'Israeli website,old D'Israeli website

Alan Davis - Artist
is best known to 2000AD readers for
'D.R. Quinch and Harry 20 on the High Rock. Since then he has drawn Excalibur, Gen13 and the Fantastic Four, Elseworlds (JLA)and of course the X-Men

Simon B. Davis - Artist
The artist with the distinctive skin colours, for 2000AD - B.L.A.I.R. 1 and
Sinister and Dexter. Also a story on the now-out-of-business Cool Beans online comic.
Image:GunShark Vacation, 292KB; see S.B. Davis homepages..

Jamie Delano -Writer
First future shock in Prog. 501. For 2000AD he wrote adventures of DR & Quinch after
Alan Moore left. Animal Man,2020 Visions

Andy Diggle - Writer/Writer
Writer of Lenny Zero for Judge Dredd Megazine, and served as
editor to 2000AD
See his offical webpage:

Steve Dillon -Artist
Steve Dillon got his first work with Marvel UK at the age of 16. He rose to prominence drawing Hulk and Nick Fury for Marvel UK, Laser Eraser and Pressbutton for Warrior and Absalom Daak for Doctor Who Weekly. First published art in 2000AD was a Robo-tale and Abelard Snazz, both written by
Alan Moore and both in Prog. 189 (June 1980)! He made his 2000AD debut on Judge Dredd in Prog 205. Since then he has worked on a wealth of series for the title and other publishers. Highlights include his work on the Dredd Thriller Cry of the Werewolf, co-creating with Brett Ewins the independent comic Deadline (Bo-bop and Lula) and writing and drawing a short series called Hap Hazzard. Other 2000AD work.. 'Rogue Trooper',Harlem Heroes.
Steve Dillon has finished a long acclaimed run as artist on DC's Hellblazer comic and even more acclaimed as the co-creator of Preacher with Garth Ennis

Some of his works...
Judge Giant dying - 255KB
JD and JA - 22kb GIF
Tyranny Rex:- Under foreign skies, Prog 582, 1000x546x2, 141 KB.

Nigel Dobbyn - Artist
Both series of Medivac 318. The eco-thriller Trash. The Strontium Dogs while Peter Hogan was scripting. ( future shock #604 ) The final series of Red Razors in 2000AD.

Peter Doherty -artist
Made his breakthrough with Young Death in the first Judge Dredd Megazine followed by work on Justice One, Judgment Day in 2000AD. Last Dredd in prog. 1287

Richard Dolan -Artist
Brilliant artist had many memorable covers. Painted
Mean machine:"Travels the Muh shrink"in 2000AD.
Images: Dredd at Christmas - ThillPower - Mean Meachine V Mean Machine

Jim Elston -artist
Shadows (with
Pete Milligan), Finn for 2000AD and now Sonic the comic
Images:Finn, a couple of shining ones blowing up., 408x656 72KB; The final page of Shadows, 1100x1461 500KB

Richard Elston - Artist
Roadkill (2000AD prog #1208-#1211), Lawson (JD Meg Vol IV #76-78),
Avatar (1281-1288)
Image: Future Shock prog 1267,

Garth Ennis -Writer
Established his reputation with Troubled Souls, A few more troubles and True Faith for
Crisis' followed by Time Flies for 2000AD. He then the regular writer of Judge Dredd from '91 to '93, (most from #711->#839, and then Jonni Kiss in '95 #940-948 his last Judge Dredd story.), with Steve Dillon the pair introduced Judge Joyce and the Emerald Isle [ which was where both creators lived, Ireland that is ] ). The continuing to work with Steve Dillon on award-winning 'Hellblazer' and Preacher, which has won the 'Best International Comic' for 97 and 98 in the British Nation Comics Award at UK Comic Art Convention. Also wrote 'The Unknown solider', 'Pride and Joy', 'Hitman' and 'Enemy Ace'. "Interviews also see.
Garth Ennis Fan Page

Ron Emberton -Artist
Judge Dredd: "Mega rackets, Umpty" from prog 214 (An Ian Gibson penname)

Gary Erskine - Artist
In Crisis on The Real Robin Hood. In 2000AD on Flesh:Chronicide ( by Steve White and
Dan Abnett

