Our New School      

The front of the school, the red brick area is our new Library

The Hisory of our school  

Situated in a suburb near Dublin City , Our school was founded in 1952.   It was  part of a fledgling organisation called 'The National Association for Cerebral Palsy Ireland (C.P.I.),  C.P.I. moved from their first home in Bull Alley to Sandymount  Avenue in 1953.  They operated from a large house for a number of years.  The inadequacies of this arrangement were soon discovered and plans were set in motion to build an extension to cater for the needs of the pupils with disabilities.

A state of the art facility was opened in the early 60's.  The school at this time catered for 112 pupils, there were 6 teachers, and the concept of classroom assistants had yet to evolve.  Without the great help given by a large band of volunteers, the service provided would not have been nearly as good as it was.  The pupil-teacher ratio was 16-1 and this remained the same up to the late 70's.  However, since the beginning, the school has always concentrated on "ability not disability."  Times change and greater understanding of the needs of children with disabilities evolved and by the 90's the building was seen to be totally inadequate.  The Department of Education recognised that a change to the pupil-teacher ratio had to be made.  This now stands as low as 6-1

We were in the old building until 1997, when permission was given to build a new school and building.   In late 1998 we moved to temporary accomodation while the old building was demolished and construction began.  It shows how standards have changed, as when the move came all staff remarked on how much better the temporary Portacabin building was than the old school.

The temporary building was on the campus here in Sandymount and  housed both the clinic and the school.  The Minister for Health and Children Mr. Brian Cowen TD,  performed a "Topping Out" ceremony at 12 noon on Monday the 22nd November 1999 at the site of the new School and Clinic.   It   was a very exciting occasion for all!!



On the left is Mr. Cowen TD. talking to some of the children and on the right Mr. Jordan, who was our Pprincipal at the time, with the then CEO of C.P.I., Mr. Michael Cummins talking to Mr. Cowen.

The opening of our new school was part of the launch of 'Enable Ireland' the new name for CPI.  President Mary McAleese, patron of Enable Ireland, officially opened the new school and clinic.  The school is lovely, bright and spacious.

The new building has many features only dreamed of in the old.  Everything was designed with the children in mind.  Height adjustable sinks are standard in all classrooms.  There are height adjustible hot plates and ovans and computer tables for the children.  Toileting and shower facilities are all user friendly.  Hoists are strategically placed in the bathrooms and gym so that children can be transferred from wheelchairs whicl still maintaining their dignity.

The extra space will greatly increase the scope for school links programme that currently exists.  These links provide the opportunity for the pupils to meet and learn from otjer schools.  The school also has plans  under way where pupils will be able to attend their local schools on a regular basis, enriching their own as well as the other schools educational experience.




On the right is the last of the old school building!!




And on the left is Peter Oakes from `Jim Coady & Associates.` who designed our new building.  


Our School Resources

P.E. Hall :

Our General Assembly Hall is a multi-functional space. We use it to convene meeting of the whole school and also for gym. The sports that we play in here are....




We have now got a wonderful new Library


We have received another 'Tesco' computer which means that we now have a PC in every class. We have been given a donation of old computers that Gerald McDonnell has very kindly agreed to adapt for us so that we can use them for typing.

Special Equipment:

Information on Special Equipment....

Multi-Sensory Room :

Information on Multi-sensory room.....


Information on outside/Recreational Space....

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