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Short Screenplays

MAX (Too good to be True: 1st draft)
Bet youíre asking yourself things
like who is she? Why did she do it?
Right? Well rent the fucking DVD and
listen to the special edition commentary. Perhaps the actress
can fill in the blanks with some insight of why and how. For me, I
donít really give a fuck why.
More concerned with the fact that
she did."

List of other shorts (to date):

1) *Angels and Devils (Thriller/Drama) : A father tortured by the mental anguish of a murdered daughter turns to revenge.

2) What are we fighting for (thriller/drama) : A tale of a WWII vet killed during a house robbery. (based on true story).

3) The Broken Hearted (thriller): A broken hearted man turns to murder to ease his grief.

4) Moment of Madness (thriller/drama) : A tale of domestic violence.

5) Value for money (comedy): A humorous look at Happy Meals.

6) Birdy (drama): An elderly man loses his old friend.

7) One day in your life (drama): A reminder to live life when we have it.

8) Invasion (thriller) : A violent tale of a family who falls victim to a home invasion.

9) Damnation (thriller) : The devil uses a priest to do his dirty work, by using a young boy as temptation.

10) Knights (Script Doctor) (comedy):: A comedic look at one night in the life of a Jedi Knight.

11) Too good to be True (black comedy) : A married man finds that meeting a young woman in a bar while on a business trip, may just be too good to be true.

12) *Blue Disease (co-writer) (comedy) (Carlos Anaya: Mexico. Shoot 2008): A comedic story of a young man's quest to get his girl to sleep with him.

13) *Mr. Bo Jingles (co-writer) (comedy) (Carlos Anaya: Mexico. Shoot ???): A man doesn't exactly see eye to eye with his girlfriends pet cat. (revised July 14th)

14) Mustaches? (comedy): Friends discuss why moustaches are dated and what they think they are lacking.

15) The not so best man (comedy) (:2nd place in Script nurse compo!!!!!: Optioned and contracted to Ivan Yousif: Detriot 2007 ): A revenge wedding speech goes horribly wrong.

In competition and on Inktip (2007): Sold.

16) *The marriage counselor (comedy) (In competition 2007: It won!!!!!: in pre(preproduction): Marty Mericka in  Los Angelas): A married couple hire a hit man to give them an instant divorce.

2nd version:

A married couple hire a professional to handle their messy divorce.

On Inktip 2008:

17) *Birth Control (comedy)( Contracted to Miguel de Oliveira in Portugal in preproduction).: (1) A father scares his daughters boyfriend.

(2) Some fathers will do just about anything to protect their daughter from "the new boyfriend".

18) *The Sales Pitch (comedy) : A car salesman goes one sale too far.

19) The 19th Hole (comedy: Revised 2007): A man digs a hole when he brags to a friend about yet another sexual conquest.

20) *Speed Dial (comedy) (Contracted to Chris Turner: Canada. Shoot 2007): A wrong number, an answering machine, a priest and a hot date. What could go wrong?

21) Choices (Drama) : A father loses his daughter to a drunk driver. But sometimes not everything is what it seems.

On Inktip and in competition x 2 (2007):

22) Fur ball (Comedy): 30 second short for Doritos advert about a man fighting with his cat about who gets the eat the snacks.

23) The Shopping List (Comedy): 30 second comedy for Doritos advert about the shopkeeper driven demented by a obsessive shopper.

24 (Ahem..)) .24 (Comedy): Jack Bauer gets an early morning call for that one mission too many.

25) *Cuckoo Conspiracy (Thriller) (In competition 2007: It won!!!!!: In Preproduction New Jersey)A drug lord fights the US government for control of heroin distribution (Written for short competition)

26) Agent's Secret: (Comedy): Two international secret agents discuss who has the best job and working conditions.

27) Patients patience (comedy) : A patient with all the wrong symptoms meets a doctor with all the wrong questions.

28) The New Mob (Drama/Thriller): An Iraqi boy is shot and killed by a young gang member in 1985 (a short scene example based on a treatment example)

29) Rex (Drama/children): An abusive father soon discovers his sonís imaginary dinosaur friend is a little more real that he would have liked.

30) Diagnosis (Thriller): Written for the Locker 13 anthology A man awakens in a padded cell and is told he has murdered everyone he ever knew, yet for some reason he can't remember anything.

31) Half a mile from heaven (Drama) (WIP test for feature length screenplay): Two people meet while visiting their parents in an old folks home. Fall in love as they meet through the years. Their meetings start as  escapism from the pain and boredom of their own life's. Neither can act on it, as they both have kids (man was nursed through cancer).  They lose touch through the years and finally meet years later, when they are patients in the same old folks home. "Sometimes real love lasts forever".

32) The Standoff (comedy: 1 page "short" selected as top ten finalist): An ex Navy Seal meets his match.

"One mans attempt to deal with one of life's greatest horrors, the terrible two's." An almost true story

33) The Assassin's Creed (Comedy: for potential competition shoot): A documentary film maker learns his "killer" subject is not all that he thinks he is.

