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Some time back, in the pursuit of a creative outlet (like many others it seems) I decided to return to one of the few childhood hobbies that an adult can safety admit to still liking (without too many raised eyebrows) -  Model Making. A period of some 20 years had elapsed !!!

So, after buying a 1/35th Tiger (of course) and browsing the net to get back up to speed - hey presto - I was hooked again. So this site is an informal collection of the military scale models that I've completed to date. Hopefully the standard of the kits & diorama's will improve over time, but even if they don't, I do hope to continue enjoying this absorbing hobby.

Choose from the categories at the top of this page, they contain: 

  • Two galleries of the models completed so far, one for AFV's, the other contains details on a project to build a wooden Spanish Galleon (that was a heart-breaker!) 

  • In Production - Doing another 1/25th Panther

  •  If you're planning to get the Tamiya 1/16th Tiger I (Display version) - you can get an idea of what you're in for @ Tiger 16.

  • There's a section Why Tanks? with some rather abstract thoughts on why tanks are such an interesting subject for modellers. 

  • IWM is about my visit to the Imperial War Museum in London

  • JagdPanther is some detailed shots of the IWM JagdPanther

  • The Glossary contains some of the terms (in German & English) used in AFV development.

  • The TIPS section is on a few idea's picked up during the course of building these kits. 

  • The History link is a chronological list of the models worked on to date. 

  • The Airbrushing section is really for beginners - how I got started basically. 

  • The links section doesn't include much specific modelling info - but hopefully sites you'll find interesting.

Please feel free to email me with any comments you might have Click here
Last update: December 2003

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