New and out of print publications by Sean J Murphy or with which he was involved

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Sean J Murphy, A Forgotten Patriot 
Doctor: Charles Lucas 1713-1771
Windgates, County Wicklow,
Third Edition 2015

Charles Lucas, A Letter to the Boston
Massacre Committee
, Sean J Murphy,
Editor,  Windgates, Co Wicklow 2013

Herbert Wood, A Guide to the Records Deposited in the
Public Record Office of Ireland
, originally published
1919, centenary facsimile edition with prefatory
essay by Sean J Murphy, 2019 (Note: 30 MB file)

St James's Graveyard Project, St James's
Graveyard, Dublin: History and Associations
Dublin 1988 (the project booklet giving
historical background)

Memorial Inscriptions from St James's Graveyard Dublin

St James's Graveyard Project, Memorial
Inscriptions from St James's Graveyard
, Dublin 1988 (a full listing of the
inscriptions with location map as
compiled by the project team)

Sean Murphy, Editor, Memorial Inscriptions 
from St Catherine's Church and 
Graveyard, Dublin
, Dublin 1987

Sean Murphy, Editor, Bully's Acre and
Royal Hospital Kilmainham Graveyards:
History and Inscriptions
, Dublin 1989


Sean J Murphy, Editor, Memorial
Inscriptions from the Moravian Cemetery,
Whitechurch, County Dublin
, Windgates,
Co Wicklow, 2012

Sean J Murphy,  A Primer in Irish
, Windgates, Co Wicklow
NEW: 2019  Edition


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