34) The Happy Meal (comedy): A happy couple discover they have a few issues to iron out.

35) Night Flights:(Thriller): An event that shows why we are all afraid to fly.

36) Dangerous Games: (Thriller): Written for the Locker 13 anthology An obsessed man kidnaps his ex-girlfriend, but ends up losing a little more than he bargained for.

37) Take out:  Complete: (Horror): One reason was fast food is bad for ones health.

38) The Night Shift:  (Comedy): Some jobs are just simply too boring to care about.

Also on Inktip:

39) Pupil Teacher Patient Lover: (Suspense/horror): A teacher experiences problems getting over a students suicide. But her real problems have only just begun.

Also on Inktip:

40) Appearances: Comedy/drama: A lonely middle aged man picks up a young woman in a bar and soon learns that appearances are not always what they seem.

On inktip 2008:

41) The conversation (WIP): Drama: Three sister's met their brothers wife in a bar, so they can talk about why the woman feels the need to beat up their brother.

42) Support?: (Comedy: 1 page short): One mans nightmare misadventure with PC support.

43) Modern mobile device phone type thingi: (Comedy: 1 page short): How much do we need our mobile phone to do?

44) The last of the Chieftains (co- writer) (Drama/Thriller): The story of the infamous break out of Red Hugh OíDonnell from Dublin Castle, which started the clock on a nine year war with Britain.

45) Backyard Command: (Drama/action: At treatment stage): Three young boys obsessed with war games, open up a portal to a little known battle in WWII.

46) Smart Living (comedy/drama): A man goes insane living in the "house of the future".

47) Fading Numbers (Drama): An elderly woman recalls her experiences of the holocaust.

48) Killing Time (co-writer) (Thriller): A married couple compete to beat a murder record and win the grand prize.

49) Deadly dangerous pursuit (Comedy): Dave finds himself running for his life, but can't remember why.

50) Work Practices (Thriller/Horror) - Written for the Locker 13 anthology A detective attempts to motivate his team before the clock runs out for an abducted child, but is he already too late?

51) Picture Perfect Memories (Drama/Thriller): Written for the Locker 13 anthology A grieving son discovers he can teleport into old family pictures and travel back in time, but discovers living in the past can effect his own future.

52) Reality Games: (Thriller) - Written for the Locker 13 anthology: A young man is caught up in a deadly game with a unknown man who has kidnapped his younger brother.

53) Inappropriate Impropriety (Horror) Written for the Locker 13 anthology Revised and rewritten version of pupil teacher for contest. A student and teacher affair ends tragically after the student is assigned a new school locker.

54) Time of your life: (Drama) WIP: Elderly man in retirement home learns that the head nurse is collecting on their pensions

55) Honest Bob: (comedy/drama) WIP: Bob has spent his life telling people truth, not what they want to hear.

56) Kindness of Strangers: (Drama) WIP: A man attempting suicide meets a old man who talks him out of it, but who exactly is this stranger that knows so much about him?

57) Reverse Life: (Drama) WIP: An elderly woman starts life in reverse. Starting trauma and ending at conception.

58) GPS: (Thriller) : A man wakes up to find his wife has been murdered, but could he be her killer or a victim of circumstance, or is she really dead at all?

59) Crimes of opportunity: (Thriller) WIP: A new father learns too late that you should trust no one with your children.

60) Bitter Harvest: (Co-Writer):(Drama): A man undergoes a heart transplant but is haunted by the person who donated it.

61) Connections: (Drama): A young man attempts to make a connection with his dead father.

62) Galactic therapy: (comedy/parody): An Imperial stormtrooper turns to therapy to help him resolve his issues with being unemployed.

63) A Soldiers Tale: (War/Drama): (Script Doctor only): A 15 year old boy is saved from going over the top during World War I.

64) Desperate Measures: (Thriller): A drug dealer quickly learns his profession may be hazardous not just to the health of his clients.

65) Road Trippin': (Thriller) WIP: A hitchhiker gets more than he bargained for when he takes a life on a lonely road.

66) Reel Life (co-writer): (Drama) : A homeless man's life is changed forever when he finds a lost camera on the street.

67) Santa Claus can lick my ball sack: (Comedy) WIP: A father finally loses interest during a hectic Christmas season.

68) Midnight: (Fantasy/Comedy): A chance meeting with some Goblins on the way home from the local.

69) WoodWalk: (Thriller): A kidnapping goes horrible wrong and a cleaner is called to sort out the mess.

70) Shadows: (Drama): A mentally ill man realises his only friend will disappear if he chooses to get well and take his medication. written for Loss Fest entry on Dvxuser.

71) The boy who ate the Crocodile (Comedy/Drama): A ten year old boy stands up to his bullying teacher.

72) Misplaced (Thriller): A man awakens to find his wife missing from  their bed. Has she left him as the police suggest or something worse?

73) Rough Cut (Thriller): A television news editor finds her terrorised when she works the night shift.

74) The Trusty Vespa (comedy/drama): One opportunity closes and another opens.

