About Me...
RedWeb is a one-man team so if there are any mistakes with the website, no matter how small they are, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. My ambition would in the future to extend this website to include more seasons in the archive and to keep it up todate with the current happenings going on with United. But that's in the future and this is now. Below are some facts about myself and my thoughts on United.
Hope you enjoy the site...
Name: Patrick Eustace
Age: 14
Occupation: First Year Student
Home: Ennis - Ireland
Favourite Man Utd Player: Roy Keane - the main reason Utd won what they did last season!
Best Utd moment: Being brought into the dressing room at Old Trafford to meet the players. This was against Liverpool on the 10/4/98. It finished 1-1. Unfortunately Keane was injured at the time. Pele was there to open the new museum and we shook hands.
Worst Utd moment: The departure of Eric Cantona. He had everthing - skill, a short temper, and anything else under the footballing sky.
My Thoughts: "I've supported Manchester United F.C. since I was young (I still am!!!) & will continue to do so for as long as Manchester United keep playing soccer. Manchester United will live forever!!!"

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