This gallery is split into two sections. The first three models were painted using the humble aerosol can. For the beginner, these do give quite reasonable results, but you quickly come to the conclusion that they are incapable of anything other than single colour painting scheme's - fine camouflaging details are completely beyond them.

Models painted without using airbrush

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The other section is the result of using an airbrush. This of course takes some time to master - but the encouraging thing is that an improvement can be seen as you progress from kit to kit. Like most creative pass-times, dissatisfaction drives development. I was reasonably pleased with first three kits at the time of completion, but I look at them now and think how poor they are.

Airbrushed Kits
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JagdPanther PzKpfw IV SturmTiger Panther
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Tiger 1/16th JagdTiger Tiger II

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