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Theresa Pitt, Aud.D. F.S.H.A.A.., Audiology Services, Wexford, Ireland. E-mail theresapitt@eircom.net053-33571!

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Irish Society of Audiology

Hearing Instrument Manufacturer's Software Association

Kidsource Information on Glue Ear

National Association for Deaf People

National Deaf Children's Society, UK

British Society of Audiology

Sullivan's Video Otoscopy

Royal National Institute for Deaf People

British Academy of Audiology

Hearing Concern

See Hear

Journal of Laryngology

Irish Society of Audiology

National Association for Deaf People, Ireland

Tinnitus Information

Forest Bookshop (all about deafness).

M.Sc Course in Audiology, Southampton

Audiology Forum, UK

Irish Medical Directory


Health & Safety Authority, Ireland

International Audiometric Standards

Medline Journal Database.

Deafweb Information Resource, Washington.

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Audiology Services are organised through local Health Areas, although the Audiology HQ. in Dublin 1 does repairs and central stock ordering. Contact your local Health Service Community Services Office (clinic) for local information.


N.A.D. or the National Association for Deaf People - 35 North Frederick St. Dublin 1, Ph.01-8723800, Fax 01-8723816 or E-mail
N.A.D. have a comprehensive information centre & also have demonstration equipment for those with hearing loss - everything except hearing aids! Information on lipreading or sign language classes; they publish LINK. The Irish Tinnitus Association can also be reached at this address.

I.D.S. - 30 Blessington Street, Dublin 7. Phone 01-8601878, Fax. 01-8601910. Information and communication skills particularly for those who have severe hearing loss, and their friends and family. They run many Deaf Clubs around the country.

Irish Hard of Hearing Association. The IHOHA focuses particularly on those with partial loss who wear, or are about to wear hearing aids. Many of these people will have developed the hearing loss during their adult lives. The editor of their publication called HEARSAY can be reached via the NAD address (above).

N.D.C.S., 15 Dufferin St., London EC1Y 8PD. Ph. 0044171-250 0123. Fax 0044171-251 5020. Information and publications particularly about children with hearing loss, but also about services (in the U.K.)

Telecom Eireann Sales Centres (see your bill). For price lists of available devices to assist the hearing impaired.

Reputable hearing aid dispensers who have the letters M.(I) S.H.A.A. after their name (standing for Membership (or even F for Fellowship) of the (Irish) Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) will give quality help and advice about hearing aids and assistive devices, and will supply properly guaranteed hearing aids to those buying. Hearing aids often need adjustments after fitting, and as hearing levels may change it is always advisable to have your hearing tested at regular intervals - especially if you think your hearing is getting worse.
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