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Expression used for search   Returns pages with
"world health organisation"   that exact PHRASE
animal nutrition cattle   ALL of those words
animal nutrition -cattle   animal & nutrition but NOT cattle
cattle OR sheep OR goats   ANY of those words
agric*   ANY words starting with "agric"
agro* OR zoo*   ANY words starting with "agro" OR "zoo"
agro* zoo*   returns nothing

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  2. Where possible, use Boolean Logic  ("AND", "OR", "NOT")
  3. Think of NETS (Narrow search, Exact phrases, Trim end of URL, & See Similar pages). For examples of those strategies, see Four Nets
  4. Note: One of the Engines listed below usually will suffice for general WWW searches. If not, try another one from the list.
  5. If that fails, consider downloading the FREE versions of two special pieces of software, WebFerret and/or Copernic, from WWW. Copernic is especially useful for scientific data; WebFerret is very good for general data. Both have powerful search capacity and often find sites on WWW that are "hidden from" (unlisted on) standard WWW Engines.
  6. As a last resort, try some Other WWW Engines

BEST WWW Engines


GOOD WWW Engines

Altavista Adv (M, B)
sudden death NEAR  ((cattle AND sheep) OR (dogs AND cats), AND NOT (calves OR lambs))
  Profusion Adv  (M, B)
Google Adv (M, B)
"sudden death" NEAR virus NEAR ((cattle AND sheep) OR (dogs AND cats) -(calves OR lambs))
  Ask Jeeves Adv (M, B)
MSN Adv (M, B)
"sudden death" NEAR virus NEAR ((cattle AND sheep) OR (dogs AND cats) NOT (calves OR lambs))

Vivisimo Adv (M, B)

Teoma Adv (B)



Mamma Power Search (M, B)
"small animals" + dogs + cats - canaries


Wisenut Adv (M, B) & Looksmart

Excite Adv (M, B)


Starting Point

Dogpile Adv (M, B)
John Kennedy" and poet AND academic andnot president andnot washington


Overture Adv (M, B)
"small animals" +dogs +cats -canaries


Galaxy Adv (M, B)
"agricultural research" “beef cattle” grassland production
Metacrawler Adv (M, B)   Highway 61 Adv  (M)
Lycos Adv (M, B)   Put a SITE-SEARCH Engine on your Site (PicoSearch)
AllTheWeb Adv (M, B)   Put a SITE-SEARCH Engine on your Site (WebGlimpse)


Other Web Search Engines

Note: One of the Engines listed in Best Engines on the Web will usually suffice for general WWW searches. If not, try another one from that list. If all fails, try some of the following Engines:

Apollo7 Metasearch Engine [German]

Monstercrawler (M)

Webcrawler Adv (M, B)

Bauman Engine

Quick Reference List (Purdue University)

Websearch Australia


BigFoot (US Email Addresses)

Virtual Livestock Library

Widow MetaSearch (M)



Virtual Reference Desk

WWW Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue


W3 Meta SEARCH Engines



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AcuBriefs Database Search Search the databases of AcuBriefs
Acupuncture Data Search IVAD Databases
AgBiotechNet Agricultural Biotechnology CABI 
Agricultural Biotechnology Abstracts CABI
Agricola AGRICultural OnLine Access National Agric Lib, NAL USA
Cornell Consultant Online Veterinary Diagnostic Software
DynaMed An amazingly detailed database, with summary (essential) data on >1800 medical conditions, including background predisposing factors, appropriate diagnostic tests, prognosis, and conventional and complementary treatment options. Physicians, paramedica and vets will find this of enormous value. Access requires registration and payment of a small fee. A 30-day free trial is available. VERY highly recommended.
E-Answers by Keyword Extension Info from >80 US Universities
EDIS Database Search University of Florida]
IANR  Databases Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Nebraska
ISI Web of Science Database  
Dialog & DataStar Scientific Abstracts Databases [BBBPEP / UFBH13] Available to Teagasc Staff only; Login Codes for each Centre are on the Teagasc Intranet [e1036085 / 531237]
Links to Agric, Vet Med & Science, Universities, Institutes, Orgs & Libraries  
MEDLINE Search Vet / Animal Health / Sci Abstracts
MEDLINE Journal Browser Vet / Animal Health / Sci Journals
NAP [National Academic Press] Search Engine  Online Textbook Material
Search Engine of the Archives of AgNet, AnimalNet, and FsNet  
VIN (Vet Info Network) Great veterinary Site in USA, but for paid subscribers only
Other International Databases   








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+cattle +"mineral deficiency" -sheep - goats
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"metabolic disorders" cattle sheep
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Control of Mineral Imbalances in Cattle and Sheep
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