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News - Updated 18th August 2001

Banshee's X-Corps

Date: 18th August 2001
Comics Continuum

At the Wizard World comic convention on Saturday Joe Casey, current writer of the Uncanny X-Men, revealed more details about Banshee and his new group the X-Corps.

Ron Garney comes aboard as regular artist with Uncanny X-Men #401, the silent issue that will feature Banshee and his new group, the X-Corps.

"The X-Corps are sort of like Euro-Disney, Casey said. "They operate right out of Paris, they're not very popular and they're very corporate. To see this sort of clash of ideologies is what that story is about. To see how are camp of X-Men deal with Banshee's version of the X-Men."

Casey said the group will include characters not seen since the X-Men relaunch in May.

"Some of the Generation X characters will show up, and a lot of villains who you haven't seen are also part of this organization," Casey said.

Click here to read the entire article.

October Previews and the San Diego Comic Con

Date: 25th July 2001
Source: & Newsarama

Previews for the month of October are now available. Below are comics onsale during that month featuring GenX related characters.

Exiles #5
Cover by Mike McKone & Mark
McKenna Judd Winick/Jim Calafiore/Livesay

Hulk smash Exiles! Deep in the Canadian outback waits a destructive force ... a certain gamma-spawned destructive force called the Hulk! Can the Exiles save an entire nation from the green goliath's rampage? And will even the super-team known as Alpha Flight be able to help? "Exiles is a refreshing mix of the X-franchise, Quantum Leap, Sliders and What If ... ? Go ahead and read it already!" -
Onsale: October 3rd
Price: $2.25
Rating: Marvel PG
Featuring: Blink

Uncanny X-Men #399
Cover by Tom Raney
Joe Casey/Tom Raney/Scott Hanna

What is the X-Ranch? The X-Men descend into the badlands of Nevada to uncover the strangest mutant mystery of all! Can they find this so-called X-Ranch before the relentless Church of Humanity does? And who will they find there that will soon be an important addition to their lineup?
Onsale: October 3rd
Price: $2.25
Rating: Marvel PG
Featuring: Chamber

New X-Men #119
Cover by Frank Quitely
Grant Morrison/Ethan Van Sciver

The wild conclusion to "Germ Free Generation!" A new force has entered the human/mutant arena: the Black Kross Elite -- fanatics who have changed themselves into wondrous forms, using the genetic material of their victims! And now they want the new Angel's wings! "Revamps, new creative teams and changes in direction have all been done before, and it never feels any different. This book feels different, looks different and reads different -- and it's all for the better. X-Men has always been one of the industry's best-selling comics. Now, it's finally one of the best comics, period." -
Onsale: October 17th
Price: $2.25
Rating: Marvel PG
Featuring: Emma Frost

Uncanny X-Men: Poptopia
Cover by Ian Churchill

THE SCOOP: Collecting Uncanny X-Men's red-hot relaunch!

THE STORY: A new era dawns for the Children of the Atom -- with Joe Casey (Adventures of Superman) and Ian Churchill (Wolverine) at the controls! Get set for a new lineup (did someone say Chamber?), new costumes (leather, baby), new villains (Mr. Clean is a dirty man) ... and one shocking kiss (between Jean Grey and Wolverine)! Everyone's buzzing about the X-Men revamp -- now, with this reprint of Uncanny X-Men #394 to #399, you can see what all the noise is about!

THE FORMAT: 160-page trade paperback.
Onsale: October 31st
Price: $16.95
Rating: Marvel PG
Featuring: Chamber

X-Men Unlimited #33
Painted cover by Michael Kaluta

THE SCOOP: Bring on the bad guys (and girls)!

THE STORY: They say every dog must have its day... and this day belongs to the dirtiest dogs the X-world has to offer! Prepare yourselves for six totally unscrupulously evil, slime-infested tales (that are just plain wrong and may leave you feeling a wee bit ill), starring all those X-villains you love to hate! Take a wild ride with Sabretooth! Tackle the Blob! Get cozy at the Hellfire Club! Daydream with Mastermind! Vacation with Magneto! And last, but certainly not least -- get fixed up with a Sentinel! Each and every story is guaranteed to be a bloodbath filled with murder and villainy of the highest order!

