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Patrick McKenna

Patrick was granted his lands in 1591 during the time of Elizabeth I and the shiring of Monaghan. He died circa 1616, and was succeeded by one of his sons Nial..

Portinaghy House or Bank of the Fair Green Portinaghy House
Residence of the last Chief of the McKenna's overlooking Emy Lough.
Monmurry or Murry's Bog
Monmurry House, Donagh

Major John McKenna of Monmurry
Major John or Shane was the grandson of Patrick McKenna. He was appointed Sheriff of Monaghan in 1689 by James II, and soonafter lost his life at the Battle of Drumbanagher in a conflict with the followers of the Willamites.
Drumbanagher, outside Glaslough, was the site of the battle in March of 1689. Drumbanagher or  Ridge of the Peaks or Points

Medieval Churchyard

Old Donagh Churchyard, the gravesite of Major John McKenna 1689

The Cross of Donagh, right, found by Shane Leslie, is believed to have been removed by Cromwell and dumped in a nearby bog.

Churchyard from Corracrin Church

Corracrin Churchyard looking from the gravesite of Canon Moynagh. He aided many emigrants during the early 1800's to Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada. There were two masshouses in the parish in the 18th century, one in Corracrin which was replaced by a new church in 1811.

The Cross of Donagh

Old Donagh Churchyard

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