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Adrienne Frost

Name: Adrienne Frost

Age: Late 20's, early 30's

Occupation: (former) Headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy.

Place of Birth: USA

Status: Deceased.

Known relatives: Emma Frost (sister), Cordelia Frost (sister).

Group affiliation: none, Generation X (former).

First appearance: Generation X #48

Last appearance: Generation X #70

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

History: Adrienne first appeared when Emma needed money for the Academy. Emma approached Adrienne for funding for the school and, at first, Adrienne refused. However Emma left her purse behind in Adrienne's office when they met and she used her powers on it, discovering that the Academy was actually a training ground for mutants. She called Emma back and said she would support the school on the condition that she would be headmistress. So Adrienne became headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy. Since she also knew of the GenXer's she made use of them once, sending them to Madripoor to retrieve a sword. However she did this without Banshee's or the White Queen's permission, but she was forgiven when Emma explained that the sword was the weapon that had been used to kill Adrienne's husband Steven. However, unbeknownst to Emma and the rest of the team, it was Adrienne who had wielded the sword to kill her husband and she wanted the sword back so that she could relive his murder over and over again. At this stage it was becoming apparent that Adrienne had more than one screw loose.

The next major event concerning Adrienne was when Generation X woke up one day and found themselves in the bodies of the Hellions, on the day they died. (The Hellions were Emma's first students but they were killed by sentinels, which are mutant hunting robots.) They were fighting the X-Men when M was injured and woke up in the Danger room, where the rest of Generation X was unconscious including the White Queen. M used her telepathy to return to the dream world, then GenX freed the White Queen who was stuck between realities and returned to the real world where they found Adrienne in a costume, calling herself the new White Queen. She knew that Emma blamed herself for the death of the Hellions and she wanted her to have to relive that pain again. Adrienne then teleported away before anyone could catch her.

The next, and final, story of Adrienne was when she returned to even things up with her dear sister. She began to stir up mutant hatred amongst the human students in the school. When the parents heard that their children were going to school with mutants they all arrived, together, to take them away. However Adrienne had planted bombs all around the Academy. While Banshee and Synch went off to deactivate the bombs, Emma and Adrienne began fighting. As in kicking, punching etc. Eventually Emma pulled a gun out and the implication is that she killed her sister. Meanwhile, Ev and Sean had separated. Ev found a bomb and there were human students nearby. He synched with the nearest mutant, who was Monet, but since she was so far away he only received a portion of her powers, her strength. He threw the human kids out of the room, saving them from the explosion but he wasn't as lucky. He was killed, therefore Adrienne is responsible for Everett's death.

Strength level: Normal

Superhuman powers: Psychometry. This means that she can touch an object and automatically see it's past and the past of it's owners.