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  Michael & Gail Fenton

It is hard to believe the Shannmie Kennels started with a redundancy notice and a decision to have some time off in-between jobs. Also the decision to have a dog. The next choice was which breed of dog that would suit our lifestyle and which breed we would like.

The decision was made one morning on the way to work, when three little dogs where spotted, sat on a doorstep. It was then a matter of finding out what breed of dog it was, as we were not very well informed about any breed of dog.

The time drew close to the final day at work and an advert was spotted in the local paper – Sheltie Pups for Sale – and off we went of to see them. There was a choice of a black one and a brown one, the breeder tried to get us interested in the black one, but my eye was taken by the brown one, and that was the one I wanted.

The last day at work, and we headed off to pick up our little puppy, - Toby had arrived, we had never thought that a such a little ball of fluff could bring such joy and happiness.

The Shannmie kennel was being born, and the interest in the Shetland Sheepdog was on its way. Books where bought, and read over and over. We found out that it wasn’t a brown dog we had bought but a Sable and White.

Toby went everywhere with us, the little thing was so intelligent, it was unbelievable, and when he got sick it was a round the clock vigil, while he recovered.

Anyway Toby was joined after a few years by a Blue Merle, and a bit latter by a Tri colour, none it turned out where any good for the show ring, but that is how we gained some experience.

History Continued...
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