Authors' Biographical Notes



Shae Clancy is an environmental scientist and a Docent/Researcher with the Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland.


Kathryn Hinds pursued a PhD on Medieval Studies at City University of New York where she studied Old Norse and Old Irish. She is the author of more than thirty books, most of which are on the social history of various ancient and medieval cultures. She is also the co-author of 'Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses' (New Page Books, 2005), to which she contributed historical background and the chapters on Welsh and Gaulish deities.



Kent Jewell was a bookseller and political activist. He currently works as a staff supervisor at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was a founding member of Seirm (the Scottish Gaelic choir in Seattle), and now sings tenor in Oran nan Car, a Scottish folk ensemble.


Alexei Kondratiev teaches Irish language and Celtic history at the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan. He has a background in anthropology, linguistics and comparative religion. He is author of 'Celtic Rituals: A Guide to Ancient Celtic Spirituality,'

ISBN: 1898256314


Francine Nicholson, M.A., was a librarian in New England and scholar of all things Celtic. The loss of her passing, perhaps appropriately on 1 February 2003 (Imbolc), is poignantly crystallised by fellow Celtic scholar, David Stifter: 'It is very sad news to hear that Francine Nicholson has left us. She had a vast and astounding erudition and knowledge of Celtic mythology and folklore, and her contributions . . . were a great source of enrichment and information. I feel it as a heavy loss that she will no longer contribute to our discussions.'


Hilaire Wood is a homoeopath and poet, living in West Wales. She has a website at