A nice poem about a trip to a tenors concert,
by Angela Loberg

Truth to the Dream.

One day I was on their website
The next day I was at the box office
Within minutes I had tickets in my hand
Stars in my eyes and a dream in my head

After months of anticipation
The day finally came
Saying it out loud
Didn't help the disbelief

My heart beat faster by the hour
Exhilaration mounted as I dressed
I pinched myself outside the theater
The Irish Tenors live in concert!!

My eyes were led to the twinkling marquee
I beamed and bit my lip, delighted beyond belief
Seeing the stage brought on more bliss
The wait was almost unbearable

As the time drew near, my heart pounded in my throat
My hands became clammy and I refrained from squealing
The lights dimmed and a hush fell over us
The moment had finally arrived!!

The orchestra tuned up as Frank walked out
We applauded loudly in anticipation
Disbelief lifted as I stared intently at the stage
Never taking my eyes off the three microphones

Truth proved itself as they strolled out
Ronan first, with a smile wide and gleeful
Then Anthony, with a confident countenance
And Finbar, slightly serious, yet not hiding his joy

Looking very fetching in their tuxedos
Glowing like angels in the spotlights
The greeted us with sincerity and wit
From that first moment they had my heart

As they graced us with their beautiful voices
Waves of amazement left me breathless
My body drank in their stunning harmony
The urge to cry tingling behind my eyes

I didn't blink so I wouldn't miss a thing
As the concert progressed there was many a spectacle
Their joking, ad-libbing, and motioning
Brought forth hearty laughter and applause

As their voices strained on the second encore
I knew that soon it would be over
I had had the time of my life
Every second now a cherished memory

We left them with a standing ovation
Bowing and waving to us, they disappeared
We had left home and reality that night
No doubt this natural high would stay