Limerick Soviet
A workers rebellion in the Treaty city


Limerick Soviet Commemoration Committee 2009

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Forgotten Revolution by Liam Cahill

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From the Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils...

To the organisation committee of the celebration of the Limerick Soviet, and Limerick Council of Trade Unions

As this world contemplates the recession caused by the failure of capitalism to live up to the myth it has created we look to history for lessons.

We as a working class should not tolerate the bosses determining who should work, where we should work, when we should work and at what rate.

We as free people should determine our future and not tolerate the imposition by the state, the church, or any group of owners any restrictions on our free movement to work and trade.

The Limerick Soviet reminds us that solidarity of class and community can defeat our oppressors, and greater solidarity will defeat a greater enemy of working people.

Best wishes for your celebration in 2009

Mick Houghton
Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils

From: Dr. Jeffrey Boss,
Castle Coach House, Castle Pitch, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Comradely good wishes for the 90th anniversary commemoration.