THE CREATORS: And just who are the men behind the black hats? That would be the wicked crew of Steven Grant, Esteban Maroto, Quique Alcatena, Walter Taborda, Mike Collins, Buddy Scalera, Will Pfeifer and Sean Phillips!

THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.
Onsale: October 31st
Price: $2.99
Rating: Marvel PG
Featuring: The Hellfire Club (Emma Frost)

And at the San Diego Comic Convention creators of the various X-Men books revealed details about upcoming storylines.

  • In Uncanny X-men #401, the 'Silent' issue and new artist Ron Garney's first, Banshee comes back into the fold. He's bitter over what happened in Generation X, so he starts a new team called the X-Corps, which is a European team featuring a lot of disparate X-characters that essentially make up an army of mutants who roam Europe fighting for whatever they see is injustice against mutants.

    "Banshee's idea isn't necessarily a good one though, and we'll see how it works out it works out," said Joe Casey.

    The X-Corps storyline will lead readers into the spring.

  • Casey also said - and readers may or may not take it with a grain of salt - that the X-ranch will be a mutant brothel in the middle of Nevada that his Uncanny team runs across…adding, "Mutant sex is the best sex in the word and once you had it you can never go back."


  • Readers can expect appearances by Alpha Flight, the Hulk and the Skrulls,
  • Winick explained Exiles is not wholly a mutant book and will touch on other classic Marvel alternate realities. Readers might see a Captain America-based storyline because penciler Mike McKone really wants to draw that.


  • The Shi-'ar Empire will show up in New X-Men soon and cause some real destruction.

    He also wants to do something with Phoenix soon, describing it as almost the reverse of what Chris Claremont did…exploring what would happen if Jean really was a goddess.

  • "Scott is headed towards the most majestic nervous breakdown ever," said the writer.
  • On the White Queen, he said, "She' like a shark in a minnow tank. She's going to make a move on every male character for her own sick reasons, including Scott."

    Her new power is she can turn to organic diamond, but when she does she loses all her compassion and empathy. She's terrified of Jean but acts tough around her because Jean's the only person who can really beat her.

  • The school will become the focus of everything in New X-Men.

    "The concept of school was made by humans for human based on the 9 to 5 schedule that the industrial revolution put us in," said Morrison. "Mutants aren't humans, so why do they need to have a school in the human manner? Essentially the students are going to be allowed to run the school and we're going to see how they'll do it.

    "This is the next wave, these are the people who will be making the next civilization. So Prof. X sees that as well, so the students are allowed to do what they want. Why limit them to humans laws and rules?"

  • Speaking of new characters, he said the new Angel is trailer trash who will be trouble… someone who goes into the surrounding towns and gets in trouble with boys.

    "Prof X. will find himself having to deal with issues he's only seen on Jerry Springer," he said

    A very powerful Chinese mutant who appears in the 2001 Annual will be in the school and perhaps on the team later.

    And a Muslim character will be introduced and Morrison said she'll be very sexy because being a devote Muslim, all you'll be able to see is her eyes. Her power is that she's a like a human bomb.

  • Addressing the new costumes' "florescent-ness" Morrison said he dressed them to look like municipal workers. He reasoned everyone would ignore them because people would figure they're there to collect the garbage or dig a ditch, and that's why they have the big yellow florescent X's.
  • August & September Previews

    Date: 29th June 2001

    Catching up on the previews. For the month of August the below comics feature Generation X characters.

    EXILES #3
    Written by: Judd Winick
    Art by: Mike McKone & Mark McKenna
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: August 1

    Reeling from last issue`s tragedy, the Exiles must take part in one of the most infamous moments in X-Men history: the trial of Phoenix! But this time it`s the Exiles who are the bad guys! Hey, maybe that`s why Wolverine is so mad! All this, plus a new member joins Blink`s band of reality-hopping mutants!

    NEW X-MEN #117
    Written by: Grant Morrison
    Art by: Frank Quitely & Tim Townsend
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: August 15

    As protesters lay siege to the Xavier Institute, the Beast makes an astonishing discovery - one that will have immediate and terrible repercussions for him... and for billions of others! Meanwhile, at a time when the team most needs to stay together, Cyclops and Phoenix continue to drift apart!
    Features: The White Queen.

