In The Background:
Ai Iwamura - The Ultimate Stand-In:

 You should know that from the picture above, Ai Iwamura is the girl who played the part of the smiling winner of the previous Battle Royale. With a film like "Battle Royale", there's a lot of young actors and actresses. The famous class-room scene took a week to film so sometimes, actors might not be present for scenes that involve them in a very minor role, whether it be schooling or other such engagements. The shots their character is present in won't be pivotal to the plot, but a stand-in would be needed to cover continuity...Enter Ai Iwamura. Probably to make up for the few seconds she had on screen in the prologue, Ai Iwamura plays stand-in parts for 6 shots, playing 4 different characters! Below is a list of these scenes, with pictures and descriptions of where she is in the shot and who she is playing.

Shot # 1:

- To the far left of the frame playing a jacketless Haruka Tanizawa. The shot takes place when Utsumi tells Kitano "I don't understand what you're saying. This can't possibly..."

Shot # 2:

- To the far left of the frame again. This time she is playing the part of Hirono Shimizu. Notice that she has the same hair-style as Hirono. The shot takes place (obviously) when Fujiyoushi gets hit with the knife.

Shot # 3:

- At the right side of the frame with Megumi Etou. This time she is playing stand-in for Aki Maeda, playing the part of Noriko Nakagawa. The shot takes place just after Nobu's neckcollar is set off and is thrown aside by the General.

Shot # 4:

- Around the center of frame, she is with Kayoko Kotohiki (to the right of Yukie Utsumi). This is the shot shown after Oneesan explains that there is no winner if more than one survives. Ai Iwamura is playing as Izumi Kanai.

Shot # 5:

- Behind Noriko and Megumi, she is grabbing Yuka Nakagawa's arm. This shot is seen as Oneesan explains about the random weapons. Ai Iwamura is playing the part of Izumi Kanai.

Shot # 6:

- Finally, at the bottom of the screen, she is seen with Megumi Etou playing the part of Noriko again. This shot is seen as Inada says goodbye to Kaori.

Major thanks go out to Masaaki Ishida for informing me on this.

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