Hearing Impairment?

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Hearing Impairment is ‘invisible’ but common. Some 15-20% of all people will have prolonged hearing difficulty; these problems may be treatable or untreatable. For children, this can affect speech/language development or school progress, and their ability to make friends. For adults, this can affect job prospects, cause intense stress in communication or even social isolation if it develops later in life - which it invariably does!

This website has information and links to other sites under the headings:

  • 1. Vocabulary
    2. Causes of Hearing Loss in Childhood
    3. Causes of Adult Hearing Loss & What to Do about it
    4. Secret Diary of a 'Glue-Man', aged 37 1/2
    5. Tinnitus
    6. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
    7. Tests of Hearing
    8. Hearing Aids and Assistive Devices
    9. Addresses to Contact in Ireland and U.K.

  • This is a brief consumer guide for Ireland. Academic links are given on Page 9 (above).
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