    UNCANNY X-MEN #397
    Written by: Joe Casey
    Art by: Ian Churchill & Mark Morales
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: August 1

    Chamber feels the squeeze of tabloid scrutiny as the X-Men continue their search for the helpless mutants surviving in the London underground. Will they reach them before the unstoppable genetic cleanser - Mister Clean - does? More mysteries behind this sadistic new adversary are revealed in chapter three of `Poptopia`!

    September Previews

    EXILES #4
    Written by: Judd Winick
    Art by: Mike McKone & Mark McKenna
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: September 5

    The trial of Phoenix continues! The team can either save the universe or save a friend-so either way, the Exiles lose! What choice will Blink and her band make? And will the end result be worse than they could ever imagine? Find out in part two of `Old Wounds, New Battles`!
    Features: Blink

    NEW X-MEN #118
    Written by: Grant Morrison
    Cover Art by: Frank Quitely
    Story Art by: Ethan Van Sciver & Tim Townsend
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: September 19

    ``Germ Free Generation`` Part 1 of 2! Rising human infertility rates. Mutant births on the increase. And a genetic code that programs the human race to self-destruct within a few generations. These are the secrets exposed in the `Extinction Dossier` - the final research of Moira MacTaggert! Now, mutant militancy explodes as the human/mutant dynamic is seemingly turned on its ear. What - if anything - can the X-Men do to control this situation? Plus: introducing the all-new Angel!
    Features: The White Queen

    UNCANNY X-MEN #398
    Written by: Joe Casey
    Art by: Ian Churchill & Mark Morales
    Cover Price: $2.25
    On Sale: September 5

    It`s Wolverine vs Mister Clean in the final chapter of `Poptopia`! It`s the ultimate showdown in the London sewers! It`s the Canadian berserker vs the genetic cleanser! Yes, it`s Logan going one-on-one with the flame-throwing fiend - and one of them won`t walk away from this confrontation! Plus: Chamber learns a harsh lesson!

    Preview GenX #75

    Date: 11th May 2001
    Milehigh comics.

    The cover and the first three pages of Generation X #75, the last issue in the series, are now available to view at Milehigh Click here to view them.

    New images

    Date: 11th May 2001

    The cover to Exiles #3 is up at Three of the members on the cover are identifiable - Blink, Morph and Nocturne. This is what YourMan@Marvel has to say about the issue.

    Also reeling from tragedy, Blink and her band will face some tough decisions in the pages of Exiles #3, when the team finds itself on the Blue Area of the moon -- and stuck right in the middle of one of the most infamous moments in X-Men history: the trial of Dark Phoenix! And this time, it's the Exiles who are the bad guys! Hey, maybe that's why Wolverine is so mad at them! Plus, I hear a new member will join Blink's posse of reality-hopping mutants!

    Click here to see the image.

    Also online is page 2 of Uncanny X-Men #395 which features Chamber (aka Jonothan Starsmore). Click here to view the image. Uncanny X-Men #395 goes on sale June 6th.

    Poll results

    Date: 7th May 2001

    Last month's poll question was this: The new writing team of the core X-Men books are planning to kill off some characters. So, which GenXer do you think is most likely to meet their doom?

    Results are:

    Banshee (1) 14%
    Chamber (0) 0%
    Husk (2) 29%
    Jubilee (0) 0%
    M (2) 29%
    Skin (2) 29%
    White Queen (0) 0%

    New poll up: What should happen to Proudstar Hall post GenX #75?

    Brian online

    Date: 4th May 2001

    Brian Wood's website has been revamped and features some information on Generation X, including images and excerpts from scripts. He also has info on the belated NYX project which was to have featured Gambit, Rogue and Jubilee. Click here to visit the website.

    Valentine poll results

    Date: 18th April


    Chamber & Jubilee 10%
    Chamber & Husk 35%
    Chamber & M 0%
    Chamber & Rana 0%
    Husk & Skin 5%
    Jubilee & Skin 35%
    Skin & M 0%
    Banshee & the White Queen 15%

    Emma pic

    Date: 10th April

    Your Man @ Marvel has a picture, by Frank Quitely, of the White Queen in her new costume as a member of the X-Men. Click here to view a larger version.

