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   Here are some photographs of various allotments in South Dublin and elsewhere. We hope to show them    through the seasons so you can see how things grow and progress.

Tymon Allotments are located in Tymon Regional Park, Tallaght, beside the existing South Dublin County Council (SDCC) Park's Depot Building. There are 13 allotment sites, ranging in size from 60-170 square metres, with one designated for educational purposes by SDCC in co-operation with a local Tallaght based school. Opened in April 2006, it has taken time for facilities to be established including access to water, secure rabbit proof fencing and a container with lock up facilities. SDAA hopes to build on its relationship with SDCC to have Tymon Park Allotments seen as a model of what can be achieved between a local authority and a voluntary body. The site is surrounded by a hedgerow, walls and railings, making the site safe and secluded.
Open Day 2008, Tymon Park Allotments

Bruce Darrell, Dublin Food Growing Initiative, talking about allotments and food security.

Hester Scott and guest speaker Annie Meagher from South Dublin County Council, who talked about the 'Blooming Good Fun School Garden' at the Bloom Festival.

Late summer 2008.

Late summer 2008.
Tymon Park Allotments in 2007

The schools plot being tended to by students.

View towards Parks Depot.

View towards container.

There's a peach tree growing under that shelter against the wall.

Neat raised beds, onions ready to guard carrot seedlings when they germinate.

Salvaged boards and bark mulch paths. First early pototoes well on the way.
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Friarstown Allotments are located on the lands of a former demesne in the Dublin foothills, near Bohernabreena, Tallaght, Dublin 24. The site is elevated, overlooking St Anne's R.C. Church with panoramic views of the greater Dublin area. Opened in March 2007, Friarstown Allotments are the newest allotment site to come on stream with c.128 plots ranging from 120-250 square metres in size.

Late summer 2008.

Late summer 2008.

Late summer 2008.
South Dublin Allotments Association's Information Morning, on Saturday 3rd May 2008 in Friarstown, was well attended and the weather was kind too. It was primarily aimed at new allotment holders in Friarstown, where about 50 new plots have been established by South Dublin County Council.

Information day attendees chatting with committee members at the information stand.

Receiving advice on plot preparation.

How to enjoy your plot when the hard work is done!

A well-prepared plot with plenty of wallflowers to attract pollinating insects.

May 2007. View of Friarstown Allotments showing their hillside setting.

A neat and well presented plot.

View towards western Tallaght. Container sheds at bottom for plot holders' use.

View towards the middle of Tallaght.

A place to rest when the work is done.

Well-protected cabbages. Beans ready to run up their poles.

There's liquid gold in them there hills!
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Corkagh Allotments are located in the park of the same name, beside Clondalkin, also on the lands of a former demesne. While the park is situated beside the busy Naas Road, the allotment site is surrounded by a ring of mature trees and hedgerows, giving a feeling of being completely removed from the city. The Camac River runs along the eastern boundary of the site. Opened in March 2007, Corkagh Allotments are the newest allotment site to come on stream with c.128 plots ranging from 120-250 square metres in size.

Seed Distribution, 28th February 2009. 'This is bark mulch!'

The obligatory tea break.

Spring has sprung in Corkagh.

Two fine, hard-working lads.

Summer 2007.

Summer 2007.
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Summer 2007.
Mount Annville Allotments are located in Goatstown, Co. Dublin and are owned and managed by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. They are in operation for approximately ten years, but lately have been given a new lease of life with many new plot holders taking on sites for the first time.

April '07, view of far field.
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A family planting potatoes on their new plot.

Max - proud new plot holder, outstanding in his field.
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In Dun Laoghaire they grow their own grapes!
Sally Bridge Allotments on the Grand Canal are probably the last surviving remnants of a large number of allotments which were situated along the banks of the Grand Canal. Local residents continue to use these few plots.

May 2007
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De Courcey Square Allotments on the north side of the city have been used on and off for growing fruit and vegetables for the last century. They are surrounded on all sides by terraced red-brick houses over a hundred years old. They are experiencing a new lease of life, having been recently bought for the residents by Dublin City Council.

May 2007
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