Warren Ellis - Writer
Lazarus Churchyard reprinted in Judge Dredd Vol 4 (orginally in Blast and graphic novel). for more see
joe's comics

Brett Ewins -Artist
He left Goldsmiths College in 1977 with a BA in conceptual art and went to produce covers for 2000AD. He progressed to illustrating Judge Dredd,Rogue Trooper, The ABC warriors and Judge Anderson,
Bad Company, Kelly's eye. In America, with Pete Milligan in 1985, he created Strange Days and Johnny Nemo for Eclipse. For DC Comics he has drawn issues for Swamp Thing, Hellblazer and Secret Origins, and Veto Skreemer. Now he works on animation projects

Carlos Sanchez Ezquerra -Artist
has been working in British comics from 1971 and, from 1971 to 1987, has worked almost exclusively for Fleetway. He has designed the look of many top comic characters, including
Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Strontium dog for Starlord, Major Easy for Battle. Third World War for Crisis.
He has moved to Andorra but continues his residency drawing Judge Dredd. Drawing such epics as Apocalypse War (1982), Necropolis (1990), Wilderlands (1994) and Helter Skelter (2001). With John Wagner created fleetway's first creator owned series "Al's Baby". Started using computer enhanced artwork on Judge Dredd in 1994's wilderlands epic.
Also drawn the Preacher mini-series: Saint of Killers. and has designed a (Digital Anvil/Microsoft) computer game for FREELANCER.. DC Comics for BOB THE GALACTIC BUM, with John Wagner and Alan Grant and BLOODY MARY, with Garth Ennis
Also see the Carlos Ezquerra page and Interview at Class of '79.

Glenn Fabry - Artist
One of the best
Sláine artists for 2000AD, Loveboy loves Lovegirl with Brett Ewins in Deadline. He is heavy demand, did for covers for Preacher. Also the first book of the newest Batman/Dredd crossover 'Die Laughing'.
Church of Fabry, an excellent fansite

Sidney Falco - Pen-name for Alan McKenzie

Mike Farmer - Artist
2000Ad: first
Sláine prog 493, last F/S prog 639.

Gerry Finley-Day - Writer
Writer of many stories in the early years of 2000AD including Invasion, Dan Dare and even 4 Judge Dredd script in the first year. And then created Ant Wars, VCs, Fiends of the eastern front, Harry Twenty On The High Rock and
Rogue Trooper, as well as writing in Action and Battle which were part in the inspiration of 2000AD

Duncan Fegredo - Artist
Crisis in 1989, after more decade does 2000AD, covers in '98 then finally a JD strip in 2001, Prog 1227.

Mike Fleisher - Writer
A rare american writer in 2000AD, wrote the New Harlem Heroes and The new Rogue Trooper after Dave Gibbons' War Machine until Prog 791. Also Junker (Prog 708-730).

Henry Flint - Artist
Rogue Trooper ('94), Sancho Panzer,
Nemesis: Book X, Deadlock ('00), ABC Warriors ('01), Shakara ('02)
IMAGE - 192x268x256, 42KB

Russell Fox - Artist
Debutted by Judge Dredd"The boy who thought he wasn't" JD Meg #19 Vol. I, Anderson and Armitage

Simon Fraser -Artist
. Worked on the later series of
Shimura in Judge Dreddd megazine. Later moved from Edinburgh to Rome, and about the same time co-creatored Nikolai Dante with a style change. At the same time regular Dredd artist John Burns did a Nikolai Dante epic, Fraser has done his first Judge Dredds.
A must-see webiste =>
IMAGES: Shimura, JPG 56kB - family, JPG 407kB - Judge Dredd: Blood Cadets, JPG 349KB

Neil Gaiman - Writer

Rafael Garres - Artist
This spanish artist got his 2000AD debút with a 24-page Sláine story taking the entire 2000ad #1100 issue. Dredd 1117-1118

Maya Gavin - Artist
Ram Raiders (progs 990-992)

Simon Geller - Writer/Editor
Editor of the 2000AD spinoff,
Diceman, then writer of Rogue Trooper from progs 495->602 (the hit stories with rogue in space), followed the Harlem Heros revival