    GenX #75 Cover

    Date: 27th March

    A black and white version of the cover of Generation X #75, the last issue in the series, is now available at Click here to go straight to the image. GenX #75 will be written by Brian Wood and pencilled by Ron Lim. The cover is pencilled by Steve Pugh.

    June Previews & GenX #74

    Date: 26th March
    X-Fan, Comics Continuum & Mile high comics.

    Marvel Previews for the month of June are now on the web. There are five Generation X related titles on sale that month including the first issue of Exiles (featuring Blink), Uncanny X-Men #395 (featuring Chamber), X-Men #115 (featuring the White Queen), the Marvel Poster Book which may showcase some of Art Adams covers for GenX and the Origin of Generation X TPB returns to print also that month.

    For all X-related previews for that month go to X-Fan.

    Generation X #74 finally goes on sale this Wednesday, March 28th. Both the Comics Continuum and Mile high comics have preview images of the issue. Click on the links to view them.

    June Previews 2001

    EXILES #1
    Written by: Judd Winick
    Art by: Mike McKone & Mark McKenna
    Cover Price: $2.99

    THE SCOOP: Hot on the heels of her recent limited series, Blink forms an exciting new team and leaps into her own monthly title!

    THE STORY: If you thought the Age of Apocalypse was the end of her story, think again! Following the events of Blink, Clarice finds herself joined together with a mysterious band of heroes on a mysterious world on a mysterious quest... picking up on the mystery part yet? So who are these characters? What is their connection to the X-Men? And just what is their mission? All we can say is that this series will explore not just X-Men continuity, but that of the entire Marvel Universe, and each issue will feel like a What If?... except the danger will be all too real!

    THE CREATORS: Pulitzer Prize-nominee Judd Winick (MTV`s Real World, Pedro & Me, Barry Ween) teams with penciler Mike McKone (Secret Society Of Super Heroes) and inker Mark McKenna!

    THE BUZZ: "Hey, it`s a popular mutant. Who would`ve thunk it? Blink here has won over the hearts of fans across the block." - Wizard

    THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

    UNCANNY X-MEN #395
    Written by: Joe Casey
    Art by: Ian Churchill & Mark Morales
    Cover Price: $2.25

    THE SCOOP: "Poptopia", the first multi-part story arc by the new creative team begins here!

    THE STORY: London, England is ground zero for an underground society of the grotesque, for the young mutant named Chamber, and for the X-Men themselves! When a mysterious "genetic cleanser" - the ruthless Mister Clean - enters the picture, the drama bomb hits! Plus, it`s the second issue of the new creative team, so howzabout a "2-For-2" alternate cover by Barry Windsor-Smith!

    THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

    NEW X-MEN #115
    Written by: Grant Morrison
    Art by: Frank Quitely & Tim Townsend
    Cover Price: $2.25

    "E is for Extinction" rocks on - with Sentinels in the skies! With racial paranoia at an all-time high, the villain known only as Cassandra unleashes a legion of transfigured Sentinels on the world`s mutant population! Their first target? The island nation of Genosha! Caught in the maelstrom are Cyclops and Wolverine - and one of them will have to make a terrible choice! Plus, it`s the second issue of the new creative team, so howzabout a "2-For-2" alternate cover by Barry Windsor-Smith!

    Cover Price: $3.99

    THE SCOOP: Been waiting for Marvel posters? Here`s 32 full-color slick shots in one mighty mag!

    THE GOODS: The X-Men, Spider-Man, the FF, the Punisher... all of your favorite characters are here in this super-sized poster book! We looked over all of our covers from the last six months and picked out the very best! Featuring the work of such all-star artists as J. Scott Campbell, Michael Golden, Frank Quitely, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Quesada, Art Adams and Alex Ross, this cool collection will also contain a few added suprises of some rarely-seen art! It`s time to decorate your room, and we`ve got the extra-sized images - free of logos, UPC boxes and text - to cover your walls!

    THE FORMAT: Full-color, 64-page, magazine-sized one-shot.

