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Generation X. They were teenagers from all around the world, gifted with strange and amazing abilities. Educated and trained at the Massachusetts Academy they were the newest generation to follow Xavier's dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. Now they have left the school, and each other, to discover their place in the world around them. Follow them on their journey.
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December 30th
To whom it may concern-

I'm afraid that Proudstar Hall is well and truly dead.

I neither have the time or inclination to continue updating this site.

Hopefully I will be able to contact all the webmasters who have linked to me.

To those fanfic writers whom I contacted in order to archive their stories and then never did so, I apologise as I honestly believed that I would eventually update.

The site will remain up as a source of information for those wishing to use it for research for stories, other websites etc. Feel free to make use of the bios, story summaries etc.

Finally, I want to thank those who signed the guestbook, submitted fanfiction, wrote encouraging e-mails and all the other GenX fans I met over the net. It was definitely fun and interesting.



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