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Waxing: Lip wax, Chin wax, Sides of face Forearm Full arm Under Arm
Bikini line Half leg Full leg
Eye brow shape, Eye brow wax, Eye brow tinting, Eye lash tinting, Eye lash perming
Nails: Manicure, Manicure hand massage, Maunicure Deluxe (Microdermabrasion), Pedicure, Nail shape and polish, Nail tips
Acyrillic & Gel sculptured nails, Nail polish, French polish, Nail Art
Make Up: Cleanse, tone & Day make up, Cleanse, tone & Evening make up,
Personal make up lesson, Group make up class for groups of 5 to 7 people,
Bridal beauty programme: Full cleanse tone & make up & complimentary nail paint on the day
Pre wedding treatment: Deep cleanse, facial, eye brow trim, eyelash tint, wedding day make up & manicure
Remedial Costmetic Camouflage treatment: To camouflage birthmarks, portwine stains, scars, varicose veins, blemishes on the face and body
Fake Tan
Spray Tan
French Facial
Deep cleansing facial & decollete massage & specialised mask
Acne Treatment
This face treatment consists of deep cleansing high frequency removal of blackheads & specialised mask
IPL Flashlight
The most advanced technology in Permanent hair removal, removes skin tags, broken capillaries, warts, brown pigmentation spots and freckles
Electrolysis Apilus
Specialised treatment for hair removal, red veins, skin tags, warts & moles
Intense exfoliation for ageing skin, stretch marks, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles
Facial Tone 2000
Non surgical face lift for specific use in lifting facial muscles and reducing the ageing process
Electronic Faradic muscle tone for removing inches and firming areas of poor muscle tone. Excellent for fat removal, draining lymph and toxins from the body. Includes advice on diets.
Beauty Day Special
***French Facial***
***Therapeutic back massage***
***Mancure and pedicure***
***Light make up***


Light Wave Therapy

Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment
Natural cell renewal to remove fine lines and reduce deeper wrinkles
Produces natural collagen
 Dramatically slows down ageing process
Antioxident treatment
Protects skin against sun damage
Acne Treatment/Purifying Facial
Corrects hormone imbalance and helps to kill bacteria
Draws out impurities and balances the skin ph
Reduces inflamation – promotes healing
Prevents scarring
Men’s Grooming Facial Treatment
Prevents ingrown hairs
Tones and firms skin
Heals and soothes irritated sensitive skin
Includes neck and shoulder massage


Sensitive Skin Treatment
Strenthens capillary walls
Soothes and heals
Reduces sensitivity and redness
Vitamin C Facial
Revitalises dull lifeless skin
Fights free radicals
Restores clarity and brightness to skin
Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment
Minimises open pores
Gets rid of dead skin cells
Supplies and promotes healing
Prevents flare up
Balancing internal organs
Relaxing muscles
Increasing the production of serotonin


Immune System Booster
Reduces stress
Aides recovery after illness
Balances mood swings Energises lethargic conditions

Light therapy can reduce the symptoms of:-
Difficulty of concentration
Feelings of inadeqaucy/anxiousness
Carbohydrate and sugar cravings

Increased difficulties with PMT

The Microdermabrasion Treatment
Is Here Now
. Helps treat early signs of ageing and overall rejuvenation for aged skin
. Improves elasticity, muscle tone and stimulates for collagen production
. Perfect for congested skin with open pores, comedones and acne prone skin
. Helps treat early signs of ageing and overall rejuvenation for aged skin