    Cover Price: $24.95

    The sold-out collection is back in print! Chamber has graduated to the big leagues and will be seen each month in Uncanny X-Men... and this story is where he and the rest of Gen X first appeared!

    More news on Exiles

    Date: 14th March

    The results of the survey, at X-Fan, which asked fans which characters they would like to see in the new Exiles series. Here's a rundown of the results.

    X-Man 24%
    Sabretooth 20%
    Havok 17%
    Husk 14%
    Sunfire 8%
    Forge 5%
    'Days of Future Past' Wolverine 5%
    Thunderbird 3%
    Orphan Maker 1%
    Annihilus 1%

    There were also some votes for Morph, Cannonball, Chamber & Brute.

    At least two of the characters in the poll will be in the comic, but no hints as to who.

    For more on this as well as a variant cover Exiles #2 by J. H. Williams. Click here to go to X-Fan.

    Generation X #74 Cover Preview

    Date: 27th January

    A black and white preview of the cover of GenX #74 is available at The cover is pencilled by Chriscross and will be on sale March 21. Click here to view the picture.

    Mixed News

    Date: 20th January

    Steve Pugh will not be able to pencil the final double-sized issue of Generation X. Said Pugh, "The mechanics of sorting out where all those lil guys end up and in whose books just ate up too much time," posted Pugh. "I couldn`t do 48 pages in eight days."

    Added Wood, "To clarify, I couldn`t start writing the final issue until the other writers decided who of the Gen-Xers they wanted to use, so I could make sure I wrote the plot to reflect that. It took a while to get that info, and now we only have a week and a half or so to get the book pencilled."

    "If I had my way I would do one last hurrah at Marvel with Steve," Wood posted. "He really is just so great to work with... shame to have it end this way, no offense to Ron. But if #73 is any indication, Ron will do a great job."

    Ron Lim will pencil the issue instead. Click here to read the article.

    Also a Penance on-shot may be in the works, written by Brian Wood. He's also involved in another project at Marvel but didn't give any more details. Steve Pugh is also hoping to return to a Marvel project. Click here for more info at Fandom's X-Fan.

    Chamber joins the X-Men and more

    Date: 15th February

    Your Man @ Marvel recently released the new line-ups for Uncanny X-Men and X-Men.

    X-Men (Morrison/Quitely)

    - Cyclops
    - Beast
    - Jean Grey
    - Wolverine
    - White Queen.

    Uncanny X-Men (Casey/Churchill)

    - Iceman
    - Archangel
    - Wolverine
    - Nightcrawler
    - Chamber.

    So, both the White Queen and Chamber move on to the X-Men, but where does that leave the rest of the GenXer's? In an interview with X-Fan, Brian Wood. "The book also ends with the Gen X kids growing up," Wood said of the end to the title that debuted back in 1994. "I always felt that they had been bossed around enough by adults, and with their life experiences they were more than capable of taking care of themselves. They don`t need babysitters anymore. So I made sure I took care of that. I feel they deserve it." On a final note he said that he didn't kill anyone off, so that should put an end to any rumours to the contrary. Click here to read the entire article.

    Missing Generation X - poll results

    Date: 12th February

    Poll Question: If they were not to appear in any other comic, which member of Generation X do you think you'd miss the most?


    Banshee 0%
    Chamber 0%
    Husk 15%
    Jubilee 69%
    M 8%
    Penance 0%
    Skin 8%
    White Queen 0%

    And in honour of Valentine's Day there is a special 'cutest couple' poll up, so go and vote now!

    Emma Frost to join X-Men

    Date: 6th February

    Generation X's White Queen, Emma Frost, has been confirmed by Grant Morrison as a member of his team. In a column in his site he spoke about he recent trip to New York with the other core X-Men creators. Click here to read the article in full.

    Your input wanted for Blink!

    Date: 2nd February
    Comics Newsarama & X-Fan

    Both X-Fan and Comics Newsarama have uncovered even more information on the new ongoing Blink series, as well as a sneak peek at the first issue's cover. Editor Mike Marts, along with X-Fan, are giving the fans a chance to choose which character they want to star in Blink's new comic. X-Fan is hosting a poll, consisting of 10 characters, and while the character that receives the most votes may not appear in the series at least one of those characters will be in the comic. Click here to go to X-Fan and make your choice.

