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I've been toying with the idea of moving up to a bigger scale for some time, and during a recent visit to London, finally went ahead and got a 1/16th Tiger.  I had the money, but what clinched the purchase was the rather prosaic reason that it came in a convenient carry bag. I could of bought a 1/16th King Tiger or a full R/C Tiger I by Bandai - but to be honest, I didn't fancy trying to get one of those huge boxes out to Heathrow Airport. Besides, I'd like to try a display version first, by working with a static model there is more scope to build something really special - with diorama, and if possible glass display case. With the R/C version you'd be less inclined to do this.  But at some point I may go the whole way and get the full option R/C version.

What's interesting though, is that I've failed to see anyone who has really weathered or added extensive battle damage to models of this scale. Every example I've seen looks in pristine condition. Suppose it must be hard to wilfully damage parts of such an expensive kit. So I'll have to think long and hard before deciding how best to approach this - not to mention choosing which theatre scheme to use. If you've done this kit, any comments you may have would be welcome. I've included a few shots of the parts out of the box - just to whet the appetite.

Box Full Contents Die-cast Wheels Hull

Metal Parts

Click Here for Tiger scale reference

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