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The aim of this website is to pass on any hint and tips in animal welfare, poultry, goats, horses, etc if you have an interest tell us, express your views, do you enjoy growing vegetables, fruit, herbs pass on any tips, I have also included links to sites of interest that may be of some use,

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   Dobies are a long established company who only sell direct to home gardeners through our catalogues and website, offering real value for gardening enthusiasts. Choose from a full range of flower and vegetable seeds, bulbs, fruit, plus annual and perennial plug plants for pots, patios and all around the garden. There's free delivery on seeds and most plants.

  Suttons have been inspiring gardens since 1806. They offer top quality flower seeds, vegetable seeds, plug plants, bulbs, fruit and gardening equipment, all with the Suttons guarantee of quality. Their name has instant recognition and reassurance to gardeners. for seeds of quality

 where you’ll find the biggest and best range of greenhouse and gardening equipment available. Established by gardeners for gardeners we know how important it is to have the right tools for the job, so you can be sure that all our products have been handpicked and thoroughly tested for quality and usefulness. In business since 1975, over the years we’ve developed our own range of top quality products. Some have been specially designed and are not available anywhere else. All are made by hand to the highest standards, and because there’s no middleman, they’re competitively priced too.

Gone Gardening is the best one-stop garden shop. If you need a particular tool for your garden then we have it, whether that's the latest robotic mower for your lawn or the best garden fork to dig your beds with. Our range is more comprehensive than ever, stocking thousands of products suitable for the novice as well as the expert gardener. It's not just garden tools either, we have also have patio heaters, garden furniture, barbecues and even swimming pools. We think we have everything covered for the successful gardener!

We are associated with Amazon via our aStore for Amazon Associates where you will find over 1000 books on gardening and livestock, we also sell tools for DIY and gardening.

is the UK’s premier website for all things green and eco. As well as providing eco news and information we stock a unique range of green products and services for your home, garden and outdoor living. Free UK delivery on all our goods.

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The Magic Seeder

Garden Plants By Post are pleased to be appointed the sole/main wholesale distributor in Southern Ireland for The Magic Seeder by The Magic Seeder Company UK,

The Magic Seeder will be available through many outlets in Southern Ireland. We are constantly looking for outlets that would like to sell The Magic Seeder


The Magic Seeder is a new product to Irish horticulture, It is used by the Royal Horticultural Society and was the winner of the award for the BEST NEW RETAIL PRODUCT at the 2004 South West Regional Growers Show.

A must for all gardeners both amateur and professional, which is sure to become a treasured favourite in any gardeners’ toolbox!

Sow seeds accurately with this new Magic Seeder. Designed to fit securely within your hand, it’s easy to fill with lots of seed varieties. To sow into pots, seed trays, plug trays or root trainers simply press the plunger with your thumb and your seeds will be sown.

No matter how nimble your fingers are, trying to sow tiny individual seeds can be a nightmare, not to mention how many you waste.

Well not any more! With this fantastic new 'Magic Seeder' a simple to use and extremely efficient hand held seeder

The concept of the seeder is based on the same principle as automatic seed dispensing machines, as used by large commercial seed growers The Magic Seeder takes the guess work out of seed sowing. Get perfect straight lines, and prevent seeds clumping together

Ideal for older gardeners its robust body makes it really easy to grip in your hand. The spring loaded plunger lets you accurately dispense seeds of a wide range of sizes. Not suitable for the very finest seeds such as Lobelias

Favourite Links Animals

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bullet Dingle Poultry & Farm Supplies
bullet Poultry Health, Welfare, Diseases, Poultry News, Articles


Favourite Links Plants

bullet Allotment Growing
bullet Vegetable gardening monthly guide for your area.


bullet Flower Genie- Software for Amateur Gardeners
bullet Eggwise Incubation Software
bulletVGA Vegetable Growing Software, Garden Design, Planning and Journal Software
bullet Gifts for the Gardener. Desktop gardening calendar




Sponsored Charity

Communities & Forums

  We would like to introduce you to our sponsored charity Barn Owl Bill any item that is purchased via our eBid auctions we donate 10% to this charity, if you are not registered with eBid follow this link eBid is FREE to register on, below is a bit about the Barn Owl Bill charity


Back in 1988 Bill took in his first barn owl, from then onwards organisations such as the RSPCA, the RSPB and other agencies such as the Police began asking Bill to take in birds found injured or orphaned. Shortly after this bill became known as Barn Owl Bill and the work has continued under this name.

The group started to carry out display work educating and informing all sections of the community about these birds. Of the rescued birds two out of three are returned to the wild with a 98% success rate. Some however cannot be returned to the wild and they become very tame and it is these birds Bill uses for his informative presentations at local schools etc. These birds are very safe to handle and include Barn Owls, Tawny Owls and European Eagle Owls etc.

Barnowlbill is involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of owls, birds of prey and other wildlife. He is also involved with the education of others as to all aspects of these majestic creatures.

The education of the public as to the plight of Birds of Prey is a high priority for Barn Owl Bill. Few people know that many birds of prey are actually endangered.

The Barn Owl Bill sanctuary cares for any bird of prey brought to it’s attention by members of the public or any other organisation.

The birds used in Barn Owl Bill’s displays have been rescued from an early age and are therefore very tame and safe for all types of audience.

All animals are treated with respect and reverence and cared for under full veterinary supervision.

The work of BarnOwlBill relies heavily on donations, sponsorship and assistance from the general public.

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