Proudstar Hall

Generation X #66

Writer(s): Warren Ellis & Brian Wood

Penciller: Steve Pugh

Inker(s): Bob Wiacek

Colours: Kevin Somers & Marie Javins

Cover: Michael Golden

Title: Correction (part 4 of 4)

Rating: ***

Description: Led by Jubilee, GenX take on the House of Correction. Monet lets loose on the prison guards, taking out a lot of her pent up frustration on them. Husk and Jubilee start freeing the prisoners while the other three take care of the guards. Warden Coffin, aware of the attack, orders his men to stand down and his 'special children' to take over. These 'special children' are actually mostly machine but partially human, former prisoners of Coffin's original House of Correction in the 60's. Jubilee orders Skin to find the Warden while she and others take care of the cyborgs. The GenXer's try not to kill the robot children but realise that they're being programmed to attack them and so are forced to kill the 'special children'. Meanwhile Skin has found the Warden but isn't faring too well. His skin stretching powers are no match for the Warden's abilities. Banshee comes in the last minute, saves Angelo and defeats the Warden. Outside Husk has location of the House of Correction on the web, e-mailing the parents of the prisoners. In a true happy ever after ending, we see one of the children running into the arms of his parents.

Comments: This issue wasn't anything spectacular. While the cover was good it is slightly misleading as nothing like that happens in the comic. While the art was fairly good, overall, the colours were better last issue. And while I realise that Skin could never have defeated the Warden it was a tad disappointing to have Banshee come in and save the day in the end. But I still liked Jubilee displaying her leadership abilities, Husk's return to being the studious member of the group and M's display of grief and anger. It's unusual for her to be anything but in control, but showing that she actually has emotions makes her an easier character to like. Skin's little conversation with the Warden was funny, but what changes, if any, that have occurred to Chamber are not evident yet.