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22/06/12: Newlands Garden Centre, Clondalkin - still some vegetable plants available for those trying to catch up. Trays of 10 plants or clumps of plantlets for €3.99 including Beet Chard Bright Lights or plain variety, Broccoli White Eye, Onion Ailsa Craig, turnip,broad beans, various cabbages such as Red Drumhead, Ballhead Derby Day, Winter Glory of Enkhuizen and some tomato plants, as well as various well-grown herbs.

Now (22/06/12), three-in-one tool set, extendable handle with detachable rake, hoe and cultivator heads for €15.99.
In Aldi from 21/0/12, various plants.
Strawberry platns, 6 for €4.99, large plants in 4 litre pots for €3.99 - yellow cherry tomato, red cherry tomato, mini cucumber, aubergine, chilli pepper and sweet pepper.

Teagasc have produced a new edition of their substantial booklet, 'A Guide to Vegetable Growing'. This is available to download as a pdf document at the link below, or email stephen.alexander@teagasc.ie to be posted out a copy.
Follow this link: A Guide to Vegetable Growing

SPUDS is a community based research project promoting the development of a sustainable food system for Ireland. At the moment it has 300+ Irish farmers and growers nationwide registered as cultivating naturally blight resistant potatoes as an alternative to conventionally grown varieties that require spraying. The project was inspired by Teagascís proposed trail GM of potatoes to combat blight and their claim that naturally blight resistant varieties are not commercially viable. It's not too late to register your crop of blight-resistant potatoes.

16/02/12: In Lidl from 16/02/11, a variety of growing accessories.
Follow this link: Lidl Thursday 16th February.

In Aldi from 16/02/11, a variety of growing accessories.
Follow this link: Aldi Thursday 16th February.

Aldi Thursday 23rd February.

As of 2/02/11, in stock in B & Q, Liffey Valley, North Clondalkin:

Seed potatoes, 2 bags for €8.00

  • Arran Pilot First Early
  • Foremost First Early
  • Pentland Javelin First Early
  • Charlotte Second Early
  • Maris Peer Second Early
  • Desiree Main
  • King Edward Main
  • Maris Piper Main

Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Gooseberry and Blackberry bushes - not priced at time.

Aluminium greenhouse with polycarbon 'glass', 6' x 4', €273.00
'Plant Inn' - nearly waist high raised bed structure with greenhouse-like roof, L. 118cm x W. 118cm x H. 146.5cm, €223.00
Propogator €4.90
5 pack of 15 cell trays €.3.70

  • 2 x Rhubarb Sutton Seedless - €3.60
  • 2 x Rhubarb Champagne - €3.60
  • 2 x Asparagus Gijnlim - €3.60
  • 2 x Artichoke Jerusalem - €3.60

  • 2 x Garlic Casablanca - €2.40
  • 2 x Garlic Elephant - €2.40
  • 12 x Shallot Golden Gourmet - €2.40
  • 12 x Shallot Red Sun - €2.40
  • 12 x Shallot Longor - €2.40
  • 80 x Onion Karmen (red), Stuttgarter Giant or Sturon - €2.40

Newlands Garden Centre as of 16/02/12:

Unwin's seed potatoes, 2kg for €4.99:

  • Sharpe's Express First Early
  • Home Guard First Early
  • British Queen Early
  • King Edward Main
  • Record Main
  • Kerr's Pink Main
  • Maris Piper Main

Sarpo Mira Main (practically blight-free), 2.25kg for €6.99

10 seed potato packs, €2.99:
First earlies: Casablanca, Duke of York
Second earlies: Maris Peer
Mains: Robinta, King Edward, Maris Piper, Lady Balfour, Cora
Salad: Bambino
6 seed potato packs, €2.99, 'Grow-sure' types: Orchestra, Mozart

Irish Potato Marketing, 2.5kg for €5.99, Main - Rooster

Onion sets, 50 for €2.99: Centurion F1, Hyred (red), Senshyu Yellow, Stuttgarter Giant, Red Baron, Karmen, Sturon, Hytech F1, Snowball, Setton

Shallots, 10 for €2.99: Picasso, Golden Gourmet. Mikor for €3.99

Vegetable plant trays, 10 plants for €3.99: Cabbage York, Savoy, Savoy Ormskirk and Ballhead Derby Day; Lettuce Lolla Bionda, Mix, Nymas, Iceberg Crispy and Lolla Rossa; Cauliflower All Year Round; Carrot Paris Market Atlas, Autumn King; Broad Bean Bunyard's Exhibition, Beet Bolthardy.

Pot of c. 20 plantlets for €3.99: Leek Prizetaker, Carrot Autumn King

1 litre pots herb plants, various, €3.99 each or 3 for €10.00

Good selection of Unwin seeds and Thomson and Morgan seeds, including Duchy Originals organic.

Seedling plugs, 4 for €2.99: Sweet pepper Celica (red), Capino (yellow), Bell Boy (green); Hot pepper Apache and Cayenne; Tomato Tumbling Tom, Roma plum, Money Maker, and Gardener's Delight.

Dunnes Stores, Kilnamanagh: Onion sets 450gms for €2.99 (c. 80?), plus garlic and shallots.

New Book: 'Plot 34: Blood, Sweat and Allotmenteers' by Mark Keenan. For several years, Mark Keenan has been writing his Plot 34 column in the Irish Sunday Times and now he has written a down-to-earth, humorous book for his many fans. Plot 34 is the perfect book for anyone who wants to grow their own, in an allotment, back garden, patio or window box. Or, indeed, anyone who just wants to have a laugh at Mark Keenan's sometimes flailing efforts to become a modern-day good-lifer. Publisher: Brandon/Mount Eagle, October 2010, c. Ä14.99.

14/07/10: Turvey Allotments, run by Fingal County Council, are located near Donabate at the north end of County Dublin. A website has been set up by one of the allotmenteers. www.turveyallotments.com

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