(photos courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London)

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Here are some shots taken of the IWM JagdPanther (command version). It was knocked out by the Cromwell of Lieutenant WH Griffiths 2nd Armoured Reconnaissance Batt. Welsh Guards in Hechtel, Belgium (Sept 1944).

It has some good examples of battle damage: including the shell hits and a bashed-in port side rear stowage box. This one is a early production version - this can be identified by the welded collarpiece on the mantlet, rather than the bolted type on the final production models. Also, the barrel is in one piece, rather than the two of the later models.
My very first impression was how much more squat the Jadgpanther is in real life. It's still a very imposing vehicle, certainly in terms of height, but its seems proportionally shorter than what I expected from working with the scale model's.

But it certainly must have presented a formidable aspect for opposition forces - you can see why it gained a worthy battle reputation. This is the first time I've studied a real panzer, it's quite a treat seeing one for the first time after building the scale model's and having looked at so many photographs. You need a little patence when taking photo's of this thing, it does seem to generate the most interest of all the tanks in the main hall.

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