Dave Gibbons -Artist/Writer
Dave Gibbons is another 20 year veteran of British comics , who actually drew one of the strips in Prog 1 'Harlem Heroes'. He drew long runs of that series and Dan Dare, as well co-creating Rogue Trooper. He left for America he worked on Batman, Green Lantern and the creeper for DC. As well as
Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' in 1986. He scripted the first series of a new-look Rogue Trooper : The War Machine ( Art by will Simpson prog #650-687 ) for 2000AD and Batman V Predator for DC. Now he is part of the Legend imprint of top comics creators and drawing Frank Miller's Martha Washington.
interview about past and future work.

Ian Gibson - Artist pennames 'Emberton' and Q. Twerk'
From early Judge Dredd.. he went to draw and create look the look of two popular, Robo-Hunter (from Prog 76-334) ,
Halo Jones. Also many Judge Dredd episodes including 'Daily Star' strips. In 1994 RETURN OF THE TAXIDERMIST and Dredd. In 1997 again with John Wagner he created the weird creator owned series.. I was a teenage Tax consultant in 1997. The next appearance of gibson's in 2000AD was pin-ups for Halo Jones & Robo-Hunter in Prog 2001, followed by Judge Dredds Prog. 1223 onwards and Banzai Battalion (#1257-1262).
In America, he has worked on Star Wars (1994-1999) for Dark Horse
Some of his works.. Halo Jones Cover of Book 3 408x983x256, 196 KB.
Return of The Tax Cover for the story set in the Mega-Olympics, 408x511xJPG by Ian Gibson

Julian Gibson - Artist
Sláine, Judge Dredd (1096-1097) -

Igor Goldkind - writer (aka I-Groid)
Public Relations previously freelance journalist and writer of short stories ( for six years in 92 ) 'A spattering of one-offs in Crisis and Revolver'. First full series for 2000AD was The Clown later Judge Hershey: The Harlequin's dance Vol II #37

Neil Googe - Artist
Mercy Heights Book II, Orlok

Kelvin Gosnell - Editor/Writer
He came up with the idea of starting a science fiction themed comic (December 1975), before the release of Star Wars, that comic became 2000AD. First Editor of 2000ad (after Prog #1). Adapted the Harry Harrison 'Stainless Steel Reat' novels for 2000ad. Wrote various one-offs in 2000AD.

Alan Grant - Writer (aka AALN-1)
Alan Grant began scripting comics in 1977 and spent a year as sub-editor on 2000AD before going freelance. Working under a bewildering range of pseudonyms, he quickly carved out a flourishing career, frequently co-writing with
John Wagner. Together they penned hundreds of Judge Dredd's weekly adventures. Among those he has are Strontium dog, the original Robo-Hunter, Blackhawk. Since the mid-80s he has been writing increasingly for American comics companies, particularly DC where has been a regular Batman scribe for nearly a decade. the monthly titles Batman: Shadow of the Bat and Lobo, as well as a mountain of mini-series and one-offs, written Terminator. While on this side of the Atlantic ( The eastern side ) he is most celebrated for his development of the character Cassandra Anderson. He got 2000AD in the news with he satirical 'B.L.A.I.R. 1' series. Created with Arthur Ranson the 3 book fantasy series 'Mazeworld', which finsihed in prog #1161
Now is back sharing the writing the duties of Judge Dredd with John Wagner.
From 1997 Interview with Alan Grant by Andy Diggle.

T.B. Grover A penname for John Wagner and Alan Grant

Mark Hadley - artist/writer
Artist on Fervend and Lobe of
Inidigo Prime, also on PARAsites. Writer and artist on Future Shock #832.

Trevor Hairsine - Artist
One of the artists to start with Judge Dredd Megazine, Many Covers and Holocaust 12, Space Girls, Judge Dredd.