    Exiles Character Sketch

    Date: 27th January

    X-Fan has managed to uncover another character sketch for 'Blink and the Exiles'. Click here to go to the article.

    Result of 'Chamber's fate' poll

    Date: 26th January

    The results of the monthly poll are as follows:
    Question: Where do you think Chamber should go after issue #75?

    X-Men 54%
    X-Force 38%
    Blink's new team 0%
    Other comic 0%
    Disappear into Limbo 0%
    Nowhere, just kill him off 8%

    Interview with Judd Winick

    Date: 24th January

    Judd Winick (Road Trip, Barry Ween: Boy Genius, Pedro and Me), future writer of the new Marvel series 'Blink and the Exiles', is interviewed by Your Man @ Marvel in his column at In the column Winick discusses how he felt about working for Marvel, described the book but unfortunately didn't let slip any of the other characters appearing in the book. However he did confirm that the title did include the word 'Exiles' and also this character sketch by the series penciller Mike McKone. The identity of the character was not revealed, or his powers or anything really. Click here to read the full interview.

    More info on Blink series

    Date: 9th January

    Editor Mike Marts informed X-Fan that the Blink mini-series does lead into the ongoing Blink series tentatively titled Blink & the X-iles. Apparently the last issue of the mini-series will introduce a character who will play a major part in the ongoing one.

    Preview GenX #73

    Date: 5th January

    Milehigh have the cover and first three pages of Generation X #73 posted on their website. This issue centres on Skin and Banshee and is part of the 'Four Days' story arc. This issue's penciller is Ron Lim and the inker is Sandu Florea.

    Choose your Fave 7 X-Men

    Date: 14 December

    With the new upcoming X-Men creative teams of Joe Casey and Grant Morrison, X-Fan are running a survey and asking the fans who are their top 7 former/current X-Men members are, and which mutant character, who has not been an X-Man, would they like to see appearing in those books. With the demise of Generation X come March, this could be your chance of seeing your favourite GenXer's as a member of the X-Men. The survey is running for 2 weeks and the results of the survey will be sent to the X-offices in Marvel. Click here to go straight to the survey page.

    March Previews

    Date: 13th December

    Previews of all X-men related comics on sale in March, are now available at X-Fan. Below are the two GenX related comics out that month.

    Written by: Brian Wood
    Cover Art by: Art Adams
    Story Art by: Steve Pugh
    Cover Price: $2.99
    On Sale: March 14

    THE SCOOP: Last issue!

    THE STORY: What`s going to happen to Jubilee, Chamber, Husk, Skin, M, Banshee and Emma Frost? Their fates are on the line as the series ends!

    THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

    X-MEN: BLINK #4 (OF 4)
    Written by: Scott Lobdell
    Cover Art by: Andy Kubert
    Story Art by: Trevor McCarthy
    Cover Price: $2.99
    On Sale: March 21

    In the heart of the Negative Zone, Blink and her first love make their last stand against the legions of Blastaar! And if they fail, the Age of Apocalypse will be destroyed! How will this lead to the new Blink series? Find out in the mind-blowing conclusion!

    Saving GenX

    Date: 2nd December

    While many people seem to have accepted Generation X's cancellation, there are others who believe it isn't over yet. If you would like to show your support you should e-mail Dark Claw. Tell him the name and address of comic book shops in your area, if any, and he will send the stores a copy of the petition sheet, along with an SASE, and ask them to mail it back by a certain date. If you would prefer to sign an online petition just click here. Please help save Generation X and sign the petition.

    The End of Generation X

    At today, it was announced by yourman@marvel that Generation X will end with issue #75. He reassured fans that while the titles may disappear the characters will feature in the other remaining comics. Other confirmed cancellations include Bishop, Gambit, X-Man, Mutant X and the previously confirmed X-Men: The Hidden Years.

    To say that I'm seriously disappointed by this would be an understatement. I guess this site will have to become a 'Bring Back Generation X' site now. The book was really beginning to interest me in the last few months, and I'm upset that we won't get the chance to see the friendships in Generation X be explored further. If you would like to voice your opinion on this subject, just e-mail Marvel.