Musical activities


Music plays a big part in our school, with pupils able to play the tin whistle, the recorder, the keyboard and various other instruments.

Why recently our school had a trip to Sligo, to play with the RTE concert orchestra. There were many schools their taking part, from all over Sligo and Mayo.

  "Our teachers took us to a tour in Sligo, we first went to the Sligo I.T. and took part in the orchestra. There were lots of different instruments in the hall. The conductor was very funny he made lots of mistakes and his assistant was no help!

We recognised some of the songs from a CD we had in school. There was the Dance of the SugarPlum Fairy, and a short play about the Three Little Pigs.

Fifth and sixth class joined in with the orchestra on their recorders with a tune called the March Militaire. Other schools joined in with their tin whistles. After the orchestra we went to Burger King to eat, it was very good. We all got a pokemon surprise with our happy meal.

Next our teachers let us go into the shopping centre and buy lots of things. Finally we got in the coach to go back home again. It was late when we got home. It was a very good day. We got a free copy of the Irish Times to bring home to our parents."

The end.

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