75) Revenge (Western): A sheriff takes revenge for the murder of his family.

76) 4 Minutes (Drama/Thriller): A family quickly learns that sometimes reality can be too real.

77) Time (Drama): A man faces the final moments.

78) Alone (Thriller): A door to door salesman reveals there is more to him than anyone would like to find.

79) To a different beat: (Drama/Comedy): A man facing job loss finally realises it is exactly what he has needed to start living again.

80) Never Judge a Book: (Thriller/Horror): A gas station attendant gets more than he bargained for when a sick customer arrives at his station.

81) 3 Days: (Thriller): A man hides away from the horrors of a changed world, but is running low on supplies.

82) Stained: (Thriller): A botched robbery reveals true intensions.

83) One for the Road  - (c) Stephen King: (Horror): Adaption of the Stephen King story from Night Shift. Adapted under permission and contract.

84) Pumped: (Action/comedy/thriller): Short one minute chase sequence.

85) Unplugged: (Drama): A man finally learns that modern living is causing him to miss out on life. Short film version of commercial script "unplugged".

86) Change: (co-writer Drama): Two lives collide with almost devastating repercussions.

87) Cat and mouse: (Action/Thriller): Jack was having a very average day, until he was dragged into a deadly reality game that could cost him his life, now he must rely on a female protector to help him reach the finish line and learn the truth behind the game.

88) Cold Justice: (Western): A wife takes revenge for the murder of her family. "Revenge" retelling/rewrite for competition and specific character needs. No supernatural elements, just action.

89) End of Days: (Thriller/Drama): A family who have survived the holocaust learn that not all of them will make it, but who must fall and who must survive.

90) Bad Habits AKA the take over: (Thriller): Entry script for short film competition "Beyond the still". A mad man runs riot in downtime New York.

91) Loose ends: (Thriller): Entry script for short film competition "Beyond the still". A man follows a truck in a cab, but some cabs you should never get into.

92) Express Checkout: (Comedy/Horror - WIP): A family trip to the supermarket is normally challenging at the best of times, but especially when you are dealing with a zombie holocaust.

93) Hidden: (Thriller - WIP): Police investigators are left baffled with a victim of suicide suggests he was murdered, but no one entered or left the premises.

94) The accident: (Comedy/Drama - WIP ): A man visits a chemist to get painkillers and help for his wife after she returns from the hospital having experiencing a horrific fall, but leaves the cashier speechless when he remembers what day it is.

95) King City: ((co-writer) - Thriller): Three friends make a pack to clean up king city until one of them is overcome by his own greed and the ability to make some easy money.

96) Tears in the rain: (Drama/War): A soldier reflects back on a lost love and an event that has caused him to develop a death wish.

97) Switch: (Thriller): A school teacher is kidnapped and tortured in a dangerous case of mistaken identity. Or is it?

98) The Crepuscule (Horror): A group of friends hire a cabin in the woods and find themselves on the menu of an ancient creature.

99) My Reality: ((co-writer) Drama): People are made bad, not born bad.

100) The Dream Camera (Drama/fantasy - WIP): A grieving man builds a device that allows him to capture images from his own dreams, but things take a turn for the worse when he captures a glimpse of something sinister lurking in his own subconscious.

101) Shoes (Co-writer: Drama): A homeless man discovers a new pair of shoes that change his life.

102) Body to Body: (Thriller/Horror): A man wakes up to discover his wife and child are no longer who they appear to be.

103) Troubled Waters: (Drama/Thriller): A family witnesses the horror of a tsunami. 

104) The Fallen: ((Co-writer): Action/War): A South African soldier is killed during a skirmish in World War II.

105) The lonely Road:((Co-writer): Drama/Thriller): A ex drunk finds himself drinking again after the murder of a young child.

106) Guys and Gals guide to a blind date: ((adaptation of stage play): Comedy): A young couple take us through the real horror that is the blind date.

107) Crosses Wires (Comedy): A man rings a support desk and is left on hold for what appears to be... forever.

108) Chance Encounters (thriller): A cab driver plays a deadly game of chance with his customers, picking and choosing victims depending on who steps into his cab.

109) Memories From The Future (Science Fiction\Thriller): When her father turns up twenty years after he went missing, Jane is surprised to see he hasnít aged a day.

110) SWAP (Science Fiction\Thriller - based on the award winning feature script): A damaged police detective who believes the criminals behind a series of violent crimes are themselves victims, uncovers a military project that could unravel the very fabrics of nature.

111) Men Can (comedy): A pregnant wife uses a spell to teach her male chauvinist husband a few things about pregnancy.

112) Karma (Thriller/Drama): A family man takes a chance on having an affair with an internet date and winds up losing more then his wallet.

113) Levity (Drama): A man looks up at a gliding bird during his last moments on earth...

114) The Wheelman (Comedy): A man waits in a car for a very difficult job to be completed that will change his world... forever!

115) The Box (Drama): One man's trash is another man's treasured memories.

116) The Claus (Comedy): A man awaits his faith at the hands of an unknown enemy...

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