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First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #184

Forge has the mutant ability to design and construct any kind of machinery. He is a former member of X-Factor and was, at one stage, engaged to Storm. He appeared in Generation X when he built a Danger Room for the team.

Cordelia Frost

First appearance: Generation X #3

Cordelia is the younger sister of Adrienne and Emma Frost. She attempted to gain entry to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club by bringing them the mutant Mondo, but she was refused. Later Mondo, along with Black Tom and Juggernaut, attempted to kill her when she came to the Academy for help. Cordelia is also a mutant but her powers have not been specified.


First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #227

Gateway is responsible for Jubilee being delivered to the X-Men, as well as freeing Penance from Emplate. It is thought that he might have something to do with the death of the Hellions, the White Queen's first class of young mutants. Gateway possesses teleportation abilities and perphaps the ability to manipulate time.

Glorian, Shaper of Dreams

First appearance: Fantastic Four #191

The spoiled son of a billionaire he was given the chance to be something more by the Shaper of Worlds. Now he reshapes places and people to fit others' dreams. He rescued Generation X when they were lost at sea and eventually deposited them in L.A. when Skin eventually wanted to be there.

Grande Dame

First appearance: Generation X #9

A type of fairy queen she met Generation X when Cassidy Keep disappeared. They helped her fix the 'glamour machine' which restored order to her world and she agreed to treat the elves fairly. ( I know, isn't this character ridiculous?)