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There is but ONE True Medicine

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December 02, 2001

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There is but ONE True Medicine

It matters not if medicine is old or new

so long as it can cure.

It matters not if theories come from East or West

so long as they be true.

Jen-Hsou Lin, Taipei


There is but ONE true Medicine,
the Medicine that heals the wounds,
of cosmos, spirit, psyche, soma, earth & time.
Man & creatures merely come & go
in circles, spirals & in time,
& medicine dreamed by mortal minds
can never foil the longterm dream of God.

Anonymous, after Guinness

  Homeopathic Databases

ABC Homeopathy This site has a remedy prescriber that suggests the right homeopathic remedy from a description of a condition. It is based on Kent's Prescriber, but is rearranged and reordered to make it easier to understand. Contact: <simonj@influenca.com>
SEARCH HOM-INFORM Search the British Homoeopathic Library Database
Homeopathic Database Citations & Abstracts of homeopathic trials, 1971-1998
Homeopathy Home Great Homeopathic Site
Homeopathy UK Great Homeopathic Site
HOM-INFORM & Database Search Request Form Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
IBIS Interactive BodyMind Information System of Natural Medicine. Commercial database [Needs Password]

Homeopathic Associations, Groups, Schools, Societies

AltVetMed - Alternative, Complementary & Holistic Veterinary Medicine

AVH - Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy  
BAHVS - British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons  
BIH - British Institute of Homeopathy, Canada  
Homeopathic Trust, UK  
National Centre for Homeopathy, USA  
Sanjivak Homoeopathy Center  


Homeopathic E-mail Discussion Lists

Homeopathic Email Lists Homeopathic Email Lists at YahooGroups.com
Join the Heilkunst Discussion List Subscribe at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heilkunst/join?referer=1
Discusses new Homeopathic Sequential Treatment
Join the Homeopathic Provings Discussion List Subscribe at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theproving/join?referer=1
Discussion of Provings
Join the Homeopathy List - Hahnemanniacs To join, email <hahnemanniacs-owner@YahooGroups.com>
In the Subject Field, type: Subscribe hahnemanniacs
Discusses mainly Hahnemann's Organon.
Join the Homeopathy Study Group List - HomeoSG Send a blank email to <subscribe-homeosg@YahooGroups.com>
Broad discussion of cases, practical experiences, theory and religion.
Join the Homeopathy List - LyghtForce To join, email <homeopathy@lyghtforce.com>.
In the Subject Field, type: Subscribe
Join the Homeopathy List- Medicine Garden To join, email <Athena-request@medicinegarden.com> or <Athena@medicinegarden.com>.
In the Subject Field, type: Subscribe Homeopathic List. Homeopathic or & flower essence discussions 3 weeks/month, with case studies, quizzes & some vet homeopathy. Sponsor, Eileen Nauman DHom, conducts provings on flower & gem essences.
Join the Homeopathy List - SacLac Send a blank email to <subscribe-SacLac@YahooGroups.com>
The List Owner is at <
New group to discuss practical homeopathy only. Excludes long discussion of religion or philosphy.
Join the Veterinary Homeopathy List Send a blank email to <subscribe-veterinary-homeopathy@YahooGroups.com>
The List Owner is at <


Online Homeopathic Study Material, Journal & Distance Learning

Handbook of Isopathic-Homeopathic Therapy in Veterinary Practice |
Isopathic-Homeopathic Treatment of Animals bred for Food |
Isopathic-HomeopathicTreatment of Bovine Mastitis
Articles by Peter Schneider DVM
Homeopathic Books Online Fantastic FREE Resource
Homeopathic Books to Download Fantastic FREE Resource
Homeopathic Etexts Rayaz Jagani
Homeopathic Help Pages Fiona D'Alwis
Homeopatic Medical Journals List of homeopathic journal Titles (text not accessible online)
Homeopathic Online Education Dr David Little
Homeopathic Primer (Larry Bernstein VMD) Introduction | Full Text | Self-assessment Quiz
Homeopathy Online Journal  
Homeopathy List Archive (Search Page) Search the Homeopathy List Archive at ListQuest
Homeopathy Study Group (HSG) Archive Suriya Osman
Homeopathy School, Devon - Menu (also 2000-hour Distance Learning Course)  
Homeopathy Seminars & Courses  
Homeopathy Home Services Index  
Homeopathic Services Dr. Andrew Lockie
Homeo Study Group Articles  
Homeopathy Home  
Homeopathy Study Group (HSG) & Archive Suriya Osman
Homeopathy International Has several of the great Materia Medicas Online!
Homeopathy: Introduction Good introductory material for study
THE HOMĆOPATH - Journal of the Society of Homeopaths  
Vet Homeopathy Distance Learning BIH, Canada


Other Homeopathic Links

Holistic Veterinary Medicine and Natural Pet Care  
Homeopathy - Medicine Garden Good Links to Holistic Medicine
Jonathan's Homeopathy Page  
Natural, Homeopathic and Holistic Veterinary Medicine  
Homeopathy and Vaccination site | Post-Vaccination Syndrome Dr. Tinus Smits
Veterinary homoeopathy GREAT pages by Lion Dr. Surjit Singh Makker DVM, with useful data online on homeopathic treatment of diseases of Dogs, Cattle and Horses
VetQuest: Premier Veterinary Search & Referral Service  



Commercial Homeopathic Supply Companies

Ainsworth's, London  
Hahnemann Laboratories Inc.  
Homeopathic Supplies for Animals  
Mastavit Isopathic-Homeopathic remedies for Animals
Medicine Garden  
Nelson's, London  
VetNat Homeopathy International Uses non-classical multi-remedy complexes for birds, cats, dogs and humans. The site is easy to navigate but has a limited range of products