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The Ultimate 22ft Fast Sea Angling/Patrol Craft!

A Quantum leap in Angling craft design for the next millenium Conceived and developed by offshore anglers, for offshore anglers!

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It might have been a long time coming, but here it is at last. Originally conceived and developed 8 years ago, the HR223 made it’s debut at the London Show in January 1999. After continuous development and HR Offshores’s search for a competent builder for the craft who could understand the whole concept of the ultimate fast fishing boat for the next millennium and build to the high specs required, HR Offshore are pleased with the new arrangement with O’Sullivans Marine of Tralee, Co.Kerry, one of Ireland’s premier boatbuilders.
Most boat anglers will remember the appearance of the Hellraiser 22 some years ago when Rick O’Rourke and Alan Henderson, both lifelong Angling specialists, got together to develop what was sorely lacking in the European market, a tough, high performance 22 footer to bring real offshore angling within reach of a trailerable craft, enabling the angler to make full use of the advances in hi-tech navigation. Rick was well known for his time as Sales Director of the leading UK fishing boat building company and Alan for his punishing use of fast fishing boats off the south coast of England as well as his interests in Game fishing. After testing most of the American imports to almost destruction and reaching the conclusion that they were designed for a disposable market, they set out to equal the American performance figures, but build for the tough demands placed on a boat by the unique conditions posed by European seas and owners. Working with John Moxham, one of the UK’s most successful powerboat designers the HR223 was born. The criteria for the design was crucial, that the boat could turn in speeds of over 30 knots whilst maintaining lateral stability in hard seas, linked with good penetration for comfort of the Anglers on board. (The prototype was actually clocked at 73mph on flat water on an Irish lake!) The result is something that has never been seen before in the European Angling market. The importance of this Craft’s appearance at the show and it’s availability on the market cannot be overstated It is set to revolutionise the way boat anglers look at the design, construction and performance of the boats that they will buy in the future. The rest will be history. Breffny, EuroAtlantic Sportsfishing.

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Conceived and developed by HR Offshore Developments
Designed by John Moxham
Built under licence by O'Sullivan's Marine Ltd, Tralee, Co.Kerry.Ireland.

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Another brilliant conception by HR Offshore Developments (O'Rourke and Henderson)