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Real name: Arthur 'Artie' Maddicks

Age: 11

Place of Birth: Unknown.

Known relatives: Carl Maddicks (father, deceased)

Group affiliation: (current) none, (former) Generation X, New Mutants.

First appearance: X-Factor #2

Height: 4'2''

Weight: 67lbs

Eyes: No visible pupils.

Hair: none.

Other distinguishing feature: Pink-purple skin.

History: Artie's father, Carl Maddicks, was a geneticist and when Artie's mutation manifested itself by altering his physical appearance and rendering him mute, he was determined to return his son to normalcy. Unable to make progress on his own, Carl had a mutant called Tower kidnap Henry McCoy (aka Beast) to help him. Then Maddicks contacted X-Factor, and organisation believed by the public to be mutant hunters but was actually headed by former members of the X-Men, to capture Tower.

Maddicks showed McCoy his work, he was trying to find a chemical formula to reverse the effects of mutation. McCoy quickly began to solve the problems that had been beyond Dr. Maddicks' capabilities. Carl then decided to use Beast as a test subject.

Tower, when captured by X-Factor, told them about Dr. Maddicks and X-Factor when straight to Ryan Research Inc., where Maddicks worked and where he was keeping McCoy. X-Factor confronted Maddicks and he told them his story. Realising that Ryan's security forces were coming Maddicks had X-Factor take McCoy and Artie to safety in case they would harm his son, he stayed behind as a distraction. When the security force arrived Dr. Maddicks fired a gun, they fired back and he was wounded. It is presumed that he is dead.

Artie then made his home with X-Factor and became good friends with another mutant there called Leech. Artie enrolled in the Massachusett's Academy, along with Leech, and became close friends with his fellow GenXer's as well as Franklin Richards, Howard the Duck and an alien named Tana Nile.

During the 'Come on, Die Young' story arc, Emma and Sean decided that in light of the anti-mutant hatred sweeping the school it would be wise to put Artie, Leech and Penance out of harm's way. The three were sent to Cartier St. Croix in Monaco where they remain, presumbably, to this day.

Strength level: Normal

Known superhuman abilities: Artie communicates by creating psionic holograms of whatever he is thinking of. He can also create a telepathic 'mindlink' with another human being, and can thereby read that person's mind and scan that person's memories. The limits of the range over which Artie can maintain a mindlink are unknown.