Chris Halls -Artist/Designer
From design on the movie Aliens, to one part of the Dredd epic Judgement, Son of Mean Machine, to designing and building machine mean for the Judge Dredd Movie.
Myra Hancock -Writer
Sticky fingers in
Crisis', Tao de Moto : Forbidden Fruit (2000AD #723-749 ) both with Dave Hine as artist

Harry Harrison - Writer
Writer of "The Stainless Steel Rat" novels that adpated for 2000AD by Kevin Gosnell and Carlos Ezquerra.

Mark Harrison -Artist
Strontium dogs ,
Durham Red and from the 'Scarlet Cantos', he has digital art along with more traditional methods. Co-creator of the new series with digital art. Glimmer Rats to start in Prog 2000. In Prog. 1120 he made his writing debut with a Pulp Sci-fi one-off (prog. 1120, 1126). mausoleum

Simon Harrison -Artist/Creator
Started as artist on future shock in Prog. 522. Artist of
Bradley and the main part of Strontium dog "Final Solution"
He was creator of Revere, and John Smith wrote the script, but the concept was harrisons' ( prog. #744-749,809-814, 868-872 ). Image for Revere, book I

Gina Hart -Colourist
Luke Kirby, Tyranny Rex, Zenith Phase IV and many others

Alan Hebden - Writer
Many Future Shocks and one-off including the Amazing Maze Dumoir (1984, Prog #368-369) (the first 2000Ad story with a female lead).

Jamie Hewlett -Artist
Creator of Deadline's Tank Girl and in 2000AD He drew swifty's return (1988) and then co-created
Hewligan's Haircut (1990). Created characters for TV series like SMTV, currently part of the Gorillaz crew.

John Hicklenton - Artist
A contorted sytle of drawing bodies. Books VII,IX of Nemesis in 2000AD,
Third World War in Crisis. Deadline's Aggre-Siva, Co-created Pandora for the Judge Dredd Megazine with Jim Alexander

John Higgins -Artist/Colourist/Writer
He got his start both writing and illustrating Future Shocks for early issues of 2000AD. John is now a popular artist in his own right but rose to prominence for his gorgeous colouring. He coloured two of the 1980's best comics, the ground-breaking maxi-series Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke, both for DC.
He has drawn and painted many episodes of Judge Dredd (including the beginnings of the Democracy saga back when Judge Dredd had the colour centerfold in a black and white comic), also scripted and painting a two-part Judge Dredd story,
Scales of Justice (#884-885) also painted 28-page Dredd-Rogue special in Prog 900. Also illustrated Pride and Joy and John Constantine both written by Garth Ennis, and Hellbrazer
Website: John Higgin's TurmoilColour
Classic Dredd 47Kb

Graham Higgins -Artist
All the episodes of
Zippy Couriers with Hillary Robinson and The Big Book Of Conspiracies

Dave Hine -Artist/Writer
Artist on such series as
Tao Moto and Sticky fingers with Myra Hancock, but then he created, wrote and painted 'Up on the Roof'(#56-57) and 'Worms'(#62) and for Crisis and for 2000AD Mambo ( prog #889-896,940-947 )
Judge Dredd Cover by Dave Hine

Peter Hogan - Writer
Regular mid-nineties 2000AD writer, took over scripting Robo-Hunter (from Mark Millar), Strontium Dogs (from Garth Ennis) and Durham Red (from Alan Grant) but didn't finish anything. Created from story "Timehouse".

Paul J. Holden - Artist
Hailing from Belfast, Holden does Shareware comics and drawn Judge Dredd in Prog #1233 . see
interview. In 1998 artist/letterer for Undercover blues for JD fanzine Class of 79.

Kev Hopgood -Artist
Worked on 2000AD from 1989 to 1995. Co-created with
John Brosnan the "Zero" series. Also Dry Run, Harlem Heroes and Judge Dredd.
Image: Headbangers, 966x1397, JPG from 2000AD annual 1990

John Howard - A penname for John Wagner

Rian Hughes -Designer/Artist
He did the design of
'Crisis' and later a changed look of 2000AD..his credit icons are still used. Get his fonts at Device-Fonts. As an artist Dan Dare for revolver with Grant morrison, Tales beyond science, Really and Truly (normally also does lettering as well).
Image - Tales from Beyond Science, prog 776, 45kB

Ilya - Writer/Artist
Carrion Carrage in Judge Dredd Mega-special 1993

Frazer Irving - Artist
He become the 2000AD's top horror artist, working mainly in Black & White on Necronauts (Prog 2001, #1223-#1231), A love like blood with
John Smith. Judge Death
Offical site Frazer Irving

Simon Jacob -Artist
Armoured Gideon,
Future Shock, DeadMeat, did colours on Flesh (by Steve White and Dan Abnett)

Bernie Jaye -Writer
The brilliantly inspired (but short) 'Mother Earth' ( Progs #867-872) with Art by
Cliff Robinson.

