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First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4

Cannonball (aka Samuel Guthrie) is the elder brother of Husk (aka Paige Guthrie). Paige looks up to her brother and respects him. Cannonball is the leader of X-Force (the team formerly known as the New Mutants) and a former member of the X-Men. Sam possesses a kinetic blasting field which surrounds his body, making him near invulnerable and allowing him to fly. Sam apparently died during his last mission with X-Force.


First appearance: Generation X #16

Chevy applied for a job as handyman at the Massachusetts Academy. At that time most of the team were in St. Louis and only Chamber and Skin remained. When Chevy later returned to the Academy he found himself alone. It emerged that he was involved in the murder of the mutant Dennis Hogan and that his father had recommended that he keep his head low for awhile. Chevy did show remorse for what he had done and he was last seen in issue #20. His status and current location are unknown.

Warden Johnston Coffin

First appearance: Generation X #63

Warden Coffin was the administrator at the House of Correction, a place where 'troublesome' teenagers were sent. The institution was apparently sanctioned by the government. There the teenagers were neglected, abused and some died. Generation X defeated Coffin and closed down the House of Correction. Coffin was, apparently, a mutant. His powers were not named but they may have been super speed and super strength.

Tom Corsi

First appearance: New Mutants #?

Tom Corsi was NYPD officer who was transformed, along with nurse Sharon Friedler, into a superhumanly strong Native American by a demon bear that the New Mutants were battling. He was offered a place at the Academy by Professor Xavier and was helping to train the GenXer's. After the 6 month gap he is no longer at the Academy, his status and location are unknown.


First appearance: Generation X #20

Daria was an assistant to Bastion and as such was involved in Operation: Zero Tolerance. When Jubilee was captured by Bastion, Daria showed concern for her and eventually helped her escape. Whether Daria was some kind of Prime Sentinel or another kind of robot is not certain. Her status and current location are unknown.


First appearance: Generation X #1

D.O.A's the sidekick to Emplate. Although he has never displayed any mutant abilties it is presumed that he is a mutant. His most recent appearance was issue #57. His name might mean Dead On Arrival.


First appearance: Generation X #57

Although this character was never named she has the ability to control and generate ebon energy so her name comes from that. As one of Emplate's followers she was part of the attack on Generation X, during their school dance, in an attempt to regain Penance.

Lady Gayle Edgarton

First appearance: Generation X #10

Gayle was Chamber's girlfriend before the accident, when his mutant powers surfaced resulting in psionic energy exploding out of his chest. The accident resulted in Chamber losing half his face and his upper torso, and Gayle was crippled. Seeking revenge she sought out Emplate and became a parasite like him. When GenX were captured by Emplate and his group of enthralls he turned on Gayle. While captive she and Chamber were reconciled and she no longer blames him for the accident and it's effect on her life.


First appearance: Generation X #4

Eliot was a boy whom everyone thought was a mutant because he was malformed. When he transferred to a school in Faybrook they immediately kicked him out. Eliot then took a class full of kids hostage as well as a teacher, Mr. Lorenanzo, who had stood up for him. In the end Eliot let the children go but the teacher died from a heart attack brought on by the strain of the event.