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Hey Everyone, Elmo here.  I'm going to show you all the fun things that you can do in the snow.   Just click on the picture you are interested in and I'll tell you all about it.   Have fun!
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Making a snow man can be great fun. Here's how it's done.

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1.  Get a small ball of snow and role it into a ball.

2.  Place this snowball on the ground and roll it along so it can gather more snow (this is for the body).

3.  Stop rolling the snow ball once it's around 3 times the size of a basket ball, and start to make a new snowball for the head.

4.  Once the head is around a basket ball size place it on top of the body.

5.  Finally use a carrot for the snowman's nose, small stones to create its eyes, mouth and coat buttons, small sticks for its arms and a hat and scarf just to keep the snowman warm!!

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Ice- Skating

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Ice skating can be great fun but be careful of falling!  Check out our pictures to see how much fun it can be.

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Join the snow ball fight!

Throwing snowballs at one another can be great fun but make sure there are no stones or sticks caught in the snowball as they could seriously injure someone.  

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Snow tobogganing

If you don't have your own toboggan you can always make a temporary one by using a large plastic bag (e.g. a fertiliser bag).  Here's how it's done.

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1.   Place bag on snow covered slope

2.  Sit on or in the bag.

3.  Push off and enjoy sliding down the slope.

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         Making Snow Angels

                          This is one of my favourite! 


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1. Wear warm waterproof outer clothing (to keep your parents happy) 

2. Find a nice unused section of snow 

3. Make a print on the snow by lying on your back with your legs and arms spread


4. Move your arms up and down in the snow to create the wings

5.   Stand up and admire your lovely snow angel.


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ph01562u.bmp (32184 bytes) Skiing is travelling over snow on long narrow runners which curve up at the front. 

The most popular form of skiing is downhill skiing in which the skier glides swiftly down steep mountain runs.  Other forms of skiing include cross-country skiing and ski-jumping.  Skiing developed as a sport around 1850 in Norway.

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