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Angel and Devils: Thriller

"It was going to be tonight. September 22, 10:32 sharp. The
exact moment Ellie was born. Her birthday, she would have been seven
today. The minute my little girl came into this world, this fucker
was going out. I didn't care what happened to me. Nothing frightened
me anymore. It is strange like that, when your biggest fear
becomes a reality. You change forever, you no longer fear. Ellie
had been my life. The moment she was born, I started to live for the
first time. My life had ended that day also. I have only been existing


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Story boards here (2005), here (2006 part 1) and here (2006 part 2).

2006 Blog here (updated).

News:  Looking into cost of filming in greenscreen (digital sets). More in two weeks (end of July).

In competition for funding. June 26th (Mexico) there may be news. Good or bad. If it wins one of the five spots it will start, if not.......

We have an actor onboard (if it takes) Demián Bichir


failed to win funding.....

News: Angels up on Inktip, a a piece of fishing bait to hopefully hook some interest.

Still no news on this kick starting.

Look like angels is on hold (yet again) until start of 2007. Two years later and still waiting. No storyboards or updates as yet. Pity as really expected to see something by year end.....

STILL Nothing as yet. Angels is starting to feel like it is stuck in development hell. Even a few boards would give some faith. Another couple of months to wait for any news (by the looks of things). Sorry....

Expecting some scans of new storyboards. Hopefully have something uploaded in the next few days. Expecting this by week ended 14th may 2006(hopefully).

Angels and Devils is a  short story concerned with a father's grief for his murdered Daughter. I conceived the idea when driving to work one day with the thought of " what would I do if something like this happened to my daughter". It started as simple flash back tail of revenge. But as I gave it to people to read, they all wanted a twist.

My original idea was to make the father the killer, his revenge was all in his head. But the final twist I came up with works and I can remember get a real buzz when it popped into my head. So if it ever gets finished, you may get to see what I'm talking about. But I cannot post the complete script here or divulge the twist (until it is at least completed). So watch this space. 

It is in production in Las Angeles/Mexico by Carlos Anaya.  I met Carlos through an internet site when he was looking for short screenplays to produce. As he put it, " he fell in love with Angels" and brought the rights to produce it. Since then we have worked on a full length (human Hive - WIP) and I some work as a script doctor for him on another short.

Read the new Angels Blog here. Check for updates on the Short's progress as well as any other material I receive.

This has gone over budget (described as a full length movie trapped in a short)- as a result had taken longer than expected. But hoping to see a finished product by year end. A few storyboards here. Will post any changes here (hopefully).

This is due to continue shooting in April 2006: final scenes and post production. But numerous delays mean I'm not sure when the final product will arrive.

I have been promised some story boards within the next couple of weeks. If I get them, I will upload here. With some luck you may even get to see some photographs.

Angels and Devils made it into the Quarter Finals of the Fade in 2005 award Competition. More Here.

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