Paul Jeacock - artist
The Artist formerly known as Paul Staples.
First did in 2000AD
Nemesis [38kB JPG, from prog. 824], then Finn 'intervention' saga and he did a spell as regular artist on Sláine. Also work on WarHammer and Film models.
see => Paul Jeacock's Website

Jock - Artist
Jock started working full time for 2000AD (pulp sci-fi #1170, followed by Judge Dredd Prog #1193-1196 #1214,1231)and The Judge Dredd Megazine in late 1999. Since then he has worked on a number of different characters, most notably Judge Dredd and Lenny Zero, a character whom he created with writer
Andy Diggle. Winning a National Comic Award for best newcomer in 2001, his work can still be seen in the galaxy's greatest comic, with upcoming stories for DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer, and a new ongoing monthly title for the American imprint planned for 2003. First an one-off in Prog. 1170. Tor Cyan (1297-1299)
In Judge Dredd Meg. Lenny Zero and JD

Paul Johnson - Artist
Crisis #51, Oct 1990, "Suddenly, Last Week"
In 2000AD => Vector 13,
Janus PSI, Sinister & Dexter

Cam Kennedy -Artist
He has drawn VCs, many Rogue Trooper episodes, Also Classic Dredd stories from 1985 (including
Midnight Surfer and The Taxidermist. Cam Kennedy inspiration from the 'Art of Kenny Who?' is an example of a cam Kennedy cityscape from 'Sunday night fever'). In 1993 he drew Batman/Judge Dredd II :Vendetta in . He has now (1999) started drawing Judge Dredd in both the 2000AD and the megazine, a welcome return. Artist for Judge Dredd in Prog 2000, SABs

Paul Kepperberg - Editor/Writer
Writer of 'Trash' a eco-triller in 2000AD ('91-'92), Writer/Editor in the US from DC, He was the editor for DC's version of Judge Dredd (in 1995).

Kew-K -Writer
Vector 13, sequels to Canon fodder and Grudgefather both created by
Millar. First orginal 2000AD series Kid Cyborg with Jim McCarthy, After another batch of one-offs with Pulp Sci-fi from which creation 'Rose O'Rion' will get her own series. Kew-K is the 2000AD pen-name of Nigel Long

Alison Kirkpatrick - Colourist
Frequently did the colour for
Simon Fraser's NIKOLAI DANTE drawings

Clint Langley -Artist
Dinosty, Nemesis, Dredd,
Sláine, Tales of TeleGuuth (1287-)

Roger Langridge - Artist
For the wacky "
Staitjacket fits" Volume I of judge Dredd Meg. & The second series of Times flies. Also for Red Dwarf Smegazine

Nigel Long - Writer
The real name behind

Tony Luke -Artist/writer
In the eighties he did many Photo-stories for 2000AD ( Nemesis and Tharg ). With a unique artistic style he has worked in Japan and on PSI Anderson. Also co-writer with Alan Grant on a few of Judge Dredd and Middenface McNulty stories.

Fran Lynn -writer
Future Shock #714, #718, #742, #743, #827, #831

Paul Neal -Writer
The only new thrill in Prog 1000 was "Outlaw", which is to be into a US TV series. Writer of "Judge Hershey" in the Judge Dredd Megazine in '95 & '96.

Paul Neary - Artist/Writer?
An 2000AD artist who drew 2 Alan Moore Future Shocks in Progs 251 and 252.. (All of Them Were Empty and An American Werewolf in Space)
Don't know if the same person but a Paul Neary wrote Happenstance and Kismet in Revolver and

167 entries, Work of 93 different artists

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